• Backed Syrian militias say capture Tabqa from Islamic State

    USA -backed Syrian Democratic Forces have defeated Islamic State fighters in the city of Tabqa and have seized Tabqa Dam, a key objective for the militias before a planned attack on the terror group's de-facto capital, Raqqa. "From our side, we want to keep good neighborly relations with Turkey", Redur Khalil said in a series of messages from Syria. "We'll work out any of the concerns", Mattis said referring to Turkey's concerns.

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  • United States beef headed to China

    United States beef headed to China

    Ending a almost 14-year hiatus, the Trump Administration announced May 11 that following one more round of technical consultations between the US and China , China will begin - as soon as possible, but no later than July 16 - importing USA beef on conditions consistent with worldwide food safety and animal health standards and consistent with the 1999 Agricultural Cooperation Agreement.

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  • Pope canonizes 2 children who claimed to see Virgin of Fatima

    Pope Francis canonized a pair of shepherd siblings on Saturday, giving the Catholic Church two of its youngest saints. The Vatican said Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia where 7, 9 and 10 respectively when they witnessed the Virgin Mary. Alison Roberts reported for NPR's Newscast that Francis is the fourth pope to visit the shrine at Fátima, but the centenary and the canonization of the new saints gives Pope Francis's visit special significance for Catholics.

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  • Local church weighs pros and cons of religious freedom order

    Local church weighs pros and cons of religious freedom order

    The order directs the IRS to exercise "maximum enforcement discretion" in enforcing the Johnson Amendment , which limits tax-exempt groups from endorsing or actively opposing candidates for political office. Though the White House denied that draft was ever being considered, reports of the discriminatory order resulted in outrage that was reignited this week after a Politico story revealed Thursday's plans for a religious liberty order.

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  • Corea del Sur elige a Moon Jae-In como nuevo presidente

    Moon se enfrenta a una delicada tarea diplomática ante Corea del Norte , que sueña con poner en marcha un misil capaz de llevar un ataque en Estados Unidos y que ha colocado a Seúl al alcance de su vasta artillería. Moon fue un fuerte defensor de la "Sunshine Policy", un intento de mejorar las relaciones entre las dos Coreas entre 1998-2008, y se desempeñó como jefe de gabinete del expresidente Roh Moo-hyun.

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  • Un mensaje de esperanza en la canonización de los pastores

    Un mensaje de esperanza en la canonización de los pastores

    El acto más destacado de la segunda y última jornada de su estancia en Portugal fue la multitudinaria misa que Francisco celebró en la explanada del santuario, en la que canonizó a dos de los tres pastores que fueron testigos de las apariciones de la Virgen , los hermanos Jacinta y Francisco .

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  • After Comey Firing, Spicer Hides In Bushes To Avoid Press Questions

    After Comey Firing, Spicer Hides In Bushes To Avoid Press Questions

    I don't know. There's some - I don't know. For 10 minutes, he responded to a flurry of questions, vacillating between light-hearted asides and clear frustration with getting the same questions over and over again. Even the Ring of Fire got in on the fun and invented a fun can-you-find-it game we're calling, "Spot the Spicer". - CNN's Sara Murray and Barbara Starr contributed reporting.

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  • China invests $124B for new Silk Road

    Xi also called for upholding the multilateral trading regime, advancing free trade areas and promoting liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment. Few Western leaders will attend, although the prime ministers of Italy, Spain, and Greece are expected. The U.S. sent Matt Pottinger, senior director for East Asia on the National Security Council and special assistant to Trump.

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  • Armored Vehicle Rolls Over Protesters In Venezuela

    Armored Vehicle Rolls Over Protesters In Venezuela

    Soldiers bathed hundreds of protesters in tear gas at the Central University of Venezuela, with medics in gas masks attending to students with bloodied faces and limbs. Opposition leaders have vowed to stay in the streets after Maduro's announcement on Monday that he was creating the "constituent assembly", empowered to rewrite the constitution.

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  • Maduro por fin pone fecha para elecciones presidenciales en Venezuela

    En cuanto al proceso de diálogo nacional al que ha llamado en reiteradas oportunidades el Presidente Maduro, destacó que es necesario debatir la convocatoria y la participación que deben tener partidos de oposición en el proceso. Más temprano el presidente del Parlamento, Julio Borges, dijo que la convocatoria hecha por el gobernante para reformar el Estado y su ordenamiento jurídico, nació "muerta" porque fue hecha con la "mala intención de engañar" al pueblo, un plan diseñado para ...

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  • My first 100 days are 'just about the most successful' in

    My first 100 days are 'just about the most successful' in

    The event just happens to be going directly up against the annual White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner, setting up a contrast between Trump in the heartland and the wallowers of the Washington swamp he uses as a foil now that he lacks a electoral opponent.

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  • Mató a dos vecinos y le prendieron fuego la casa

    Mató a dos vecinos y le prendieron fuego la casa

    Y resaltó que cerca de las 14 el agresor cruzó la calle con un arma de guerra y provocó una masacre . El hombre, que fue detenido, "mató a dos personas e hirió gravemente a otra en una zona vital como es la zona craneana y ahora (ese joven lesionado) se debate por su vida en la capital de la provincia", añadió Czajka en diálogo con el canal de noticias TN.

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  • Islamic State group claims attack on Pakistan lawmaker

    The deputy chairman was returning from an event at Ittehad Bainul Muslimeen at Jamia Masjid Hammadia when the explosion took place. Citing sources , Geo TV said Haideri has been shifted to the civil hospital. The remote Mastung district has been beset by violence in recent years with several suicide bombings, mainly targeting the Shia pilgrims who use this route to travel to neighboring Iran.

