• Iraqi forces say 90% of west Mosul liberated from IS

    Iraqi forces say 90% of west Mosul liberated from IS

    The operation to retake Mosul from ISIS was formally launched in October and while the initial weeks of the fight were marked with a string of swift territorial gains, combat in the city's west has devastated infrastructure and inflicted high civilian casualties.

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  • France's Macron appoints Philippe as prime minister

    Christophe Castaner, Mr Macron's campaign spokesman, said on Sunday this was the kind of tough choice that would have to be made in Mr Macron's inner circle now that the battle for the presidential Elysee Palace was won. Macaron said the "division and fractures" in France must be overcome, and that France had chosen "hope", and the "spirit of conquest" including with respect to the need to " reform and relaunch " the European Union.

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  • Trump defends sharing 'terrorism' facts with Russians

    Trump defends sharing 'terrorism' facts with Russians

    But Trump tweeted that he shared the information for "humanitarian reasons, plus I want Russian Federation to greatly step up their fight against ISIS & terrorism". Turnbull called it "the bedrock of our national security". Mark Hertling, a national security, intelligence and terrorism analyst for CNN, said giving Russian Federation information has not historically led to them being forthcoming with the United States.

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  • WannaCry ransomware may not attack Indian bank ATMs, says cyber security experts

    But as Asia woke up to the working week on Monday, leading Chinese security-software provider Qihoo 360 said " hundreds of thousands " of computers in the country were hit at almost 30,000 institutions including government agencies. Microsoft pushed out additional emergency patches for older systems - including machines running Windows XP, which hadn't received an update since 2014 - to combat the global attack.

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  • Tehran mayor withdraws from Iran's presidential race

    While the nuclear deal allowed Iran to resume crucial oil exports to Europe and sign billion-dollar airplane deals, chronic unemployment and inflation remain major concerns. "However, I don't think there will be a significant impact as Qalibaf got [just] six million votes in 2013", he said . For now, his supporters are enjoying the moment.

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  • El papa invita a los futbolistas a ser ejemplos para sus admiradores

    En la delegación del equipo de Turín estuvo el colombiano Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, quien está convocado para el compromiso. El pontífice les pidió que “cuanto esté en su poder, contribuyan a que la actividad deportiva lo sea de verdad, y gracias al compromiso personal de todos, sea también una fuente de cohesión entre los deportistas y la sociedad entera”.

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  • Dan a conocer a los convocados al TRI

    Dan a conocer a los convocados al TRI

    En la zona baja, sobresalen los nombres de Oswaldo Alanís, Néstor Araujo, Raúl López, Rafael Márquez, Héctor Moreno, Diego Reyes, Luis Reyes y Carlos Salcedo, todos ellos con altas probabilidades de participar en alguno de los compromisos que se avecinan para la Selección Mexicana .

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  • Sturgeon: independent Scotland may need 'phased' return to EU

    Sturgeon: independent Scotland may need 'phased' return to EU

    Scotland's First Minister said that "by necessity" Scotland might have to pursue membership of the European Free Trade Association (Efta ) before achieving full EU membership. "And her flirtation with Efta would leave us with all the obligations but no voice in decision-making". Jackson Carlaw, the Scottish Conservative deputy leader, said Ms Sturgeon's position on Europe had "descended into complete chaos".

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  • Chinese well aware of corruption in CPEC: Asif Ali Zardari

    Chinese well aware of corruption in CPEC: Asif Ali Zardari

    Zardari claimed to have increased the fund for Fata from Rs3 billion to Rs19 billion. He said the PPP wanted Fata merger with Khyber Pakhtonkhwa, calling the step as "need of the hour". "I must say the fate of the tribal people will never change if it does not change now", he said, asking the government to implement Fata Reforms Package.

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  • Kim, 21, becomes youngest victor of Players

    For those trying to catch Kim in The Players Championship, and for thousands of fans who anticipated the drama this tournament so often delivers, the infamous par-3 17th hole with its island green represented the best chance that the pressure might finally get to him.

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  • West Bengal to make Bengali compulsory upto class X

    West Bengal to make Bengali compulsory upto class X

    If a student chooses one among Bengali, Hindi, English, Urdu, Punjabi, Nepali or Santhali as first language, he/she may opt for two other languages of their choice. The government will be taking account the legal aspect on the matter as to whether it would require a separate legislation or that a state cabinet decision would be enough.

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  • Trump amenaza al exjefe del FBI por filtraciones

    McCabe asistió a esta audiencia después de que el presidente Donald Trump despidiera el martes a James Comey como director del Buró que tiene un expediente sobre la posible vinculación rusa con la campaña de Trump. Ni siquiera el vicepresidente Mike Pence evitó la vergüenza de dar una versión de los hechos que Trump desacreditó posteriormente. La ley que estipula el mandato de 10 años se aprobó en 1973 para evitar la influencia del Ejecutivo en la agencia, de forma que el director del ...

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  • Trump signs cybersecurity executive order: 3 things to know

    Trump signs cybersecurity executive order: 3 things to know

    The 16-page order, issued last Thursday, targets cybersecurity risks within the federal government and those posed to businesses and individual internet users. The executive order mandates the Secretary of State, secretary of the Department of Defense and other relevant agency heads submit a report on strategic options to better protect the American people from cyberthreats.

