• Ten-year-old boy on Kansas City waterslide died of neck injury

    PEOPLE reports that the two women in the boat with Caleb - neither related to him - suffered minor facial injuries. He was riding with two women on a raft, Kansas City police said in a statement . "As we try and mend our home with him no longer with us, we are comforted knowing he believed in his saviour, Jesus, and they are forever together now".

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  • Hurricane Earl Takes Aim At Belize City

    Some 35 families were evacuated from the southern part of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, chiefly in Banco Chinchorro, an atoll off the coast from Chetumal, Pedro Santos, a local emergency services official, said by telephone. Earlier, the storm dumped rain on almost all of Honduras, where officials reported a lobster fishing boat was hit by a large wave in the Caribbean and capsized.

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  • Escuadrón de la Muerte llega a Tabasco para hacer 'justicia'

    Escuadrón de la Muerte llega a Tabasco para hacer 'justicia'

    Al detenido le quitaron la ropa, lo dejaron en trusa, le ataron pies y manos, le pusieron cinta canela en los ojos y le propinaron una golpiza durante el interrogatorio para que confesara cuántos asaltos había cometido. En las imágenes del material audiovisual se observa cómo el delincuente es indagado mientras es torturado por miembros del grupo armado mientras le dicen " A todos los rateros que se les sorprenda en Paraíso se los va a cargar la chingada ".

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  • Uruguay apura definiciones para instalación de nueva industria finlandesa

    Uruguay apura definiciones para instalación de nueva industria finlandesa

    Roballo apuntó que en el encuentro de este martes se hizo un "trabajo profundo de socialización de la información" entre los ministros, debido a que algunos aspectos del emprendimiento "se entrecruzan". El Tribunal de Apelaciones en lo Civil de 4.º Turno confirmó una sentencia de primera instancia, por la cual se dispuso la desocupación y el cese de medidas adoptada por el sindicato de transportistas Sutcra en el acceso a la planta de UPM en Fray Bentos.

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  • More fuss, please, for Rio's Olympic moms — Column

    Michael Phelps has begun his first individual event of the Rio Olympics in the 200-meter butterfly. The 19-time gold medalist wasn't the fastest, though. Australia's Richie Porte broke his scapula during the race, taking him out of Wednesday's time trial. Swimmer Ryan Murphy of the United States celebrates winning gold in the men's 100-meter backstroke final on Aug.

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  • Iraqi, Lebanese militias deploy to Syria's Aleppo

    The rebels hailed the breach as a major collaborative achievement a week after launching their counteroffensive. The al-Qaida affiliate now known as the Levant Conquest Front (LCF) pushed government forces and allied fighters out of a number of military colleges, a warehouse, a bakery, a auto park and a section of a major road in the southern Ramouseh district where fighting has raged for a week.

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  • Police helicopter catches Vaughan man playing Pokémon Go behind the wheel

    Police helicopter catches Vaughan man playing Pokémon Go behind the wheel

    The helicopter followed the auto as it drove around unusually before stopping in a parking lot off of Keele Street. The vehicle then started driving again, entering a residential neighbourhood where it stopped in front of a park. Police advise members of the public and aspiring Pokemon GO masters that distracted driving or walking near roadways can be risky and encourage users to be aware of their surroundings while playing.

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  • Consejo de Estado suspende la obra de Campo Verde, en Bosa

    Consejo de Estado suspende la obra de Campo Verde, en Bosa

    La magistrada Rocío Araújo ponente del fallo dijo que la consulta previa coordinada por el Ministerio del Interior debe contar con la vinculación de la Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá D.C., que deberá, además, crear un equipo interdisciplinario para diseñar, proyectar , asesorar los planes parciales y hacerse responsable de resolver todo lo relacionado con las consultas previas.

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  • Hundreds join for Aleppo's final battle

    The coalition includes Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra, which last month said it was severing ties with al-Qaeda's central command and played a key role in the battle. Meanwhile, the rebel coalition said it would double the number of fighters to launch a new offensive and retake the whole city. The water pumps in Aleppo , Syria, are no longer getting power, leaving 2 million people without running water - and at risk of coming under a full siege.

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  • 40 killed by mudslides in Mexico

    A resident inspects damage to his house affected by a mudslide in Xaltepec, Mexico, Monday, Aug. 8, 2016. Issued at 300 AM MDT MON AUG 08 2016 000 WTPZ41 KNHC 080852 TCDEP1TROPICAL STORM JAVIER DISCUSSION NUMBER 5 NWS NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER MIAMI FL EP112016 300 AM MDT MON AUG 08 2016The tropical cyclone has changed little in organization since the previous advisory.

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  • To consolidate crane production in Antrim Township

    To consolidate crane production in Antrim Township

    The company reported revenue of $457.7 million, which was down 4% year over year and $6.3 million less than the consensus estimate. However, it raises couple of questions with itself, which will be asked in today's earnings call. Now shares have been rated as "Buy" from 3 Analysts. Interest expense is still expected at $10 million, whereas the tax rate might report high 20's to low 30% range.

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  • UK PM presses Rouhani over detained British-Iranian woman

    UK PM presses Rouhani over detained British-Iranian woman

    Her husband Richard Ratcliffe said she had suffered unsafe weight loss and is now virtually unable to walk as a result of her imprisonment on "trumped up" charges. The two leaders also spoke about the global fight against terrorism. Since sanctions over Iran's nuclear programme were lifted in January, the world's large banks have continued to stay away through fear of being penalised by remaining USA penalities over issues such as money laundering.

