• Protesters injured outside Turkish embassy in DC

    Mr Trump said he and the Turkish president would have a "long and hard discussion" as he welcomed Mr Erdogan to the Oval Office for a meeting three days ahead of a Trump trip to the Middle East. While U.S. military officials have acknowledged Turkey's concerns, they say they have little choice in backing the YPG, the most effective fighting force they have been able to recruit in their bid to dislodge the Islamic State from Raqqa, the Syrian city that is the militants' de facto capital.

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  • North Korea detains another American

    North Korea views any USA citizens within the country with suspicion. The university's co-founder Chan-Mo Park said Kim, who manages the school's experimental farm at the college of agriculture and life sciences, was detained on route by train from Pyongyang to China's border town of Dandong.

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  • PM Modi receives Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas

    PM Modi receives Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas

    India has traditionally voiced its support for Palestinian statehood, initially shunning diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. Earlier, he had substantive meetings with PM Modi on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in NY in September 2015.

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  • Macron's French 'revolution' faces first test

    According to the Council, on May 14, outgoing French President Francois Hollande will delegate his powers to Macron. Benoit Hamon, who as the Socialist presidential candidate finished fifth in the first round of the election, said he planned to launch a new leftwing movement.

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  • Muslim law board hiding facts on talaq, say community's 14 other bodies

    Muslim law board hiding facts on talaq, say community's 14 other bodies

    Sibal sought to coat triple talaq with the mandate of Islam as he asked, "Can anyone question the belief and faith of Hindus that Ayodhya is the birthplace of Lord Ram?" The SC asks the AIMPLB if it can aks Qazis to have a model "Nikah Nama"? The Centre had insisted in submissions to the court that it should deliberate on these aspects as well.

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  • Green vote helped NDP more than Liberals, says UBC prof

    But instead of speaking directly to him and his supporters, Clark took a different approach. At 11:30 P.M., the Liberals held 43 seats and the NDP 41. Weaver said his party would negotiate with both party leaders in the coming weeks and would work with whoever has the most commonality with the Green platform.

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  • United Nations slams DPRK's latest ballistic missile test

    United Nations slams DPRK's latest ballistic missile test

    After three failures, it was the first successful test of an intermediate-range missile capable of reaching the island of Guam, where the US has a major bomber base. The members of the Security Council stressed that the DPRK's "illegal ballistic missile activities are contributing to its development of nuclear weapons delivery systems and are greatly increasing tension in the region and beyond", the statement said.

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  • New Orleans: Removal of 3rd Confederate-era monument begins

    New Orleans: Removal of 3rd Confederate-era monument begins

    During a Special Meeting of the New Orleans City Council, members of the City Council voted 6-1 in support of Ordinance Calendar No. 31,082, which declared that the four Confederate monuments are nuisances pursuant to Section 146-611 of the Code of the City of New Orleans and should be removed from their prominent locations in New Orleans .

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  • Syria Hides Executions Via Crematorium, US Claims

    It described the accusations made a day earlier by the USA state department as "lies" and "fabrications", noting what it called a U.S. track record of making up false claims as a pretext for military aggression. "The designated individuals and entities have provided support or services to the government of Syria, or are owned or controlled by or are acting for or on behalf of designated individuals or entities", said the US Treasury Department in a statement.

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  • Erdogan and Trump pledge to strengthen relations

    Erdogan and Trump pledge to strengthen relations

    US President Donald Trump said yesterday that his Oval Office meeting last week with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was "very, very successful" and would help promote the fight against terrorism, adding to his earlier defense of sharing information with Russian officials.

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  • What we know about North Korea's latest missile test

    What we know about North Korea's latest missile test

    Some outside analysts believe the Hwasong-12 missile, if proven in further tests, could help North Korea achieve its goal of developing missiles with nuclear warheads capable of reaching the US mainland. The UN statement also condemned an April 28 ballistic missile launch by Pyongyang. U.S. officials said the missile hit the water around 60 miles (around 100 kilometers) from eastern Russia's Vladivostok.

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  • Trump to meet with Turkey's Erdogan

    Trump to meet with Turkey's Erdogan

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will visit the nation's capital and will drop by the White House May 16 for a meeting with Trump. According to the Associated Press , Erdogan called on the White House to withdraw and alter its decision ahead of their planned meeting next week.

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  • Besieged White House denies, defends as new bombshells hit

    The chairman of the House oversight panel said Tuesday he will seek copies of memos from James Comey in the wake of a report that Trump asked the ex-FBI director to end the probe into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. It was then that Trump asked Comey to halt the Flynn investigation, according to the Times , which said Comey wrote the memo immediately after the meeting concluded.

