• The Western Wall is 'Not Israeli Territory', says US Official

    An unnamed senior White House official told Bloomberg Politics the move would not be "wise to do it at this time". The Israeli officials were reportedly told that the President's visit to the site was private and that he did not want Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accompany him there; the American official reportedly added that Israel did not have jurisdiction over the area.

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  • France's Macron delays unveiling government

    France's Macron delays unveiling government

    REUTERS/Yoan Valat/Pool Melania Trump's inauguration day outfit by Ralph Lauren will popularise high-necked bolero jackets and "matchy matchy" accessories French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Trogneux enter the Elysee Palace during Macron's inauguration ceremony in Paris , France , May 14, 2017.

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  • Buscan determinar si Cristina se reunió con Odebrecht

    Buscan determinar si Cristina se reunió con Odebrecht

    La presentación del integrante del Ministerio Público Fiscal busca contribuir en la investigación sobre el supuesto pago de 30 millones de dólares en concepto de sobornos para obtener la adjudicación de una licitación para reformar una planta potabilizadora de AySA en Zárate.

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  • White House: Trump Interviewing 4 FBI Candidates

    The former CT senator and 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee is among four finalists being interviewed by President Trump on Wednesday, a week after his dismissal of previous Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey ignited a political firestorm.

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  • Suspicion: Massive cyber attack caused by North Korea

    Suspicion: Massive cyber attack caused by North Korea

    Employees monitor possible WannaCry ransomware attacks at the Korea Internet and Security Agency in Seoul on May 17, 2017. "We believe it's important that other researchers around the world investigate these similarities and attempt to discover more facts about the origin of "WannaCrypt", the cyber security company added.

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  • Guillermo Ochoa no jugará en la Segunda División de España

    Guillermo Ochoa no jugará en la Segunda División de España

    El récord negativo que tuvo de ser el portero más goleado de la liga española parece que pudiera ser un problema para Ochoa , sin embargo, el ser el portero con más atajadas en Europa da esperanza de que el canterano del América pudiera tener un buen equipo para la 2016/17.

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  • DHS declines to confirm Clarke appointment

    DHS declines to confirm Clarke appointment

    The tough-talking, cowboy hat-wearing firebrand said in an interview with WISN-AM that he will work in the Office of Partnership and Engagement as a liaison to state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies. The department was created in the wake of 9/11. The movement has challenged the use of excessive force by law enforcement officers. Courtesy of Fox Business and YouTube.

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  • Altuve y McCullers brillan en blanqueada de Astros a Marlins

    Altuve y McCullers brillan en blanqueada de Astros a Marlins

    Con una ventaja de ocho carreras, el manager A.J. Hinch decidió tirar del zurdo después de la quinta entrada. "No me gusta lanzar cinco entradas. Estoy en camino de trabajar muchos innings, así que hoy (martes) había una buena oportunidad de guardar las balas para el futuro", aseguró.

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  • Kidnapped Nigerian girls freed from Boko Haram

    Kidnapped Nigerian girls freed from Boko Haram

    The next kidnapped girl wasn't found until May 2016, when she wandered out of a Nigerian forest asking for help, according to witnesses. The welcome ceremony of the girls with the president came shortly before the 74-year-old leader left for the United Kingdom for a medical consultation amid concerns over his health.

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  • Líder demócrata en Senado exige difundir grabación de reunión Trump- Lavrov — EEUU

    Por su parte, el asesor de Seguridad Nacional de Trump , Herbert Raymond McMaster, dijo hoy que Trump no puso en peligro ninguna fuente de servicios secretos. La semana pasada, recibió en el Salón Oval al canciller ruso , Serguei Lavrov , y de acuerdo con reportes de varios medios, en esa conversación Trump mencionó que el EI planeaba ataques a Estados Unidos utilizando computadoras portátiles en vuelos.

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  • Trump may pick new Federal Bureau of Investigation director within a week

    On Friday, Trump appeared to threaten Comey personally via Twitter. Further reporting suggests that the encounter was even more sinister, with Trump insisting that Comey pledge "loyalty" to him in order to retain his job. It should confirm to the public whether it is or is not investigating the President. Trump's comments demonstrated his striking deviation from that practice.

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  • Labour executive rejects Tory coalition in West Lothian

    Cllr Dave Dempsey, Fife Conservative leader, has this afternoon called for all parties agree a deal to take control, and has doubted whether a power sharing deal between SNP and Labour would last because of what he refered to as the "history of antagonism" between the two groups.

