• Santos celebra seis años como presidente de Colombia

    Posteriormente el mandatario pasó a hablar de los avances que se han logrado en diferentes frentes desde su gobierno, más allá de los esfuerzos para alcanzar la paz . "Ya logramos, por ejemplo, tener los dos puertos más eficientes de América Latina, tanto en el Pacífico como en el Caribe", precisó el Jefe de Estado .

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  • Texas baby's death linked to Zika virus

    Medical officials suspect the mother of the baby became infected while traveling to Latin America during her pregnancy. Researchers say they still know little about how the mosquito-borne virus causes birth defects , and what the long-term implications could be for babies born to Zika-infected mothers.

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  • Man. Utd sign five-year contract with Pogba

    Real were also said to be interested but the transfer fee of £89m appeared to be out of their price range following the mega-bucks capture of Gareth Bale just a few years ago. I just went for a holiday, looks like I went for a holiday. United got only 800,000 pounds (now around $1 million) in compensation for a player who was then just a precocious teenager.

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  • Area Infant Death Linked to Zika

    In Florida leaders from both parties want Congress to return and allocate more dollars for Zika, including Sen. Public health investigators in Florida are now looking into whether a Zika case in Palm Beach County was transmitted here in the United States.

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  • Quadri adds Boll's scalp to his belt to keep alive medal hopes

    Quadri adds Boll's scalp to his belt to keep alive medal hopes

    Quadri won the first set 11-6 before claiming the second, third and fourth 12-10, 11-6 and 11-7 respectively, to advance into the next round. Aruna went 3-0 up in sets with fierce attacks before the former world No. I don't know what to say. I thank all the Brazilian spectators for their support. "Timo is incredible. He never gave up, even when I put a lot of pressure on him", he added.

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  • BBC says British soldiers are on the ground in Syria

    The images showed British troops defending a base used by the western-backed New Syrian Forces (NSA), a 200-strong rebel group that has been battling Isis in southeastern Syria. The New Syrian Army recently failed in an attempt to destroy an important ISIS trading route along the Iraq-Syria border. In June MEE contributor Sara Elizabeth Williams reported for The Times that British special forces were operating alongside Syrian rebels near the Jordanian border to fight off IS attacks.

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  • Donald Trump's week of campaign woe

    Donald Trump plans to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Friday during a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, according to multiple news outlets . She added, "I'm going to work my heart out in this campaign and as president to produce results for people". Yet Trump's gaffes have largely overshadowed Clinton's vulnerabilities as the Democrats work to recover from a bruising primary election season.

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  • Confirman 33 muertos en Puebla por "Earl"

    Al menos 20 caminos, de diferentes comunidades, resultaron afectados por Earl, según dijo Tomás Correa Durán, inspector de Protección Civil de este municipio; mientras tanto, en Zacatlán se están organizando centros de acopio para recibir apoyo para los afectados en Huauchinango y la dirección municipal de Protección Civil zacateca envió elementos para apoyar las labores de limpieza, rescate y restauración que necesita aquel municipio.

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  • Esta pareja de ancianos logró que 4 policías les cocinaran

    Esta pareja de ancianos logró que 4 policías les cocinaran

    Michele , de 94 años y Jole , de 89, lloraban al enterarse de los constantes ataques y abusos que reportaban las noticias que veían en el televisor, el aparato que les sirve como compañía. Mientras comían, estuvieron charlando con ellos. La televisión era su única compañía; lo que hizo que en ese momento Jolie comenzara a llorar inconsolablemente frente a su esposo, con quien está casada desde hace 70 años.

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  • Trump faces Republican pushback despite bid to reset campaign

    Trump faces Republican pushback despite bid to reset campaign

    So far, Trump has not addressed the Zika response in depth, though he told a Florida television station last week that Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, "really seems to have it under control in Florida". Striking back, Trump, in a statement issued late night, said, "We thank them for coming forward so everyone in the country knows who deserves the blame for making the world such a unsafe place".

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  • Guardia Costera intercepta a balseros cerca de Elliot Key

    Guardia Costera intercepta a balseros cerca de Elliot Key

    Según la Guardia Costera , la incertidumbre sobre un posible cambio de la política migratoria de Estados Unidos hacia Cuba ha disparado la llegada de inmigrantes de la isla a este país. La Oficina de Aduanas y Protección de Fronteras (CBP) reportó en julio pasado que de los menos de ocho mil inmigrantes cubanos que llegaron a al país durante el año fiscal 2011, se pasó a más de 44 mil en el actual ciclo, pese a que aún faltan más de dos meses para completarlo.

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  • Trump Refuses to Back Ryan, McCain, a Blow to GOP Unity

    Trump Refuses to Back Ryan, McCain, a Blow to GOP Unity

    In the fallout over Trump's dispute with the Khans, Republican Senate Majority Leader McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan have also supported the family. It is also worth mentioning here that Ghazala Khan , immediately after Trump's statement about here, also penned an Op-Ed for The Washington Post saying: "Donald Trump said that maybe I wasn't allowed to say anything".

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  • Syria Group Wants To Trade Bodies Of Five Russian Helicopter Crew Members

    SANA said seven people were killed and 41 others were wounded on Wednesday by fresh rebel shelling on the government-controlled parts of Aleppo. Earlier this year, the Syrian-American Medical Society (SAMS) said chemical weapons attacks have killed almost 1,500 people since civil war broke out in Syria more than five years ago.

