• Trump's Middle East visit could be decisive, says Justin Welby

    Trump announced last week that his first foreign trip as president will include stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican. Last week, standing next to Abbas, Trump repeated a few times , "we will get it done". As reported by CNN , in regard to a peace-treaty between Palestine and Israel, Trump vowed to "get this done", and the Palestinian president seemed to agree.

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  • Masiva marcha en contra del 2x1 para genocidas

    Distintas organizaciones sociales, políticas y sindicales concentraron en 9 de julio y Belgrano, a lo largo de Cerrito llegando hasta la Avenida de Mayo y desde allí hasta la calle Tacuarí, para luego ingresar a la Plaza de Mayo y acompañar a Madres y Abuelas.

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  • Putin, Trump agree to coordinate efforts on Korean Peninsula tensions

    Putin, Trump agree to coordinate efforts on Korean Peninsula tensions

    Some of Trump's top advisers, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, leveled blistering criticism on Russian Federation and Putin following the chemical weapons attack. She noted that the White House readout of the call made no mention of "Russia's abysmal record on human rights, no clear message on Assad's future in Syria , and no condemnation of Russia's continued aggression in Ukraine ".

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  • Pak based terror groups plan to attack India, Afghan: US intel chief

    Pak based terror groups plan to attack India, Afghan: US intel chief

    A top Trump administration official has slammed Pakistan for its failure to curb support to anti-India militants and sought progress into the 2016 Pathankot attack probe. Echoing New Delhi's stated position, Coast in his testimony said that the easing of tensions between India and Pakistan hinges on a reduction in cross-border attacks.

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  • Pakistani police: 15 killed in bombing that wounded lawmaker

    Pakistani police: 15 killed in bombing that wounded lawmaker

    The blast took place at Mastung in the Balochistan province after people when people were coming out after Friday prayers. The explosion took place just as his convoy was leaving the mosque complex. But latest reports suggest that the Senator's driver had been killed in the blast. As per the rescue sources, the majority of those injured and killed were party workers of Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F).

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  • Lagarto 'devora' a pescador en Tabasco

    Lagarto 'devora' a pescador en Tabasco

    El reptil se ocultaba entre los lirios acuáticos de la laguna artificial, sorprendió al pescador y lo arrastró al fondo del agua . "Lo jaló por segunda vez y la tercera se lo llevó metiéndolo dentro del agua", relató.

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  • Email scam impersonates Google Docs

    What makes the case worse is that in case you deny the permission but you open the link, the virus forwards the email to everyone on your contact list. In a statement , the company said that it was able to stop the campaign within approximately one hour. Users would not be required to take any action, however, since Google has encouraged those wanting to ensure greater safety to run its security check feature.

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  • Más alivio que entusiasmo tras la elección de Macron — Francia dividida

    Sin embargo, ese margen fue significativamente más estrecho que la última vez que un candidato del Frente Nacional llegó a la segunda vuelta para presidente, destacando la magnitud de la tarea que ahora enfrenta Macron . Este político inexperimentado también tendrá que asumir el papel de jefe de las Fuerzas Armadas en un país en estado de emergencia frente a una amenaza terrorista latente.

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  • Macron's Election Win Cheered by Scientists

    Macron's Election Win Cheered by Scientists

    Macron's "Republique en Marche" (Republic on the Move) movement, which has been keeping its distance from the political old guard, reacted warily to the announcement. Commissioning editor Tom Webber acquired United Kingdom and Commonwealth rights to The French Exception: Emmanuel Macron's extraordinary rise and risk from Kerry Glencorse at the Susanna Lea Agency.

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  • No federal charges in Alton Sterling case

    No federal charges in Alton Sterling case

    The second video shows Sterling on the ground as one officer straddles him and another kneels to his left. At an afternoon press conference, Governor John Bel Edwards joined Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Broome in expressing disgust in how the Department of Justice handled its decision in the Alton Sterling case.