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  • Researchers find links of cyberattack with North Korea

    Researchers find links of cyberattack with North Korea

    According to Symantec and Kaspersky Lab, some of the code that was found in the WannaCry software was also used in some programs run by the North Korea-affiliated Lazarus Group. Cyber security stocks spurted as investors bet governments and corporations will spend more to upgrade their defences. Meanwhile, the 22-year old computer expert who discovered the WannaCry's hidden kill switch says he does not think of himself as a hero and was just "doing my bit to stop botnets".

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  • Revenue Estimates Analysis Intel Corporation

    Another trade for 79,051 shares valued at $2.88M was made by Krzanich Brian M on Tuesday, January 3. It has underperformed by 17.32% the S&P500. Exxonmobil Investment Management Inc decreased Intel Corp Com (INTC) stake by 9.19% reported in 2016Q4 SEC filing.

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  • Trusts told to remain vigilant with updated cyber-attack guidance

    Security experts say pirated software is particularly vulnerable to security threats, but so far no evidence has emerged indicating whether that played any role in the virus's spread in China. The statement said antivirus systems are working to destroy it. Additionally, if a patch is released to close a known security vulnerability, make sure you update your computer immediately.

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  • Clan del Golfo estaría planeando atentados con explosivos en Bogotá y Medellín

    La policía advierte que los posibles atentados estarían priorizados sobre políticos de alto nivel y oficiales de alto rango en la fuerza pública . Este año, el Ejército también les ha incautado al Clan del Golfo, 118 laboratorios e incautado 3.7 toneladas de cocaína, además, de incautado 8 minas antipersonales, 50 depósitos ilegales, tres toneladas de explosivos, dinero en pesos, dólares y euros.

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  • Ian Brady's ashes must not be scattered on Saddleworth Moor, coroner demands

    The monstorous killer snatched kids as young as 10 from and street before sexually abusing, torturing and murdering them with his lover, Myra Hindley. "Keith Bennett's mother, Winnie, always took the view that he was manipulative and only ever interested in himself". Martin Botsomli, head of the Cold Case Review Unit , said the officers would act with "credible information" to help them find his body.

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  • British Columbia election puts energy projects at risk

    The ever-upbeat Clark tried to spin the May 9 election results in a positive light, despite the fact her party ended up the biggest loser, with a number of Liberal cabinet ministers losing their seats to the NDP. The party took several Liberal ridings in the city of Vancouver and won a handful of battleground ridings in the suburbs of Metro Vancouver, including seats in Surrey, Coquitlam and Delta.

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  • Contratos ferroviarios confirman el procesamiento de De Vido y Jaime

    Contratos ferroviarios confirman el procesamiento de De Vido y Jaime

    Según Ramos no hubo órdenes para "que se avanzara con el procedimiento de renegociación de los contratos de servicios públicos de transporte ferroviario de pasajeros, conforme las funciones y facultades establecidas en el artículo 3 de la resolución conjunta del Ministerio de Economía y Producción y Ministerio de Planificación Federal, Inversión Pública y Servicios".

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  • I'm not picking a fight with the banks: Australia Treasurer tells CNBC

    Mr Morrison said it was "fair" to ask the banks to do their part to fix the budget. An end to subsiding university fees for citizens from New Zealand. The Government has also heard the anger over housing prices. Schools will received $18.6 billion in extra funding. "Over the four years to 2019-20, this is an overall improvement in the figuring from MYEFO of $4.0 billion - all of which comes in 2019-20", the report said.

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  • Llega al Congreso de EUA despido de Comey

    Llega al Congreso de EUA despido de Comey

    El subprocurador de Justicia de Estados Unidos , Rod Rosenstein, quien fue presentado inicialmente por la Casa Blanca como promotor del despido del ahora exdirector del FBI , James Comey , se reunirá el próximo jueves con los 100 senadores para exponer su versión de los hechos.

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  • Number Hoax Call - What Is It All About?

    Number Hoax Call - What Is It All About?

    A shocking viral news has encountered the social media with a threat! "URGENT? pl don't attend any Call of mob no.777888999.if u attend". Yes, reported/labelled by many as VIRUS! While WhatsApp is rightly called the breeding ground of false information and fake messages, this particular message related to death call caught the attention of the masses.

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  • Trump Threatens Comey In New Tweet

    Trump Threatens Comey In New Tweet

    The White House has said Comey was sacked for his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, but Trump has said he considered "this Russian Federation thing" when he chose to fire Comey. The communications staff charged with explaining the decision to the American people had an hour's notice. "He (Comey) is the wrong man for that position", Trump said in response to a question.

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  • Trump asked ex-FBI chief to stop Flynn probe

    Trump asked ex-FBI chief to stop Flynn probe

    Stocks fell sharply on Wall Street as investors anxious that the latest turmoil in Washington could hinder Trump's pro-business agenda. Democrats called ever more loudly for a more aggressive investigation into what they described as possible obstruction of justice .

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