• Pope sets May 13 as canonization date for Fatima siblings

    Pope sets May 13 as canonization date for Fatima siblings

    After her first visit, the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to them several times over a six-month period, always on the 13th. The first two were revealed soon and concerned a vision of hell, seen by believers as a prediction of the outbreak of World War Two, a warning that Russian Federation would "spread her errors" in the world, and a need for general conversion to God and a need for prayer.

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  • Win or lose, Marine Le Pen is a nightmare for the EU

    As of Friday, Emmanuel Macron is considered to be in the lead, ahead of far-right, National Front candidate Marine Le Pen , who was judged to be the front-runner during most of the contest. The conservative candidate François Fillon, the leader of the Centre-Right Republicans, said from his campaign headquarters in Paris that France needed to prepare for a long struggle.

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  • UK parliament votes in favour of early general election

    The smaller Liberal Democrats, who lost most of their seats in 2015 after entering coalition with the Conservatives, are hoping to capitalise on their strong support for the European Union to win new support. Elmar Brok, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's center-right Christian Democrats, told Germany's ARD television Wednesday that May could derive from a new, stronger mandate an "ability to compromise".

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  • Samsung doubles Galaxy S8 supply, expects record sales

    Samsung doubles Galaxy S8 supply, expects record sales

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus still have the 3.5mm headphone jack, located on its lower left frame. But that might be a dubious hope this close to the device's launch on April 21, however. The Galaxy S8's batteries are being put through a gauntlet of eight different tests, with Samsung attempting to put the phone through everything from compression to temperature to accelerated usage.

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  • N. Korea Says is Monitoring US, Ready to Act

    U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Friday North Korea's rhetoric was provocative but he had learned not to trust it. North Korea's latest display of its military hardware at a parade last week focused more on new missiles and less on tanks and artillery, suggesting it was trying to project the image of a country with advanced capabilities in warfare.

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  • British Parliament Votes In Favour Of Early Election

    British Parliament Votes In Favour Of Early Election

    May took office in July following an internal Conservative leadership contest, after predecessor David Cameron stepped down when voters rejected his call to remain in the EU. May continues to be the favored choice for prime minister, with 54 percent of people preferring her to Labour's Jeremy Corbyn, who is backed by 15 percent of voters.

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  • Afghanistan: Scores of ISIL fighters dead in MOAB raid

    Afghanistan: Scores of ISIL fighters dead in MOAB raid

    The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, or MOAB, was dropped Thursday night on a network of fortified underground tunnels that ISIS had been using to stage attacks on government forces. Trump described the bombing as a "very successful mission". However, no civilians were killed in the explosion, he added. It came a week after he authorized a USA missile strike against a Syrian government air base - the first USA strike against the Syrian government in the country's six-year civil war.

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  • Brisbane restaurateur up for drug charges

    Brisbane restaurateur up for drug charges

    He is facing 10 counts of supplying drugs, one count of trafficking, one count each of of money laundering and permitting use of place, and one count of drug possession. But Superintendent Jon Wacker, of the drug and serious crime group, wouldn't say how much was seized on Friday. James Thomas Howell was charged with the murder but was found not guilty by a jury in February after several trials.

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  • Kenya's ruling coalition annuls party primaries after chaotic voting

    Kenya's ruling coalition annuls party primaries after chaotic voting

    The party has held elections in at least 10 counties. The nominations were marred by chaos, long delays, insufficient ballot papers, missing names and general confusion. The remaining counties will nominate their candidates on Tuesday. A detailed and revised primaries timetable will be issued by the party headquarters today, in accordance with the IEBC timelines.

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  • Panama case verdict invokes famed quote of Godfather

    Panama case verdict invokes famed quote of Godfather

    In fact, The Godfather was amongst the popular books of its time. Anyhow, the Supreme Court has ordered to constitute a joint investigation team to investigate Panama Papers case by questioning the money trail from PM Nawaz Sharif and his family.

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  • Confirmed: Samsung S8 Won't Officially Support Remapping Bixby Button

    Both the handsets boast a odd display aspect ratio of 18:9. Samsung India has said that you can use the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+'s iris scanner to authenticate transactions via Samsung Pay even in India. Interestingly this model also doesn't appear to have a fingerprint scanner, or at least, it's not in the rear location we saw on the production model.

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  • Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: ¿Quién ha ganado más Clásicos?