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  • Macron: much French relief

    Mr Macron's newly renamed "Republique en Marche" (the Republic on the Move) movement reacted warily to the announcement. Macron's 577 candidates are expected to be announced Thursday and Macron himself will be sworn in on Sunday. The National Assembly in France has full powers to pass laws and approve the prime minister, and France's two main parties, which for the first time ever were both absent from the second round of the presidential election, are seeking to use the vote to bounce back.

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  • North Korea carries out ballistic missile test but fails

    North Korea carries out ballistic missile test but fails

    US Pacific Command said it tracked a missile launch which blew up nearly immediately. North Korea seems to be intent on developing both missile technology and nuclear weapons capability, a top Trump administration official said today, hours after Pyongyang carried out a missile test.

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  • Mobile To Launch A Galaxy S8 BOGO Offer Tomorrow

    Mobile To Launch A Galaxy S8 BOGO Offer Tomorrow

    The Samsung Galaxy Folder phones have been around for a while, and this gen-next Samsung Galaxy Folder smartphone will be coming out in the months to follow. The report says the new device will be similar to the last one, with an odd mix of advanced features, such as wireless charging and fingerprint scanning, and entry-level specs, including a Snapdragon 430 processor.

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  • Australian top IS recruiter Neil Prakash 'to be extradited'

    Australian top IS recruiter Neil Prakash 'to be extradited'

    Prakash, a senior recruiter for so-called Islamic State, was arrested in Turkey previous year and placed in jail. "We are satisfied that Neil Prakash - who has been one of the key financiers or organisers in ISIL or Daesh, this barbaric terrorist group - he will be brought back to Australia and he will face the courts", Mr Turnbull told Channel Seven on Friday.

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  • Azerbaijani defense industry enterprises, Turkey's ASELSAN sign 4 memos

    Azerbaijani defense industry enterprises, Turkey's ASELSAN sign 4 memos

    According to the message, Azerbaijan's Defense Industry Minister Yavar Jamalov attended the opening of the exhibition. A number of samples of new products of local production, presented for the first time at the Istanbul exhibition, which is attended by about 300 companies from 50 countries, aroused great interest.

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  • Senado argentino aprueba ley que prohíbe el 2x1 a genocidas

    Cortiñas agradeció que "por primera vez el Senado, por unanimidad, le respondió al pueblo" ante lo que consideró un "acto de inmoralidad cometido por los miembros de la Corte ". Los 56 senadores de la cámara alta convirtieron en ley el proyecto que había aprobado horas antes la Cámara de Diputados que especifica que la llamada " ley del dos por uno", que permite reducir las penas al computar doble los días en prisión preventiva sin condena firme, no es aplicable a los delitos de lesa ...

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  • Comey Firing Has No Impact on Russia Probe — Acting FBI Chief

    On March 20, Comey went before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and made two comments that stuck with Trump . "My decision", he said. The whole elaborate ruse, now in the final stages of collapsing, seemed created to head off accusations that the president may have been attempting to obstruct justice-an impeachable offense-by firing the man leading the investigation into allegations of collusion with Russian Federation.

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  • Russia-backed safe zone plans a bid to divide Syria, say opponents

    The Syrian regime's air force would essentially be grounded as most of its bombing has been concentrated on rebel-held areas. The guarantor states committed to take all the necessary measures to continue fighting Daesh (ISIL or ISIS), Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly known as al-Nusra Front) and other terrorist groups both within and beyond the de-escalation zones.

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  • Multitudinaria marcha en Plaza de Mayo en repudio al 2×1

    De manera puntual, la iniciativa plantea que la Ley 24.390 " no será aplicable a los delitos de genocidio, de lesa humanidad y crímenes de guerra ", de acuerdo con lo contemplado en convenios internacionales. "Ningún genocida suelto", se leía en una de las banderas de la multitud que marchó hasta la Plaza de Mayo, en el centro de la ciudad de Buenos Aires .

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  • China Faces Pressure To Consider North Korea Oil Embargo

    China Faces Pressure To Consider North Korea Oil Embargo

    The statement from North Korea's Ministry of State Security released Friday said the USA intelligence agency had bribed a North Korean citizen, named only as Kim, in 2014 to carry out the plot. It was not clear whether North Korea was taking stock of their options. In a statement the powerful ministry of state security, said it had foiled a "vicious plot" by a "hideous terrorists' group" to attack the North's "supreme leadership".