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  • Man killed by LA County deputy wasn't involved in carjacking

    During the July 28 incident , a carjacking suspect crashed a stolen auto, fired at deputies and fled into a neighborhood. A search ensued, and that suspect was taken into custody. Deputies said Thompson did not respond to their attempts to communicate with him. The department says Thompson was unresponsive to numerous commands, but when he finally stood, he charged at the deputies, one of whom believed he was armed and fired at Thompson.

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  • Pakistani Taliban Group Claims Hospital Bombing That Killed 70

    Doctors warn the large number of wounded meant the death toll could rise. Islamic State's Amaq news agency reported the Middle East-based movement was behind the atrocity. It was also unknown who was behind the killing of the lawyer, Bilal Kasi, who was gunned down on his way to court earlier in the day. The subsequent suicide attack appeared to target his mourners, said Anwar ul Haq Kakar, a spokesman for the Baluchistan government.

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  • Palestinian shot and killed by Israeli forces in attempted stab attack

    Last week, the Jerusalem municipality filed construction plans for 770 housing units in the settlement of Gilo, part of a 1,200-home project that won initial ratification in 2012. The World Bank says unemployment is 38 percent. In particular, the Israelis were angered at criticism of building plans for Jerusalem neighborhoods, all of which are considered certain to remain in Israeli hands in any final settlement.

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  • Lawyers in Pakistan boycott courts after bombing

    Baluchistan, which borders Afghanistan, is home to many militant groups, most notably sectarian outfits who have launched a campaign of suicide bombings and assassinations of ethnic Hazaras - Persian-speaking Shi'ites who mostly emigrated from Afghanistan and are a small minority of the Shi'ite population in Sunni-majority Pakistan.

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  • Pádraig Duggan, founder member of Clannad, dies aged 67

    Pádraig Duggan, founder member of Clannad, dies aged 67

    Their distinctive and haunting sound has sold more than 10 million albums worldwide. Duggan formed the band in 1970 and they found their feet at Leo's Tavern, a family-owned pub in Donegal. An global recording and touring career followed, spawning 25 albums and many awards, notably Ivor Novello (1982), BAFTA (1984) and a Grammy (1999) along with Irish Meteor and BBC Folk Lifetime Achievement Awards.

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  • Former GOP national security officials release statement against Trump

    The 50 Republican national security officials raised concerns over the New Yorker's rhetoric on foreign policy as well as national security, saying Trump has "an alarming ignorance of basic facts of contemporary global politics". However, the statement noted that some signatories also have doubts about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton . Numerous signatories had declined to sign a similar note in March.

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  • Japan marks 71st anniversary of bombing of Hiroshima

    Several groups in the USA and around the world need our support to bring about the abolition of nuclear weapons that President Barack Obama proclaimed as his goal in Prague in 2009 when he said. He did not offer an apology for the bombing. A second atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki on August 9. A world without nuclear weapons, Matsui said, "would manifest the noble pacifism of the Japanese Constitution".

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  • Infant Dies from Zika-Related Complications in Texas

    The mother had traveled to El Salvador while she was pregnant. Texas officials have confirmed that an infant who recently died in Harris County had microcephaly linked to the Zika virus. DSHS is tracking the number of pregnant women with Zika in the state, working with providers and reporting weekly data to the national Zika pregnancy registry.

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  • Timeline: Donald Trump's praise for Vladimir Putin

    Timeline: Donald Trump's praise for Vladimir Putin

    He spoke out after President Barack Obama said it was possible Russia might try to influence the November 8 USA presidential election after a leak of Democratic National Committee emails that experts blamed on Russian hackers . A Trump campaign communications adviser, Jason Miller, said on Twitter that Trump never urged or invited Russian Federation to hack Clinton's emails.

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  • Nigeria sports minister apologizes for Olympics travel chaos

    Coach Samson Siasia and his wards were stranded for three days in the American city after their pre-tournament training due to the inability of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports headed by Dalung, to remit money for the flight of the Dream Team VI to Manaus, venue of their group stage games.

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  • Japan's emperor gives remarks suggesting he wants to abdicate

    Others worry that devoting political energy to discussing abdication could sidetrack Abe's push to revise the US-drafted pacifist constitution, seen by many conservatives as a symbol of Japan's humiliating defeat in the second world war. "I am concerned it may become hard for me to carry out my duties as the symbol of the state with my whole body and soul as I have done so far", the Guardian quoted him, as saying.

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  • Indian court grants bail for activist fasting for 16 years

    Indian court grants bail for activist fasting for 16 years

    The 44-year-old, who has been force-fed with a drip since 2000, signalled the end of her protest by dripping honey into her mouth in front of reporters today. Sharmila said she meant to settle in an ashram, or religious center, rather than go home. In 2014, her lawyer, Khaidem Mani, challenged it, citing the country's history of hunger strikes.

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  • Putin, Erdogan agree on steps to mend relations

    Putin, Erdogan agree on steps to mend relations

    It is Mr Erdogan's first foreign visit since an attempted coup last month. Turkish relations with the USA and European Union countries have suffered in that time as well. Putin called it their "principled position", adding that Russian Federation is "always categorically opposed to any attempts at anti-constitutional activity".

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