• Macron keeps his lead, four days to the election, polls show

    Macron keeps his lead, four days to the election, polls show

    She said Wednesday that "I am a candidate in the election for the French republic" and said Europe is acting like France's "enemy". Le Pen said in a radio interview on Wednesday that her team had also been warned of a threat and that her security entourage had been given photos of the suspects.

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  • VP Mike Pence: US not seeking North Korea negotiations

    During his tenure, he served as Director of the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency and as Rhode Island Homeland Security Advisor - becoming the first Adjutant General to hold all three positions simultaneously. Pence on Wednesday also reaffirmed the U.S.'s commitment to freedom of navigation in the South China Sea and said its common defense alliance with Japan extended to islands also claimed by China.

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  • Trump Could Help And Hurt GOP In 6th District Runoff

    The nearest Republican was former Georgia secretary of state Karen Handel , who won just 19.8 per cent of the vote. Ossoff's poll numbers, which consistently showed him with 40 percent or more of the likely vote, the district's lukewarm support for Trump in November and the unpredictable nature of special elections have left Democrats optimistic that they can flip the district.

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  • This country abolishes visa programme used mainly by Indians

    This country abolishes visa programme used mainly by Indians

    Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to review a temporary visa programme used to place foreign workers in high-skilled US jobs. The prime minister said five million people had committed to becoming Australian citizens since 1949, helping to secure and enrich the nation. Since the economic crash in Ireland in 2008, the 457 visa has been particularly popular with Irish construction and healthcare workers looking to move to Australia.

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  • Tillerson: Iran is "Leading Sponsor of Terror", US Reviewing Lifting of Sanctions

    Late on Tuesday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sent a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan saying that Iran is complying with the terms of the agreement to curb its nuclear program. Obama argued the deal was narrowly tailored to prevent what he said was the imminent emergence of a nuclear-armed Iran. We should double up and triple up the sanctions and have them come to us.

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  • Australia to Raise English Language Standard for Citizenship

    Australia to Raise English Language Standard for Citizenship

    Targeted questions such as: "Is it OK to assault your partner behind closed doors?", and: "Is it acceptable to keep girls from school?" are among Prime Minister Turnbull's proposed changes. "After PM Modi & Australian PM had selfie in India". But Yadu Singh, a Bundelkhand native now based in Sydney , welcomed the move in a personal blog.

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  • La advertencia de EE.UU. a Maduro: "Está violando su propia Constitución"

    Una de las marchas opositoras que partió del centro de Caracas y que pretendía llegar a la sede de la Defensoría del Pueblo fue disuelta con gases lacrimógenos , mientras que desde otra de las concentraciones antichavistas en esa zona de la ciudad se reportó un joven herido de bala en la cabeza , quien posteriormente falleció.

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  • Augmented Reality: the battle between Facebook and Snapchat has begun

    Zuckerberg noted that each year, Facebook invited developers to gather and gain insight into what the social media giant had up its sleeve. "That's why today (Tuesday) we announced the " Camera Effects Platform ", giving developers the power to build AR tools for the camera and bring people together in new ways", Zuckerberg told over 4,000 people at at the McEnery Convention Centre in San Jose as millions watched the keynote via Facebook Live.

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  • O'Reilly still denies harassment after firing

    He called O'Reilly "the biggest star in the 20 year history at Fox News", but said that some female staffers at the network had grown "uncomfortable" with the idea of him staying on board. 21st Century Fox released a statement Wednesday morning, putting an end to several weeks worth of speculation about what O'Reilly's future at Fox News would be.

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  • Corea del Norte simula ataque a Estados Unidos — VÍDEO

    Corea del Norte simula ataque a Estados Unidos — VÍDEO

    El anuncio del envío del grupo de ataque del Carl Vinson se dio después de que el 5 de abril Corea del Norte probara un misil que lanzó hacia el Mar de Japón (Mar del Este), algo que fue denunciado por Washington como una nueva provocación en incumplimiento de las obligaciones internacionales del régimen comunista.