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  • Haley: US will 'tighten the screws' on North Korean nuclear program

    Haley: US will 'tighten the screws' on North Korean nuclear program

    SEOUL: South Korea's left-leaning new leader Moon Jae-In will travel to the United States for a summit with President Donald Trump next month, Moon's spokesman said on Tuesday, amid high tensions over the North's nuclear ambitions. South Korea's new government joined hands with the USA on Tuesday to commit to "bold and practical" ways to denuclearise North Korea, Turkey's Anadolu Agency (AA) reported.

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  • Trump disclosure a breach of trust, if not law

    Sen. The Kremlin dismissed the reports as "complete nonsense". Compounding the insult, the accounts in The Post suggest Trump may have revealed the information in order to boast to his foreign visitors about the quality of the intelligence briefings he receives, as if they would not have known that the president of the United States has access to impressive amounts of secret material.

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  • Trump asked Comey to close Flynn probe

    He riled administrations of both parties with his moral certitude and decisions that critics said strayed from ordinary protocol, such as his public announcement - without the involvement of the Justice Department - that the Federal Bureau of Investigation would not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her email use.

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  • Periodistas en Sinaloa alzan la voz por asesinato de Valdez

    Periodistas en Sinaloa alzan la voz por asesinato de Valdez

    El periodista , que trabajaba para varios medios, fue asesinado a balazos el lunes a mediodía en Culiacán , capital del estado de Sinaloa (noroeste de México ), cerca de las oficinas de Ríodoce , el semanario que fundó en 2003. Amnistía Internacional, de su lado, reclamó que "este crimen, como los demás, debe investigarse de manera independiente e imparcial y todos aquellos sobre quienes pese la sospecha de ser responsables deben comparecer ante la justicia ".

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  • Disputes Arise between Netanyahu, Trump over Relocation of US Embassy

    The statement released by the office included a transcript from Netanyahu's meeting with Trump in Washington which took place this February, acting as proof that the report provided by Powell was false. "The administration has boxed itself in by focusing on Jerusalem and not doing what every other administration (R or D) has done which is to punt the issue", he added.

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  • Diputados condenan asesinato de periodistas y exigen justicia

    Diputados condenan asesinato de periodistas y exigen justicia

    En las últimas 48 horas, la prensa ha sufrido agresiones en diversas partes del país; la más grave culminó con la muerte de Javier Valdez . A la cita -de acuerdo con versiones extraoficiales- llegaron los hijos de El Chapo y Zambada, quien aparentemente los citó, pero no Dámaso.

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  • Germany: Merkel challenger predicts 'long, stony road' ahead

    A win for the CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia will give serious momentum to Merkel and her party in the lead-up to the German national election in September. But poor showings in two previous state elections since then had already punctured the party's euphoria over Schulz's nomination. Her party, she said, offers "justice in the sense of jobs, strong budgets, funds for local communities".

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  • Volvo Teams Up With Google For Next-Gen Infotainment System

    Volvo Teams Up With Google For Next-Gen Infotainment System

    Google says new cars from Audi and Volvo will have a version of its android operating system built in, allowing drivers to use their voice to control things like the air conditioning, sunroof and windows. The fact that this iteration of Android will sit at the very base of the entire in-car entertainment, navigation and comfort experience, it might not even need you to hook up your phone at all.

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  • Alistan jornada de protestas a nivel nacional por asesinatos de periodistas

    Decenas de comunicadores, activistas y ciudadanos, lanzaron este martes un ¡Ya Basta a la impunidad en agresiones a periodistas! , tras el asesinato del periodista y escritor sinaloense Javier Valdez Cárdenas . Apenas hace unos días se reportó la retención y robo a un grupo de periodistas en Guerrero de parte de parte del crimen organizado, antes fue asesinada en Chihuahua Miroslava Breach y en ese mismo contexto otros tres comunicadores en Veracruz, Baja California Sur y Guerrero.

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  • Acuerdan sindicato y Metro no afectar a usuarios

    Acuerdan sindicato y Metro no afectar a usuarios

    Ambas autoridades se comprometieron a mantener un ambiente favorable en las negociaciones para no afectar a los usuarios. "Cada año revisamos las condiciones generales de trabajo, estamos en este proceso, el año pasado lo hicimos de la misma manera", recalcó.

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  • Condenas internacionales por el asesinato de Javier Valdez

    Condenas internacionales por el asesinato de Javier Valdez

    En 2017, fueron asesinados Max Rodríguez , periodista del Colectivo Pericú , de Baja California Sur. En su libro Narcoperiodismo, publicado hace apenas ocho meses, Valdéz Cárdenas narra la historia de terror de cientos de comunicadores perseguidos como ratas, acosados, vigilados, torturados y asesinados no solo por el crimen organizado, sino también por aquellos que desde el poder aplastan todo intento de sacar a la luz las crudas verdades del México podrido.

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