    Los de Zinedine Zidane , en cambio, llegan fuertes en la competición local y con el pase a semifinales de la Champions sellado frente al Atlético de Madrid. "El Barsa se queda sin gol en el momento clave", consideró este jueves Marca, pero sus artilleros tienen ahora cuatro días para volver a afinar su puntería y no hay que perder de vista que Messi y Suárez son los dos mejores goleadores de la Liga española con 29 y 24 tantos, respectivamente.

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  • Fresno shooter has Sacramento connection

    Another was carrying a bag of groceries after stopping at a charity center. Phyllis Cervantes, right, says a prayer for Tuesday's shooting victims at a memorial of candles and flowers outside Catholic Charities on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 in Fresno, Calif .

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  • IS launches chemical 'gas attack' in western Mosul

    IS launches chemical 'gas attack' in western Mosul

    But "the final neighbourhoods will be the most hard to recapture, especially the Old City and the remaining neighbourhoods in northwestern Mosul", Martin said . According to the statement , there are still some 500,000 people trapped in their homes in the IS-controlled neighborhoods in the western side of Mosul, including 400,000 in the densely populated old city center.

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  • Dos muertos y 30 detenidos en protestas — Venezuela

    La oposición venezolana convocó para el jueves a una nueva marcha contra el presidente Nicolás Maduro, tras la gigantesca movilización del miércoles en todo el país que derivó en focos de violencia en los que murieron dos jóvenes y un militar.

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  • Trump hails Italy for role in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan

    Yet he stopped short of saying whether the US would stay in it. Trump says he is not involved in that decision-making process, but would support Attorney General Jeff Sessions if he charged Assange with a crime. Trump hasn't given a timeline for when his administration's review of Iran policy - including whether to stick with the deal - will be complete. On another subject, as he stood alongside Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni at the White House, Trump voiced optimism that the US had ...

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  • Ontario sets tax on foreign buyers to cool Toronto housing market

    Ontario sets tax on foreign buyers to cool Toronto housing market

    Sales were up on a month-over-month basis in more than half of the local markets measured, led by Greater Vancouver and the nearby Fraser Valley region in well as London, Ont., St. Neither of Ontario's opposition parties objected to any of the government's proposed measures. BMO had concerns about rent control, noting that the change could slow the construction of rental units.

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  • How Trump's 'Buy American' order could play out

    The companies say they can't always find enough American workers with the proper skills. And any changes to the work visa process is bad news for India's $150bn IT service industry. The details of how that program might work were not disclosed Tuesday. "Right now, H-1B visas are awarded in a totally random lottery - and that's wrong", the president said during a speech in Wisconsin.

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  • GM plans to launch 10 electric cars in China by 2020

    Automakers have been in awe of China's leading role in plug-in electrified vehicle sales that have been bolstered by generous government subsidies. Aston Martin, the now Ford owned British sports vehicle manufacturer launched its AMR performance brand in the Chinese auto market with the debut of the Rapide AMR.

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  • How the new 'Trumpcare' proposal could affect consumers

    At the same time, the deal would allow states the option to maintain insurance protections. Boyle made the point that the way House Republicans can succeed in passing any health care legislation is to keep Ryan on the sidelines, and continue forward with negotiations directly between House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep.

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  • Ninth person shot dead in Venezuela amid protests

    The statement Toner released mentioned nothing of the sort, and was focused on non-violence and accountability in Venezuela , reminding the Venezuelan government and security forces of their duty to protect peaceful protests, not prevent them-also declaring that if the state continued on this path of gross oppression, those responsible will all be held accountable by the Venezuelan people and the global community.

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  • When Trump takes credit and assigns blame

    When Trump takes credit and assigns blame

    Full of energy and fresh off the campaign trail, a newly inaugurated president will generally try to implement as numerous policies that helped them get elected as possible. He has also overturned many of President Obama's executive orders and taken a more vigorous approach to matters of foreign policy.including the bombing of ISIS terrorists in northern Afghanistan.

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  • Colombia President Asked to Testify in Campaign Probe

    Colombia President Asked to Testify in Campaign Probe

    Trump's meeting with Uribe and Pastrana may signal growing USA involvement in Colombia's peace negotiations, which began in September 2012. Trump's meeting was reportedly brokered by Sen. It also raised questions of diplomatic protocol, since both Uribe and Pastrana are critics of Colombia's current leader, President Juan Manuel Santos.

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