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  • Metro Police Sponsor Easter Events For Area Kids

    Metro Police Sponsor Easter Events For Area Kids

    And of course, the morning would not be complete without the Easter Bunny who will be joining in on the fun! Children should bring a basket or container. Whitefish resident Ronnie Budge won the egg hunt with 20 eggs in her basket. “I never had kids, I missed out on the fun of doing an Easter egg hunt , ” Callaghan said.

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  • U.S. aiming for bilateral trade pact with Japan

    U.S. aiming for bilateral trade pact with Japan

    Mr Trump has been pressuring China, North Korea's benefactor, to help defuse the situation, but has also warned that the United States will settle the issue alone if other countries will not help. Pointing to the quarter-century since the United States first confronted North Korea over its attempts to build nuclear weapons, the vice president said a period of patience had followed.

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  • Lookout notice against him, Dinakaran calls meeting of party MLAs

    Lookout notice against him, Dinakaran calls meeting of party MLAs

    This is a unanimous decision from the cadre" Tamil Nadu Health Minister D Jayakumar told the media here. "There is no opposition to me in the party", he had earlier said . Presently, he is under the police custody and further interrogation is on by the officials. Jayakumar denied rumours that Sasikala and Mr. Dhinakaran have resigned from the party.

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  • US working with allies on N.Korea: Pence

    North Korea put on a musical show to mark the birthday of founding father Kim Il Sung, which ended with a mock-up video of missiles engulfing the United States in flames, prompting cheers from the audience and smiles from current leader Kim Jong Un.

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  • President Trump Defends Flip on China Currency Manipulation

    USA officials believe that this factor also complicates the shoot-down strategy. North Korea , which regularly threatens to destroy Japan, South Korea and the U.S., has conducted a series of ballistic missile launches in recent months in defiance of United Nations sanctions and concerns have been growing that the reclusive state could soon conduct a sixth nuclear test.

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  • Maduro dice que Venezuela es el "padre" de Colombia y pide respeto

    Los opositores, que marcharon en varias ciudades del país vestidos en su mayoría de blanco, fueron reprimidos por las fuerzas de seguridad con gases lacrimógenos, balas de goma y camiones hidrantes, mientras que en Caracas decenas de miles de adeptos de Maduro se congregaron en respaldo al mandatario sin ser disuadidos por policías.

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  • Pence, on USA carrier, pledges to defend Asia

    Abe said Japan hoped for peaceful dialogue with Pyongyang, "but at the same time, dialogue for the sake of dialogue is valueless and it is necessary for us to exercise pressure North Korea so that it comes forward and engages in this serious dialogue".

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  • Zuma Quit, protesters say in South Africa

    Zuma's sacking of respected finance minister Pravin Gordhan last week has fanned public anger, divisions within the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party, and a sharp decline in investor confidence in the country. "On the 18th of April parliamentarians must act in the best interests of South Africa and vote Mr Zuma out to avert further damage to our economy".

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  • Norcorea, lista a

    Norcorea, lista a "cualquier tipo de guerra" con EU

    En la segunda escala por su gira asiática, el vicepresidente de Estados Unidos , Mike Pence , afirmó que "la era de la paciencia estratégica se terminó" en alusión a la amenaza nuclear que representa Corea del Norte. El funcionario dijo que el presidente Trump ha dejado claro que no quiere hablar sobre tácticas militares específicas. El asesor de Seguridad Nacional H.R.

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  • How will the overhaul of H-1B visas affect businesses?

    How will the overhaul of H-1B visas affect businesses?

    Trump is expected to sign the order during a visit to the Snap-on tool company in Kenosha, Wis. "The H-1B visa program is commonly discussed as being for when employers have a labor shortage", said Daniel Costa, director of immigration law and policy research at the Economic Policy Institute.

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  • Crimen en vivo por Facebook: se suicidó

    Crimen en vivo por Facebook: se suicidó "el asesino de Cleveland"

    La Policía de Erie confirmó que Stephens fue hallado en el mismo Ford Fusion blanco en el que emprendió su huida el domingo, tras matar a Robert Godwin, de 74 años, a quien eligió supuestamente al azar . Zuckerberg aseguró que la compañía hará "todo lo que pueda" para "evitar que ocurran tragedias" similares . No se cree que Stephens haya conocido a Godwin, quien se jubiló de una fundición, y que estuvo celebrando Pascua con uno de sus hijos y una nuera antes de ser asesinado .

