• Venezuela crisis: Opposition holds 'mother of all protests'

    Venezuela crisis: Opposition holds 'mother of all protests'

    Vatican-mediated negotiations also broke down with the sides accusing each other of bad faith. He is the sixth person killed since anti-Maduro protests began three weeks ago over the Supreme Court's decision to strip the opposition-controlled congress of its last remaining powers after a year-long power battle.

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  • Fresno rampage suspect details each day of killing spree to police

    Kori Ali Muhammad has walked police step-by-step through the process of how he killed three people and is showing no remorse for his crimes. Muhammad, who is black, fired 16 rounds in less than two minutes at four places within a block, shooting men who simply appeared to be going about their daily business, police said.

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  • Colombia condena atentados en Egipto

    Colombia condena atentados en Egipto

    Un primer ataque se produjo contra el templo de San Jorge , en la ciudad de Tanta , a 120 kilómetros al norte de El Cairo , cuando fieles participaban en una misa con motivo de la celebración del Domingo de Ramos , que marca el comienzo de la Semana Santa .

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  • IUML welcomes Supreme Court's ruling in Babri Masjid case

    IUML welcomes Supreme Court's ruling in Babri Masjid case

    Besides BJP leaders Advani, Joshi and Bharti, conspiracy charges were dropped against Kalyan Singh, Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray and VHP leader Acharya Giriraj Kishore (both have since died). If the parties involved feel that the top court's order is not being followed in letter and spirit then they will be having the liberty to approach the apex court.

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  • Russia vetoes UNSC draft resolution on Syria gas attack probe

    Russia vetoes UNSC draft resolution on Syria gas attack probe

    Looking at the resolution's supporters sitting around the horseshoe-shaped table in the Security Council, Safronkov said: "You are afraid of an impartial investigation". "The final outcome does not provide for a role for Assad or the Assad family for the future governments in Syria", he said. Diplomats said that Russian Federation has put forward a rival draft resolution that expresses concern at last week's gas attack and condemns the US strike on Syria.

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  • Suspect in Facebook video murder dead

    Suspect in Facebook video murder dead

    For the first time since police say her former boyfriend, Steve Stephens, murdered an elderly man and then posted the video on Facebook , Joy Lane spoke to Cleveland's WJW on Tuesday. "If you did it, you have to face your crime", she said. Stephens replied that he could not wait and sped away from the scene. In an interview with CNN , several of Godwin's children said they held no animosity toward Stephens, either.

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  • North Korea says 'don't mess with us' as US plans next move

    North Korea says 'don't mess with us' as US plans next move

    WASHINGTON, D.C.: After a few days of saber-rattling, US President Donald Trump's administration has reverted to the same North Korea policy as its predecessor: relying on China to control Pyongyang. The press statement would be the fifth issued this year by the council in response to ballistic missile and nuclear tests by North Korea. "They have several levels of escalation to go before they get to nuclear weapons".

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  • Star Wars May Get More Sequels After 'The Last Jedi'

    Star Wars May Get More Sequels After 'The Last Jedi'

    The moment "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" title has been released fans have been wondering whether the word Jedi is a singular or plural term. He continues, "That seems like, to me, the most , like - uninteresting, I guess". The director was pretty vague, however, when the woman interviewing him pressed on, asking whether the last Jedi would be Luke . Thompson also said in the same talk that Battlefront II is about "Force, Friends, Faith and Family", so take from that what you will.

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  • GOP wins tight Kansas race in first House vote of Trump admin

    GOP wins tight Kansas race in first House vote of Trump admin

    In this March 23, 2017, photo, Democrat James Thompson, a candidate for Kansas' 4th Congressional District, speaks during a debate in Wichita, Kan . It's still a year and a half away, but right now Republicans can barely hang onto a district that Trump won by almost 27 points. And that in turn leaves him and a Republican Congress, without many victories to call home about next November.

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  • Pence: U.S. stands by ally Japan on North Korea

    Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters in Beijing on Tuesday that the standoff between the two nations could only be resolved by diplomacy. "That deployment of such a defence system reflects a strong defence and security alliance between South Korea and the United States and is a direct response to the threat posed by North Korea", she said.

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  • Navy, Marines prohibit sharing nude photos without consent

    Navy, Marines prohibit sharing nude photos without consent

    The Navy Times was first to report the regulation change. The new statute details three conditions that will be considered a violation of Navy regulations, including if images are broadcast or transmitted: "with the intent to realize personal gain; with the intent to humiliate, harm, harass, intimidate, threaten, or coerce the depicted person; or with reckless disregard as to whether the depicted person would be humiliated, harmed, intimidated, threatened, or coerced".

