• Tories claim they could win 15 seats in Scotland at general election

    The Tories gained 500 seats and seized control of 11 councils. In England and Wales, the local elections saw Ukip's vote share bleed into the Tories whereas Labour's vote in Scotland drained into Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson party, re-confiming it as the party of union and opposition to the SNP and Scottish Greens.

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  • Eighty-Two Captive Schoolgirls Exchanged for 5 Boko Haram Commanders

    Speaking while receiving the girls at the presidential villa in Abuja , Buhari promised to put his best in ensuring the release of the remaining girls in captivity. But the groundswell eventually waned and the Associated Press reports , numerous girls were forced into marriages with their captors and others were feared to have been forced into suicide bombing missions.

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  • United States move to arm Syrian Kurds make Turkey fume

    Turkey's president said he would revisit the issue when he meets Trump in Washington on May 16, but expects the USA government to reverse its decision before he heads to the US. A senior American official said the US will step up joint intelligence-sharing with the Turks to help them better target terrorists. But the strikes angered Washington which accused Turkey of failing to properly coordinate its moves.

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  • 'Was he fired? You are kidding': Russia's foreign minister

    Though many Democrats have criticized Comey's management of the Clinton probe, they said they were troubled by the timing of his dismissal, given that Trump could have acted soon after taking office on January 20 and has repeatedly criticized the Federal Bureau of Investigation and congressional probes into Russian involvement in the election.

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  • Dan Donovan votes against American Health Care Act

    MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa - After campaigning on repealing the health care law and voting to gut it, an Iowa Republican is cautioning constituents fearful of losing coverage that the House GOP replacement is just "a tweak of Obamacare" that would have gone further had he had his way.

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  • Serial killer suspect went undiscovered for more than a year

    Serial killer suspect went undiscovered for more than a year

    Lopez said she always had a gut feeling that her son was part of the serial street shooter case but that police didn't seem to believe her. He was arrested on April 19 for what police now believe was the first murder in the crime spree, the killing of 61-year-old Raul Romero.

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  • Xi talks with South Korean president over phone

    The previous conservative president Park Geun-hye was impeached over a corruption scandal. "I will quickly move to solve the crisis in national security". A spokesman for the new president said his government would "review of the validity of the decision" which saw THAAD deployed. The US missile system is equipped with a powerful detection system known as an X-band radar, which experts say would destabilize regional security and upset the region's current military balance.

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  • Trump to receive Russias foreign minister this week

    Trump to receive Russias foreign minister this week

    The president also said the issue had not affected his meeting with Lavrov. The meeting with Sergei Lavrov was the highest-level public contact between Trump and the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin since Trump took office on January 20.

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  • General Electric expresa a Peña Nieto interés proveedores mexicanos

    General Electric expresa a Peña Nieto interés proveedores mexicanos

    La Presidencia de la República informó que el empresario estadounidense destacó la ampliación del Centro Global de Operaciones de GE en Monterrey , que se inaugurará este viernes. Por su parte, Peña Nieto agradeció la confianza de la empresa en el país y destacó que por más de un siglo ha sido un socio estratégico para el desarrollo industrial de México .

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  • SLIDESHOW: Top baby names for 2016 revealed

    SLIDESHOW: Top baby names for 2016 revealed

    Noah was the most popular boys name for the fourth consecutive year, while Emma was the most popular girls name for the third consecutive year. Liam remains the second most popular name for boys, perhaps a nod to actor Liam Hemsworth. Here's a full breakdown of the names, which comes from Social Security card applications. She was nominated for a Grammy in 2016 for her album "You Should Be Here".

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  • Samsung's latest smartphone shuns Android for Tizen

    Samsung's latest smartphone shuns Android for Tizen

    The first Samsung Tizen-powered smartphone was the Samsung Z, then the Samsung Z1, which was unveiled in January 2015. If you're buying a smartphone for the first time, this could certainly be a good buy, as Samsung has built in a number of convenience features.

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  • DOJ rules not to charge officers in shooting of Alton Sterling

    DOJ rules not to charge officers in shooting of Alton Sterling

    On Tuesday, rumors circulated that the Department of Justice had concluded its investigation into the case and were not planning to charge either officer due to lack of evidence. He has ordered a review of federal civil rights agreements with police departments. "Also, no one in my office or the governor's office has been notified by the U.S.

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  • Senate Intel Committee Issues Subpoena To Trump's Ousted NatSec Adviser Flynn

    Senate Intel Committee Issues Subpoena To Trump's Ousted NatSec Adviser Flynn

    Michael Flynn. Her intervention provoked an awkward new question that the White House will now have to answer. Her testimony, coupled with the revelation hours earlier that President Barack Obama himself had warned Donald Trump against hiring Flynn shortly after the November election, made clear that alarms about Flynn had reached the highest levels of the USA government months before.

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  • U.S. signs treaty to protect Arctic, giving some hope for Paris agreement

    Chairmanship of the Arctic Council came at a crucial moment, and the Obama Administration's ambitious efforts largely rose to meet that challenge". The move cones as U.S. Prior to departing from Washington, D.C., our U.S. Senators offered the following statements regarding this year's Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting, taking place tomorrow, May 11th.