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  • China urges its citizens in North Korea to return home

    China urges its citizens in North Korea to return home

    It is only the latest in a string of odd, as-yet-unproven accusations over the years that a proud, highly sensitive North Korea has leveled at its main rivals, the US and South Korea. Many detainees have said after their releases that they were coached or coerced on what to say. The visit marks the first military-related appearance Kim has made since April 25, when the country observed the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People's Army, UPI reported.

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  • Georgia men's basketball assistant coach leaving for Alabama

    Georgia men's basketball assistant coach leaving for Alabama

    This news, first reported by , was confirmed by a person with knowledge of the situation. The 40-year old Atlanta native previously coached at Samford, Seattle and Oregon. Alabama reached out last week for permission to speak with Rosemond about the opening. Rosemond will fill the spot vacated by Bob Simon , who was sacked after two seasons with the Tide.

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  • Termina declaración de ex presidente brasileño Lula después de cinco horas

    A medida que millares de activistas se están reuniendo en la ciudad de Curitiba , al sur de Brasil, para realizar protestas consistentes por lo que se ha llamado proceso contra el ex-presidente Lula . Lula transformó su cita con la Justicia en un acto político y, al terminar su declaración ante Moro , acudió a una céntrica plaza de Curitiba donde le esperaban más de 10.000 personas para expresarle su apoyo y su solidaridad.

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  • Cámara Mexicana de la Construcción da de baja a Odebrecht

    Cámara Mexicana de la Construcción da de baja a Odebrecht

    Odebrecht se vio vuelta en escándalos de corrupción y pagos ilícitos a diversos gobiernos, entre ellos el de México. Odebrecht , la mayor constructora de América Latina, distribuyó casi 800 millones de dólares en sobornos a funcionarios y políticos entre 2001 y 2016, con el fin de obtener contratos en 12 países.

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  • La ONU condena prueba nuclear de Corea del Norte

    El test fue considerado en el extranjero como una nueva violación de las resoluciones de la ONU que prohiben al país comunista cualquier tipo de ensayo con misiles balísticos. El Ministerio de Defensa surcoreano aseguró que hará falta un mayor análisis para confirmar los datos de su vecina del Norte sobre las características técnicas del proyectil.

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  • Macron calls for 'historic reconstruction' of Europe

    Macron calls for 'historic reconstruction' of Europe

    If Macron's party doesn't win a majority of the 577 available seats in next month's legislative elections, Philippe's job could be in jeopardy. Mr Juppe said the Mr Philippe was "a man of great talent" with "all the qualities to handle the hard job".

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  • Cómo será la agenda de hoy de Mauricio Macri en China — ARGENTINA

    El foro "Una Franja y una Ruta para la Cooperación Internacional" aborda la iniciativa china de crear una red de corredores comerciales modernos a lo largo de las antiguas rutas de comercio entre Asia, África y Europa. Y remarcó que el objetivo es "duplicar esa producción en los próximos años" , lo cual se traduce en una buena oportunidad para aportarle mayor seguridad alimentaria a los países de Una Franja, Una Ruta.

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  • Adolescente saludable muere por sobredosis de cafeína

    Adolescente saludable muere por sobredosis de cafeína

    Pero no fue un accidente el que le quitó la vida a mi hijo. De acuerdo al portal El Pais , las bebidas que ingirió Davis contenían: un latte tiene 142 miligramos de cafeína , un Mountain Dew de 570 ml tiene 90 y una bebida energética de 450ml puede tener hasta 240.

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  • Waymo wins ruling against Uber regarding trade secrets

    Waymo wins ruling against Uber regarding trade secrets

    Uber is now testing autonomous vehicles (with snags ) in some cities. Uber , on its part, has argued that Levandowski had little to do with LiDAR development at Uber and that its designs were independently developed without any reliance on Waymo's technology.

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  • 61% people satisfied with Modi's 3 years

    61% people satisfied with Modi's 3 years

    Gandhi had earlier also attacked the government over job creation and had said it failed to deliver on its poll promise of creating 1 crore jobs a year. People have a grim view of parliamentarians, with 69 per cent citizens saying their elected MPs did not address problem of their constituencies. But only 37 per cent agreed that scrapping of the high-value notes had reduced corruption.

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  • Demócrata pide juicio político para Trump

    Wikileaks por lo pronto ofreció a través de Twitter cien mil dólares a cambio de las cintas y se abrió a donaciones para poder aumentar esta recompensa. En el Washington Post, ex funcionarios y periodistas dijeron que sospechan desde hace tiempo que Trump graba sus conversaciones telefónicas. "Mi expectativa es que tendremos la oportunidad de escucharlo en público", dijo el senador de Virginia Mark Warner a "Fox News Sunday".

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  • Democrats Keep Pressure on Trump Over Comey Firing

    Democrats Keep Pressure on Trump Over Comey Firing

    During an interview with Lester Holt, President Trump said that despite the White House's earlier claims, the firing of Comey was all his idea. Eight met at the Justice Department on Saturday with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein.

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  • "Argentina es un gran productor de alimentos" — Macri en China

    Para ello, dijo que es necesario crear " una arquitectura de cooperación económica global abierta, inclusiva y equilibrada, que beneficie a todos ". Argentina , subrayó, "es un gran productor de alimentos " que actualmente tiene capacidad para cubrir la demanda de 400 millones de personas y que puede aumentar su producción de "manera exponencial", según un comunicado de la presidencia argentina sobre el encuentro, que se celebró a puerta cerrada.

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