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  • Activists say Kurdish-led forces advance on IS-held Raqqa

    Turkey, along with the USA and Europe, lists the party, known as the PKK, as terrorist organization. Tabqa and the nearby dam, Syria's largest, were seized a day earlier in an offensive that lasted almost seven weeks, with the backing of airstrikes from the global coalition.

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  • Companies Boost Cyber Defences For New Ransomware Attacks

    Europol, the European Union's police agency, said the onslaught was at "an unprecedented level and will require a complex global investigation to identify the culprits". Britain's National Cyber Security Center said it could have been much worse if not for a young cybersecurity researcher who helped to halt its spread by accidentally activating a skill switch in the malicious software.

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  • Olympics: IOC Evaluation Commission finishes visit in Los Angeles

    LA2024 and Paris will have two more major opportunities to showcase their bids when they make presentations to the International Olympic Committee at the Lausanne headquarters in July followed by the all-important final presentation at a Congress in Lima, Peru ahead of the September 13 vote.

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  • Trump calls Russian Federation probe 'a total hoax'

    Trump calls Russian Federation probe 'a total hoax'

    Obama had warned Trump, then president-elect, not to give the post of national security adviser in his administration to Flynn just after the Republican's surprise victory in the November 8 election, a former Obama aide said . He's dismissed FBI and congressional investigations into his campaign's possible ties to the election meddling as a "hoax" driven by Democrats bitter over losing the White House.

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  • Emmanuel Macron inaugurated as French president in Paris

    Emmanuel Macron inaugurated as French president in Paris

    Laurent Fabius , President of the Constitutional Council, presided the ceremony at the Elysee Palace here, the BBC reported. Mr Macron takes over from outgoing President Francois Hollande. Mr Macron later paid tribute at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier beneath the Arc de Triomphe, greeting veterans and military officers in formation beneath the imposing arch.

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  • Trump busca silenciar a exdirector del FBI

    El presidente estadounidense Donald Trump advirtió al exdirector del FBI, James Comey , a quien destituyó sorpresivamente el martes, que no debe hacer revelaciones a la prensa. Comey lideraba la investigación sobre la presunta interferencia de Rusia en las elecciones estadounidenses de noviembre pasado. En los tuits, Trump también se quejó de que una vez más salía la historia de la colusión entre los rusos y su campaña presidencial.

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  • Califica Iglesia católica de desastre ola de violencia en México

    Califica Iglesia católica de desastre ola de violencia en México

    El semanario citó el estudio divulgado el 9 de mayo en Londres por el Instituto Internacional Estudios Estratégicos 2017 (IISS), que ubica a México como el segundo país más violento del mundo con 23.000 homicidios dolosos en 2016, superado solo por Siria, con 50.000, y por encima de Afganistán e Irak, con 17.000 y 16.000, respectivamente.

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  • North Korea missile test 'due to Kim Jong-un paranoia'

    But that harmony was somewhat spoiled by North Korea's missile launch from a base near the Chinese border hours before Xi started speaking. It was not immediately clear what type of ballistic missile was launched, the seventh such firing this year, although the US Pacific Command said that "the flight is not consistent with an intercontinental ballistic missile".

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  • LO ULTIMO: Trump advierte a Comey que no hable con la prensa

    El mandatario aseguró que es un "presidente muy activo con muchas cosas pasando", por lo que no es posible para sus portavoces "colocarse en el podium (de las ruedas de prensa y hablar) con total rigurosidad". Trump le exigió a Comey "lealtad" cuando llegó en enero a la Casa Blanca, pero éste tan solo le ofreció "honestidad", algo que podría haberle costado el cargo este martes , según publicó este viernes el periódico The New York Times .

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  • Constituyente convocada por Maduro es antidemocrática

    Constituyente convocada por Maduro es antidemocrática

    El presidente de la Comisión de Política Exterior de la Asamblea Nacional hizo énfasis en que "todo lo sectorial deja de ser universal y libre por lo que Maduro y Lucena convocaron fue a un fraude electoral que el pueblo de Venezuela no va a permitir".

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  • El Papa proclamó santos a los pastores de Fátima

    El Papa proclamó santos a los pastores de Fátima

    Los dos murieron a la edad de 10 y 9, a sólo tres años de las apariciones de 1917. El papa Francisco manifestó hoy que con la canonización de dos de los pastorcillos de Fátima , hechos santos el sábado en el santuario portugués, quiso proponer a "toda la Iglesia que debe cuidar de los niños".

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  • Israeli police: Jordanian stabber shot dead in Jerusalem

    On Friday, Israeli forces shot dead a Palestinian youth and wounded more than 10 others during clashes in the occupied West Bank. Momani also confirmed the Ministry of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs is following-up on the murderous incident via the Jordanian Embassy in Tel Aviv, to uncover the details and circumstances of the murder.

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  • Encuesta: Moon sería el próximo presidente de Corea del Sur

    La victoria de Moon fue confirmada a la madrugada de este miércoles (hora local) con el 87.4 por ciento de los votos escrutados, de los cuales 40.2 por ciento favorecían al aspirante liberal, quien entonces llevaba una ventaja de 4.3 millones de sufragios sobre su más cercano competidor.

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  • Tillerson: Trump weighs embassy move impact on Mideast peace

    Tillerson: Trump weighs embassy move impact on Mideast peace

    In a statement, police spokesperson Luba Sumari said an assailant armed with a knife stabbed an Israeli police officer at Al-Silsila gate in Jerusalem's old city. On Friday, Israeli forces shot dead a Palestinian youth and wounded more than 10 others during clashes in the occupied West Bank. The US president has vowed during his campaign to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem - a move that would anger Palestinians and the wider Arab and Muslim worlds.

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