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  • Trump to launch panel to investigate voter fraud

    The commission will reportedly be led by Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach, who convinced that state's Legislature to allow him to prosecute voter fraud cases. Merrill, a Democrat who is head of the National Association of Secretaries of State, said voter fraud is extremely rare . More than 1.7 million people are registered to vote in Kansas.

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  • Conversaciones paralelas sobre Corea del Norte: Moon

    Refiere la agencia Prensa Latina (PL) que los gobernantes de esos cuatro países, Vladimir Putin, Ángela Merkel, Theresa May y Malcolm Turnbull, respectivamente, telefonearon por separado a Moon para felicitarlo por su reciente victoria electoral, y de paso, concretar los asuntos que les interesan tratar con el nuevo Gobierno.

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  • 14 killed as storms and flooding sweep across US

    14 killed as storms and flooding sweep across US

    In an emailed statement she added that volunteers would begin damage assessment Sunday morning as it was safe to do so. Three tornadoes were confirmed by the US National Weather Service in Canton, a city about 95km east of Dallas in Van Zandt County.

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  • Santiagueño fue decapitado y otro fue baleado — Mar del Plata

    Santiagueño fue decapitado y otro fue baleado — Mar del Plata

    Alderete fue la persona que mató a balazos a Chaves y a Falcato, además de herir a otros dos jóvenes, uno de ellos de gravedad. Tres muertos y un herido. Al menos diez casas y cuatro autos quemados, hogares con las puertas arrancadas y con todo su interior revuelto y orificios de bala en las paredes de varios domicilios de la zona.

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  • Autoridad electoral desecha denuncia contra spots del PRI en Coahuila

    Autoridad electoral desecha denuncia contra spots del PRI en Coahuila

    Y el Instituto Electoral entregara las listas nominales a los partidos políticos. Gabriela María de León Farías, Consejera Presidenta del IEC, así como Juan Álvaro Martínez Lozano, Vocal Ejecutivo de la Junta Local, informaron de la llegada de 4 millones de boletas que saldrán desde la empresa que ganó previamente la licitación y que se encuentra ubicada en Tlalnepantla, Estado de México, el próximo sábado 13 de mayo y los protocolos de seguridad que se cubrirán en los trayectos.

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  • Cormann stands by Medicare levy lift

    France's income tax rate of 53 per cent kicks in at???152,000 [$A225,310], Germany's 47.5 per cent tax rate at???57,000 [$83,000], the United States at 33 per cent from $US190,000 [$257,322] and Britain at 45 per cent from??150,000 [$261,919].

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  • Argentina promulga ley que excluye a genocidas de beneficio legal

    En los fundamentos del texto los concejales coincidieron en que el fallo es un "retroceso en materia de derechos humanos", y pidieron que los delitos de lesa humanidad deben ser investigados, juzgados y sancionados. A pesar de que la ley fue derogada hace 16 años, el pasado 3 de mayo la Corte Suprema de Justicia decidió que era aplicable en el caso de Luis Muiña, autor del secuestro de un hospital en Buenos Aires en 1976.

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  • Chinese President Xi congratulates President Moon, discusses Pyongyang

    North Korea is likely to welcome Moon's election but its state media made no mention of his victory on Wednesday. Moon also has fences to mend with China, South Korea's biggest trading partner. If the conditions shape up, I will go to Pyongyang ", Moon said. Even so, North Korea's relations with Moon's conservative predecessor, Park Geun-hye, were extremely bad, so it is nearly certain to be cautious about any Moon proposals for increased engagement.

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo: Somos el Real Madrid y tenemos más experiencia

    El Atlético salió a morder, sabedor de la necesidad de hacer goles pronto para intentar la gesta de remontar el 3-0 en contra cosechado en la ida haciéndose dueño del campo en los primeros 20 minutos. En la segunda parte, el Atlético empezó a acusar el gran esfuerzo hecho en la primera y pese a que siguió intentándolo no pudo dar la vuelta al marcador.

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  • Solicitan desafuero de Eva Cadena

    Solicitan desafuero de Eva Cadena

    El legislador afirmó no haber visto el tercer video , difundido por el El Universal , en el cual Eva Cadena recibe un millón de pesos por supuestamente apoyar una iniciativa de ley que beneficia a un grupo de empresarios. " Yo ya se las puse a modo ahora sí cumplí mi compromiso y hoy quiero dejarlo claro porque no quisiera después tener problemas ", expone Cadena , en referencia a la ley aprobada.

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  • Team by team analysis of the Russian Grand Prix

    However, Bottas managed to get a good start and crossed the two Ferraris in turn 2 of lap 1. Indeed that is where he would finish on a desperately disappointing day for Britain's triple world champion. Red Bull boss Christian Horner admitted that his team's situation was not an easy one, but is optimistic Barcelona will be the turning point. "I am out of the race now".

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