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  • White House Defends Trump On Kim, Duterte Comments

    White House Defends Trump On Kim, Duterte Comments

    The statement however did not provide details on when or if Duterte would visit Washington , but said the President Trump is looking forward to his Philippines trip in November. The pair reportedly held a phone call on Saturday (29 April) where the issue of North Korea was discussed, but where Trump also caused outrage by inviting the leader for a formal visit.

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  • Tillerson: Pushing human rights overseas 'creates obstacles' to United States interests

    Earlier, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Southeast Asia Patrick Murphy said the South China Sea issue will also be addressed and talked about "very frankly" during the special meeting. He defended the USA strategy to isolate nuclear-armed North Korea, but said conditions are not yet right for a meeting with dictator Kim Jong Un. Meanwhile, the Chinese foreign ministry said Wednesday that Beijing will implement additional sanctions, as outlined in UN Security Council resolution 2321.

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  • Graham: 'I want to know more about Trump's business dealings'

    Graham: 'I want to know more about Trump's business dealings'

    The White House says President Donald Trump is sending a certified letter to Sen. Responding to questions from reporters about comments by Senator Graham Lindsey (R- South Carolina) that he wants - as part of ongoing congressional investigation - to look into allegations about Trump's business links with Russian Federation, the White House press secretary Sean Spicer revealed that President Trump has hired and directed a Washington law firm to send a certified letter to Senator Graham, ...

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  • Syrian Kurds clear mines after taking town, dam from IS

    The U.S. -led worldwide coalition said the Syrian Democratic Forces militia has freed the majority of the Syrian city of Tabqa and its nearby dam from the Islamic State [Daesh]. "I hope very much that this mistake will be reversed immediately", Erdogan said in Ankara alongside Sierra Leone counterpart Ernest Bai Koroma. Trump chose to arm the Syrian Kurds despite objections from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally, Turkey.

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  • Constituyente es impecablemente constitucional — Jaua

    Constituyente es impecablemente constitucional — Jaua

    Sin embargo, los manifestantes fueron contenidos por la Policía Nacional Bolivariana (PNB) y, la GNB, que bloquearon varias vías y lanzaron bombas lacrimógenas, lo que derivó en algunos enfrentamientos. Las manifestaciones se dan en medio de un contexto de crisis económica dominada por una inflación de tres dígitos, una severa escasez de alimentos, medicinas y otros bienes básicos y una fuerte recesión.

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  • El 2x1 a los Genocidas no fue

    El 2x1 a los Genocidas no fue "un error de carga"

    Al iniciarse la sesión especial para debatir un conjunto de tratados internacionales, la presidenta de la comisión de Derechos Humanos, Victoria Donda, solicitó la aprobación del tratamiento sobre tablas sobre los diversos proyectos de ley para "dar un contundente y claro mensaje a la justicia que en este país no vamos a renunciar a la memoria, verdad y justicia".

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  • Imputaron a jueces que votaron a favor del 2×1 — Argentina

    Así fue como organismos de derechos humanos, partidos políticos y otros sectores se concentraron, en el centro de la ciudad, en contra del fallo de la Corte Suprema que beneficia a represores. El documento votado especifica que la ley "no es aplicable a conductas delictivas que encuadren en la categoría de delitos de lesa humanidad , genocidio o crímenes de guerra, según derechos interno o internacional".

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  • Macron sticks to labour reform plans in rally speech

    Macron sticks to labour reform plans in rally speech

    Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a veteran rebel of French politics, called on supporters of hard-left firebrand Jean-Luc Melenchon, who scored 19.6 percent in the first round, to put aside their "hate" of Macron. Emmanuel Macron (2ndL) stands next to Said Bouarram (L), son of Brahim Bouarram, as he pays homage to Brahim Bouarram, a Moroccan who drowned in 1995 after being pushed into the water by National Front supporters.

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