• Global Positioning System and hospitals hit by Ransomware — NHS cyber -attack

    Global Positioning System and hospitals hit by Ransomware — NHS cyber -attack

    The attackers took over computers, holding the data to ransom, demanding payments of $300-$600 to restore access. After that, the price would be doubled. The cyber security firm Kaspersky said that this ransomware could even destroy the machine without vulnerability. But he says the same thing could be done to crucial infrastructure, like nuclear power plants, dams or railway systems.

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  • Donald Trump Quoted His Own Tweet in a Header

    Donald Trump Quoted His Own Tweet in a Header

    The White House was warned in January that President Donald Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn was vulnerable to Russian blackmail, a top former official has told politicians, as the issue of Moscow's meddling in the USA election returned to the spotlight.

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  • Paris prepares for Emmanuel Macron inauguration

    Paris prepares for Emmanuel Macron inauguration

    An initial batch of 14 legislative candidates previously announced in April by Mr Macron's camp gave a taste of how his grassroots, start-up style movement Republic on the Move has sought to recruit from outside of the circle of career politicians.

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  • What beef? China, US seal trade agreement as ties warm up

    What beef? China, US seal trade agreement as ties warm up

    Trump, Secretary Perdue, and Members of the House and Senate for making US beef access to China a priority issue and appreciates the efforts by all to see this agreement through to completion". "This is certainly a breakthrough for Trump, since it will clearly reduce the United States trade deficit with China ". "While this deal is promising, China has made similar commitments before and has failed to follow through", Sen.

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  • Portugal recibe al Papa para conmemoración de apariciones

    Portugal recibe al Papa para conmemoración de apariciones

    El sábado será el día de la misa en la que canonizará a los dos hermanos pastores, Jacinta y Francisco , que junto su prima Lucía fueron testigos de las apariciones de la Virgen , y después de almorzar partirá de regreso a Roma . En marzo de 2013, el niño, con entonces 5 años de edad, se cayó por una ventana desde una altura de más de seis metros y sufrió un grave traumatismo craneal.

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  • Trump's attempt to intimidate Comey could come back to haunt him

    Durbin added that Trump's tweet on Friday "could be construed as threatening a witness in this investigation, which is another violation of federal law". Comey would pledge his loyalty to him". At first, the administration said that Mr Rosenstein "made the recommendation, the president made a swift and decisive action and let Comey go".

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  • Donald Trump insists no evidence of collusion with Russia

    Donald Trump insists no evidence of collusion with Russia

    Before assuming office, Mr. Flynn discussed with the Russian ambassador to the U.S the possibility of relaxing U.S sanctions, according to leaked media reports of intelligence intercepts, but there is no official version of what transpired in those conversations.

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  • Trump Says Wants to Move Quickly to Nominate New FBI Director

    CBS Evening News, citing a source who has spoken with Comey, said on Twitter that Comey hopes there are "lots of tapes". In his interview with NBC, Mr. "I think we ought to get to the bottom line here: President Trump is risky". In brief remarks to a group of military mothers and spouses at a Mother's Day event, Trump got a round of applause when discussing proposed defense-spending increases.

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  • The local election results summed up in 6 handy graphics

    He told me: "Genuine Labour supporters have been saying we can't vote for this bloke because he doesn't speak for me". They won tightly-fought battles for elected mayors in the West Midlands and Tees Valley and forced Labour into third place in its former stronghold of Scotland.

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  • Syria will abide by

    Syria will abide by "de-escalation" plan - foreign minister

    New Russian-backed plans for de-escalation zones in Syria are on hold as the US, France and the United Kingdom seek further detail on how exactly the agreement will be enforced. Relations between Washington and Ankara, a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally, in the ongoing fight against ISIS in Syria are at a historical low point due to USA support for Kurdish People's Protection Units, or YPG.

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  • Pentagon chief, Turkish PM meet after decision to arm Kurds

    Pentagon chief, Turkish PM meet after decision to arm Kurds

    The capture of a key Syrian town and a nearby dam from Islamic State group militants by Syrian Kurdish-led forces undermines the IS's ability to defend its de facto capital, Raqqa and disrupts its ability to plan attacks in Western countries, the USA -led global coalition said Thursday.

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  • Cien años de sus apariciones

    Cien años de sus apariciones

    El Sistema Informativo de la Arquidiócesis de México detalló lo anterior y recordó que Papa Francisco visitará Fátima, Portugal, los días 12 y 13 de mayo para canonizar a dos de los tres niños videntes, destacando de esta manera el centenario de las apariciones.

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  • IS downs Iraqi helicopter west of Mosul

    IS downs Iraqi helicopter west of Mosul

    As stated by the representative of the joint command of the armed forces major General Yahya Rasoul, the helicopter provided support to the operations of the Shiite militias to liberate the villages continue to be under the control of insurgents.