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  • Uniformado se habría suicidado dentro de la Policía Nacional en Bogotá

    Uniformado se habría suicidado dentro de la Policía Nacional en Bogotá

    El subintendente García se habría disparado con su arma de dotación . "Hace 15 días había informado que se sentía mal, por lo que había sido remitido al personal siquiátrico". La Policía aclaró que el uniformado actualmente no contaba con ningún tipo de restricción médica que le impidiera desarrollar actividades propias del servicio de policía.

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  • Trump suggests 'Second Amendment people' could halt Clinton judge picks

    Trump suggests 'Second Amendment people' could halt Clinton judge picks

    He also called for capping corporate taxes at 15 percent - a long term Republican project - down from the current 35 percent rate. At the same time, I realize that Trump's success reflects profound discontent in this country, particularly among those who feel left behind by an unbalanced economy and who wonder whether their children will have a better life than their parents.

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  • Asia stocks flat, oil retreats

    The US dollar rose for a fourth consecutive day, as investors continued to react to last month's solid jobs report. Remember, lower crude oil prices negatively impacts the earnings of crude oil and gas producers like Northern Oil & Gas (NOG) and WPX Energy (WPX).

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  • Virginia Thrasher helps Team USA nab first gold in Rio Olympics

    She continued, "I knew it was a realistic expectation for me to get into the finals and once you get into the finals, anything can happen". Thrasher's Gold medal was the first awarded in Rio . Li matched that score, but only got a 10.1 on her final shot while Thrasher scored a 10.4. Said Thrasher: "I had some distracting thoughts about the medals (midway through), but I just breathed through it and concentrated on shooting the best that I could".

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  • Congregaciones cristianas le dicen Sí al plebiscito por la paz

    Congregaciones cristianas le dicen Sí al plebiscito por la paz

    Gaviria esta semana continúa desarrollando la campaña para que los colombianos respalden con su voto el proceso de paz una vez se firmen en La Habana el Acuerdo Final. "Tenemos un acuerdo muy importante para trabajar de forma unida entre los partidos y la dirección de la campaña, con el fin de asegurar que en medio de una elección tan compleja (...) podamos ser eficaces en nuestro trabajo", señaló el expresidente Gaviria.

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  • Erdogan Praises Russian Cooperation During Putin Talks

    The administration of President Barack Obama said that solid evidence of Gulen's involvement with the coup must be provided for any extradition process to begin. The reboot of the relationship comes at a moment when Turkey is "increasingly isolated regionally and globally", said Fadi Hakura, Turkey specialist at the Chatham House think tank in London.

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  • Ramos bids to restore friendly ties between China and the Philippines

    Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida called in Chinese Ambassador Cheng Yonghua for the second time since Friday and told him that China was trying to change the status quo unilaterally. High-level dialogue between China and Japan had been suspended for two years prior to a meeting in November 2014 between their leaders due to tension following the Japanese government's purchase of three of the disputed islands in September 2012.

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  • Woman accused of allowing sons to shoot BBs at homeless man

    Woman accused of allowing sons to shoot BBs at homeless man

    You have now viewed your allowance of free articles. According to a police report, she followed 35-year-old Travis Martin in her black SUV while her sons shot the BBs at him. El-Zayat allegedly told law enforcement that her family's nearby auto wash has been having trouble with homeless rummaging through the trash. The BB rifles and 5,000 BB pellets were found in her vehicle.

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  • Blagojevich To Appear For Resentencing From Colorado Prison

    But the high court refused to hear the longshot appeal. Federal prosecutors said the dismissal of the five counts doesn't reduce the seriousness of Blagojevich's offenses and argued the sentence shouldn't be reduced. Zagel also received a letter from Blagojevich's father-in-law, former Chicago Alderman Richard Mell. Rod Blagojevich's Jailhouse Rockers may have disbanded but their memory lives on in the ex-Illinois governor's resentencing case.

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  • Israel arrests UN Gaza employee for 'aiding' Hamas

    Israel arrests UN Gaza employee for 'aiding' Hamas

    On Tuesday, Borsh was formally charged in a Beersheba court for assisting Hamas. Hamas, which has run the Gaza Strip since 2007, denied the allegations. Aid workers privately admit to pressure from Hamas. "The Shin Bet also accuses Burish of creating a makeshift dry dock in Gaza for Hamas using United Nations resources".

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  • Boy dies on world's tallest waterslide

    It has been closed since Caleb Schwab's death, the details of which have not been released by the park. A 10-year-old boy was killed after riding the world's tallest waterslide in Kansas City, Kansas. Kansas governor Sam Brownback added his condolences via Twitter, noting that "Our prayers are with the family of Rep. Scott Schwab today with the tragic and sudden loss of their young son".

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  • Dos grupos reivindican por separado atentado — Pakistán

    Los medios mostraron imágenes de heridos vestidos con trajes negros de luto, el suelo salpicado de sangre y un gran caos en el hospital. El jefe de gobierno de Baluchistán, Sanaullah Zehri , declaró al canal de televisión Geo que se trató de un ataque suicida "planeado", que contaba con que el atentado contra el abogado suscitaría la llegada de otros letrados al hospital.

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