• Pope leads thousands in prayer at Portugal shrine

    They returned to the same spot in the coming months and reported similar visions. Pope Francis, the religious bigot progressives try to love, claimed that the Godless are on their way to hell while presiding over a magic ceremony honoring two siblings who convinced gullible and ignorant believers that they were in contact with "the Mother Mary".

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  • Scottish Tories in U-turn to back free prescriptions

    Scottish Tories in U-turn to back free prescriptions

    Since then, Sturgeon, who leads Scotland's devolved government, has been arguing that the country should be allowed to hold a referendum on independence at a time of its choosing. She said: "My message in this election on Brexit is, whether you vote Leave or whether you were Yes or No in 2014, if you vote SNP you're strengthening my hand to make sure that Scotland's voice is heard in these negotiations, that we don't sacrifice jobs and the economy, and that we can press the case for Scotland's ...

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  • Czech PM calls news conference as finance minister's job in balance

    Czech PM calls news conference as finance minister's job in balance

    Sobotka, whose social democrats lead a three-party coalition with finance minister Andrej Babis' centrist ANO movement, said it was vital that the former businessman answer accusations about his affairs. By torpedoing his own administration, Sobotka pushed an intensifying clash with Babis over the brink after escalating a conflict centered on the tycoon's business practices.

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  • Happy Mother's Day 2017 Wishes, Gifts, Cards and Quotes

    Happy Mother's Day 2017 Wishes, Gifts, Cards and Quotes

    How could I ever stop stressing? It could help to remember that no matter your mothering situation, Mother's Day in its original creation was actually an effort for world peace. The idea of Mother's Day is to show our mums that we appreciate them . You were present, and you were perfect-even in your imperfections. And Mom don't grieve because secretaries and pickles receive one full week of national acclaim while you , like the Ground Hog, only get one day.

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  • Elías Jaua: La constituyente está en las calles con el pueblo

    Elías Jaua: La constituyente está en las calles con el pueblo

    Partidarios del presidente venezolano, Nicolás Maduro , marchan en Caracas (capital) para expresar su apoyo a la reforma de la Constitución, 9 de mayo de 2017 . En cuanto al proceso de diálogo nacional al que ha llamado en reiteradas oportunidades el Presidente Maduro, destacó que es necesario debatir la convocatoria y la participación que deben tener partidos de oposición en el proceso.

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  • North Korea launches new missile

    Japanese Defence Minister Tomomi Inada said the missile could be of a new type. Kim Dong-yub, a professor at Kyungnam University's Institute of Far Eastern Studies in Seoul , South Korea, told Reuters that the launch is an advancement that exceeds most expectations on what North Korea's missile program could previously do.

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  • Korea: New long-range missile can carry heavy nuke

    On Sunday, a North Korean missile flew 700km and reached an altitude of more than 2000km, according to officials in South Korea and Japan. Tokyo said the flight pattern could indicate a new type of missile. The launch is a test for South Korea's new president, Moon Jae-in, with barely a week on the job. KCNA said the test showed North Korea "has all powerful means for retaliatory strike" should Washington take any military action to stop its nuclear weapons program.

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  • 14 killed by storms and flooding in South and Midwest

    14 killed by storms and flooding in South and Midwest

    A wind advisory was in effect over much of the South. Parts of the Florida panhandle prepared for severe thunderstorms, high winds, and risky rip currents. It wasn't known if he will be included as a storm-related death, she said. A woman also drowned after a rushing water swept away her auto in Missouri , and a fire chief in Quitman, Arkansas lost his life after he was struck by a vehicle as he checked the water levels in the area.

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  • Trump removes tweet saying it was 'honor' to host Abbas

    President Trump on Thursday deleted a tweet posed a day earlier saying it was "an honor" to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the White House. Sources in the State Department told Reuters that plans for a visit to Mr Netanyahu in Jerusalem later this month, and possibly Mr Abbas in Ramallah, are being firmed up.

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  • Cyber-attack likely to hit Jersey, expert warns

    The firm said (( )) it has warned about the exponential growth of ransomware, or crimeware, as well as the dangers of sophisticated surveillance tools used by governments. If Windows Update has been enabled, then automatic updates will be applied. CERT-In further said that it sent out advisory to the Reserve Bank of India on the matter on Saturday itself.