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  • Trump offers to be 'mediator' for Israeli-Palestinian peace

    And Trump does appear to be stalling on his stated intention to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which the Palestinians fervently oppose. Trump told Abbas that together with the Israelis they could bag "the toughest deal to make". An official from the Palestine Liberation Organization, speaking on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to speak on the issue, tells Newsweek it "could be an indication of what's coming".

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  • Korea open to US dialogue under 'right conditions'

    And how will Korea, once unified, structure its relationships with the United States and China? Boyle suggested that pulling the THAAD system out of South Korea could be accomplished as part of an overall deal among between the United States, China and North Korea for the denuclearization of the North.

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  • China pressures South Korea about missile system

    The two leaders may not see eye-to-eye on what could comprise the right circumstances. Trump had said Seoul should pay $1 billion for the system, which has already been deployed, but Moon had said the deployment should be scrutinized or reviewed.

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  • Pyongyang unveils satellite photos of Thaad in S.Korea

    Beijing sees the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system, newly installed in the South meant to guard against threats from the North, as a threat to its own military capabilities and has slapped a series of measures against South Korean businesses seen as economic retaliation.

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  • Trump defendió su decisión de destituir al director del FBI

    El mandatario aseguró que es un "presidente muy activo con muchas cosas pasando", por lo que no es posible para sus portavoces "colocarse en el podio (de las ruedas de prensa y hablar) con total rigurosidad". Según funcionarios gubernamentales, Rosenstein amenazó con dimitir después de que la Casa Blanca dijera que él fue quien impulsó el despido de Comey , y pidió a la Casa Blanca que se corrija, mientras que Trump ha rechazado la versión oficial de la mala gestión del caso de ...

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  • "Convoco a un gran diálogo nacional constituyente" — Presidente Maduro

    Para el miembro de la Comisión Presidencial del Poder Popular Constituyente, Isaías Rodríguez una nueva Asamblea Nacional Constituyente representa una herramienta para garantizar la paz interna del país. Jaua reiteró que desde el Ejecutivo se han realizado diferentes llamados a los representantes de la Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD) para sentarse a discutir el proceso Constituyente pero "no quiere dialogar".

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  • Nadal ends Djokovic hoodoo to reach another Madrid final

    Nadal looked in great control during the set and continued the advantage with 3-2. While he was serving with the table at 4-2 in Nadal's favor, Novak dropped a ball at the net like a master. However, that didn't happen, as Murray defeated Wawrinka in the semi-final to set up a clash with Djokovic. It was one-way traffic from the Spaniard who broke Djokovic twice at the start of the match, and while Djokovic struggled with his choice of shot, Nadal kept the pressure on.

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  • Trump to unveil list of conservative judges to fill lower federal courts

    Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in Cincinnati. It also elevates some rising legal stars who made it on to Trump's original list of 21 potential Supreme Court justices previous year, putting them closer to the nation's high court at a time when Justice Anthony Kennedy, the court's swing vote, is contemplating retirement and two liberal justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, are long past the average retirement age.

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  • Cartes estará hoy con la Virgen lusa

    El pontífice argentino llegó al lugar de devoción popular a bordo de un helicóptero militar portugués, que sobrevoló un par de veces a baja altura el santuario mariano, en el centro de Portugal , donde lo aguardaban alrededor de un millón de fieles de todas partes del mundo.

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  • Francia: destacan la juventud de Macron y el freno del populismo

    Francia: destacan la juventud de Macron y el freno del populismo

    El representante y rector del Consejo Europeo, Donald Tusk, congratuló a Emmanuel Macron y a los ciudadanos franceses por su triunfo en las presidenciales galas, tras destacarse y despuntar con un 65 por ciento de los votos a la ultraderechista Marine Le Pen, según las primeras proyecciones de las facultades y establecimientos especializados.

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  • Judge rejects claims execution drug will cause great pain

    Judge rejects claims execution drug will cause great pain

    They cite experts who say exposure to gabapentin alters brain chemistry in a way that pentobarbital can not be relied upon to make him unconscious and insensate. State lawyers also cite their own expert, Dr. Jacqueline Martin, chief medical examiner for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, who said the amount of pentobarbital used by the state is "more than sufficient" to carry out the execution without causing Ledford pain, despite his use of gabapentin.

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  • Many French voters yet to be convinced by Macron despite overwhelming victory

    The lawmaker spoke in favor of attracting FN voters, taking advantage of their disappointment with Marine Le Pen's "poor performance during the campaign and presidential debates". Macron joined President Francois Hollande in a commemoration of the formal German defeat in World War II. Macron has said he is aiming for an absolute majority in the lower chamber in June's elections.

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  • North Korea Would Hold Talks With US Under "Right Co"

    In recent weeks, North Korea has arrested two American university instructors and laid out what it claimed to be a CIA-backed plot to assassinate Kim. The move to restart the committee has been seen as an attempt to create a "window" for contacts with the outside world-Seoul and Washington in particular.

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