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  • 2nd gas attack launched on Iraq troops in Mosul

    In February, Iraqi ground forces - backed by a US -led air coalition - began fresh operations aimed at ousting ISIL from western Mosul, the terrorist group's last bastion in northern Iraq. Troops have had the famous centuries-old al-Nuri Mosque leaning minaret in their sights since last month, as capturing it would mark a symbolic victory over the insurgents.

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  • Médicos ratifican paro de 24 de horas para mañana

    Médicos ratifican paro de 24 de horas para mañana

    Las atenciones de emergencia también se encuentran habilitadas, aunque únicamente en las instalaciones de la zona de Obrajes. Lo propio ocurrió en el Hospital Obrero de Santa Cruz. Dijo que no respondió positivamente a ninguna de ellas. Campero lamentó la medida de presión y aseguró que la Autoridad de Fiscalización no será un ente que vaya a "perseguir" a los médicos.

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  • 15% of Facebook Employees on H-1B Visas

    First, of course, is the fact that Trump's own businesses don't come close to fulfilling his big "Buy American, Hire American" talk. But those workers are hired using the H-2B visa for temporary non-agricultural workers. "Today's executive order is a good first step toward making Buy America provisions more effective and discouraging excessive waivers, but more needs to be done to pivot the USA economy toward steady wage and job growth".

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  • Pesticide maker tries to kill risk study

    Pesticide maker tries to kill risk study

    Scientists from the Environmental Protection Agency found the pesticides studied pose a risk to almost every endangered species. Dow Chemical wants the Trump administration to "set aside" the findings of federal scientists that show a group of widely used pesticides are harmful to almost 1,800 critically threatened or endangered species, according to a report on Thursday.

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  • 'Coalition of CHAOS' Tory MP condemns SNP and Labour's potential partnership

    Speaking to journalists a day after Theresa May's shock announcement that a general election will take place on June 8, the Scottish Conservative leader predicted that her party will make significant gains from the SNP. Most of the seats that they have are safe seats that the Tories will not come anywhere near", Mr. Campbell told Sputnik. Ms Sturgeon responded by saying that the "unelectability" of Labour meant Scotland "faces the prospect of an unfettered, out-of-control Tory government and ...

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  • Trump calls Erdogan after referendum win

    Trump calls Erdogan after referendum win

    Relations have further soured since Erdogan accused the German and Dutch governments of acting like Nazis after they banned referendum campaign rallies by Turkish officials. " Turkey's mainly Kurdish southeast and its three main cities, including the capital Ankara and the largest city Istanbul , looked set to vote No, after a bitter and divisive campaign, " a local newspaper reported on Sunday.

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  • Nationalist leader Petry won't head German election campaign

    Nationalist leader Petry won't head German election campaign

    After a months-long power struggle, she announced on Wednesday she would not lead the party's national election campaign. Opinion polls show the AfD winning enough votes to enter the Bundestag for the first time, after it enjoyed unprecedented success in local elections on a heavily anti-immigration and Eurosceptic campaign.

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  • EPA chief to tour lead-contaminated Indiana housing complex

    EPA chief to tour lead-contaminated Indiana housing complex

    Chanting crowds weaved through streets of East Chicago; some held signs that read "East Chicago Demands Clean Water". The pollution from the Superfund site is not the only issue facing the city. Brooks also cited concerns about rumors the administration also might be considering eliminating two of EPA's regional offices, including the Region 5 office that now is overseeing cleanup efforts in East Chicago.

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  • In South Africa, Protesters Call For President's Resignation

    The groundswell of opposition to Mr Zuma has grown in recent years, due to government corruption scandals, record unemployment and slowing economic growth. Some posters depicted black people as baboons, Zuma said, stressing that "racists have become more emboldened" in the country. More anti-Zuma demonstrations are planned for Wednesday in the capital Pretoria .

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  • Facebook's Vision on Reality

    Facebook's Vision on Reality

    Developers can apply to access a beta version of the platform now. They can add swimming sharks to a bowl of cereal, fill an office with digital Skittles or add a second coffee mug on a table so they don't look like they're eating breakfast alone.

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  • US 'Surprised' by Volleyball Game at North Korea Nuclear Site

    US 'Surprised' by Volleyball Game at North Korea Nuclear Site

    The US Air Force nuclear sniffer aircraft was dispatched Thursday towards the east sea of Korean Peninsula amid speculations about North Korea's imminent bomb test. However, the launch went ahead regardless the next day. The pictures were released by 38 North , a North Korea monitoring project at Johns Hopkins University, in Maryland.

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