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  • Intel, Samsung back FTC in continuing Qualcomm antitrust suit

    Intel, Samsung back FTC in continuing Qualcomm antitrust suit

    The FTC is committed to making sure that companies do not become monopolies in their industries, a charge that has been levied against Qualcomm. Samsung said it "cannot sell licensed Exynos chipsets to non-Samsung entities because Qualcomm has refused to license Samsung to make and sell licensed chipsets".

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  • WWE UK Championship Taping To Air This Week

    WWE UK Championship Taping To Air This Week

    STAMFORD, Conn., May 15, 2017 - WWE (NYSE: WWE ) announced today that WWE Network will stream the WWE United Kingdom Championship Special this Friday, May 19 at 3 p.m. As part of the WWE UK tour, there was a two night event in Norwich, featuring the UK Championship Tournament alumni and culminating in Pete Dunne defeating Trent Seven to win a shot at Tyler Bate's UK Title at next weekend's NXT Takeover Chicago .

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  • US revisits plan to fight Taliban in Afghanistan

    US revisits plan to fight Taliban in Afghanistan

    The amount of U.S. troops remained low in the country compared to other large operations in Iraq that started in 2003. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation partners will also be requested to provide a similar number of personnel. British Prime Minister Theresa May hosted NATO's secretary-general at Number 10 on Wednesday morning amid speculation she may commit to sending more United Kingdom troops into Afghanistan.

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  • Authorities: Jet crashes at small airport near New York City

    A plane crashed in a parking lot in an industrial area (pictured) in New Jersey on Monday, killing at least two crew members. Firefighters from multiple departments were responding to several building and auto fires, officials said. The cause of the crash is under investigation. Teterboro Airport has been shut down after the accident. The flight departed from Philadelphia International Airport.

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  • Putin undecided which song to play when he meets Trump

    Putin undecided which song to play when he meets Trump

    Putin said that Russian Federation was not behind the attack. During the time the Soviet Union was emerging from the shadow of Stalin. The video was posted to YouTube by Sputnik, a digital news agency that is a state-funded sibling of RT and, like RT, is aimed at worldwide audiences.

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  • Donald Trump, cada vez más enredado en caso FBI

    Clapper dijo que los próceres de la independencia estadounidense crearon tres poderes independientes con controles y contrapesos pero que con Donald Trump como presidente se les está "erosionando". Rogers fue expresidente de la Comisión de Inteligencia de la cámara de Representantes y también fue agente especial del FBI en Chicago en la década de 1990.

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  • Cyber attacks level off after global push-back, but fears persist

    The Korean government has raised its cyberattack alert level and formed an emergency response group to prevent and combat any further attacks. According to Microsoft, the cyber attack that has hit as many as 200,000 victims in over 150 countries should be treated by governments around the world as a "wake-up call".

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  • Dutch government coalition talks break down over immigration

    Dutch government coalition talks break down over immigration

    Talks to form a four-party ruling coalition following March parliamentary elections in the Netherlands have collapsed over differences on migration policy. He could replace the Green Left party at the negotiating table with the small, faith-based party Christian Union. Doubts were raised at the beginning of talks over whether Klaver would be prepared to make the kind of compromises demanded by the other coalition hopefuls.

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  • Chelsea Are Premier League Champions

    Chelsea Are Premier League Champions

    The double could follow if Chelsea can beat Arsenal in the FA Cup final on May 27. Chelsea's Italian head coach Antonio Conte (second left) leads celebrations of victory after the English Premier League match between West Bromwich Albion and Chelsea at The Hawthorns stadium in West Bromwich, west Midlands on Saturday.

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  • Jefe de la ONU condena a Norcorea por lanzar misil

    Kim Jong-Un, líder de Corea del Norte , luego del ensayo de un misil de largo alcance. Esta sería la primera provocación desde que el nuevo presidente surcoreano Moon Jae-in fuera investido el miércoles pasado. Con el nuevo misil tierra-tierra del tipo Hwasong-12 Corea del Norte asegura tener el arma perfecta "que encaja en la idea militar-estratégica y táctica" del gobernante Partido de los Trabajadores.

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  • Cruzan otra vez acusaciones en segundo debate en Edomex

    Del día del primer debate a la fecha, las encuestas coinciden en que la intención de voto a favor de Gómez ha crecido al grado de emparejarse o incluso superar a la de Del Mazo , quien busca que el PRI conserve un estado que ha sido uno de sus bastiones históricos.

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