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  • El FMI rebaja la previsión de crecimiento de Latinoamérica en 2017

    El FMI rebaja la previsión de crecimiento de Latinoamérica en 2017

    Dentro de la región, las perspectivas de crecimiento varían sustancialmente según el país . Estas cifras surgen del Panorama Económico Mundial (WEO, según sus siglas en inglés), el tradicional informe con las proyecciones del organismo sobre la economía mundial que se publica dos veces por año, en la primavera y el otoño boreal, antes de las reuniones anuales.

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  • México y EUA trabajan juntos en extradición de Tomás Yarrington

    México y EUA trabajan juntos en extradición de Tomás Yarrington

    Tomás Yarrington , quien compareció en la mañana ante un Tribunal de apelaciones en Italia , permanecerá en prisión preventiva y se opuso a ser extraditado, con lo cual el proceso legal se prolongará. La víspera el procurador general de Florencia , Marcello Viola, reconoció que la negativa a la extradición alarga los tiempos del caso. Tomás Yarrington fue arrestado por agentes de la unidad antinarcóticos italianos al salir de un restaurante plaza de la Signoria el pasado domingo.

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  • En Venezuela una mujer, envuelta en la bandera, enfrentó un tanque

    La mujer de 23 años identificada como Paola Ramírez murió cerca de una manifestación antigubernamental que se tornó violenta, informaron testigos , aunque las circunstancias del hecho no han sido aclaradas por las autoridades. Las protestas iniciadas el 1 de abril contra Maduro suman ahora un total de siete muertos, decenas de heridos y al menos 230 detenidos. En 26 puntos de Caracas y varias de las principales ciudades de la nación, miles de opositores marchaban con ...

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  • Mike Pence: Pyongyang haría bien no poner a prueba a Trump

    Mike Pence: Pyongyang haría bien no poner a prueba a Trump

    Este anuncio sería una de las consecuencias de que Estados Unidos enviara su portaaviones nuclear USS Carl Vinson a la península coreana, junto a otros navíos de la armada estadounidense. El vicepresidente de Estados Unidos , Mike Pence, dijo este lunes que Corea del Norte "haría bien en no poner a prueba la determinación" del presidente Donald Trump , reporta Infobae .

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  • Jakarta rejects incumbent governor, early results show

    It is termed as "the most dirtiest and divisive" election in the country as the campaigns were marred by religious tensions, besides being overshadowed by the incumbent governor's blasphemy trial. Official results will not be announced until the first week of May, but quick counts by independent pollsters should be able to predict the victor hours after the polls close.

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  • See Korn's 12-year-old bassist make debut

    See Korn's 12-year-old bassist make debut

    As previously reported, Arvizu is expected to be back with the band for an upcoming North American tour. Joining the band is their new bass player, 12-year-old Tye Trujillo. After the pre-show festivities, Tye is seen holding his own with the elder members of Korn onstage, even offering some impressive hair flips and jumping with the rest of the band to the beat of the song.

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  • Patriots' Gronkowski Crashes Spicer's White House Press Briefing

    Patriots' Gronkowski Crashes Spicer's White House Press Briefing

    Trump criticized "the good ole pundits" - "Boy, they're wrong a lot, aren't they?" he asked rhetorically - for believing the game was over, which is ironic considering he left his own Super Bowl party hosted at his own Florida golf club with the Falcons leading 28-3 in the third quarter.

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  • Canada: Trump is wrong when he says dairy practices unfair

    MacNaughton says the facts don't bear out that Canada's policies are the cause of financial loss for USA dairy farmers. "In Canada, some very unfair things have happened to our dairy farmers and others and we're going to start working on that", Trump said at a tool factory in Wisconsin, where he signed an executive order dubbed " Buy American, Hire American ".

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