• Tigers suspend minor leaguer Saupold for 5 games

    Tigers suspend minor leaguer Saupold for 5 games

    According to multiple reports, Saupold and two Pittsburgh Pirates minor-leaguers were arrested early on August 28 after a night out at The Bronze Bar, which is across the street from Fifth Third Field in Toledo. According to reports, including one on, Saupold was charged with assault after getting into a physical altercation with a patron after bartenders had informed the players it was closing time.

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  • Squaring Up Trump's Immigration Plan

    He then called Mexican-Americans "spectacular hardworking people" and said he had "such great respect for them". Bad weather in Florida has forced Tim Kaine to scrap plans in one closely fought state and campaign in another. Monty stated he was a "strong supporter of Donald Trump " when he thought immigration would be addressed "realistically and compassionately", but could not continue to support him after the speech.

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  • González Iñárritu: "Invitación de Peña Nieto a Donald Trump es una traición"

    Afirmó que el magnate norteamericano " debió ser nombrado desde hace mucho tiempo por nuestro Gobierno 'persona non grata' ". Por ello " Enrique Peña Nieto no me representa más ", asegura el multipremiado cineasta. Trump defendió el muro ante Peña Nieto y frente a la prensa en la residencia oficial de Los Pinos. "Quién va a pagar por el muro, eso no lo discutimos", dijo el político estadounidense.

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  • Truck carrying Takata inflators explodes in Texas, killing 1

    Truck carrying Takata inflators explodes in Texas, killing 1

    Robles' home on August 22. "Takata immediately deployed personnel to the site and has been working closely with the subcontractor and the appropriate authorities to investigate this incident", Takata said in a statement. Robles' charred vehicle was one of the only items remaining at the scene of her home. That can blow apart a metal canister and hurl shrapnel into drivers and passengers.

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  • Kaepernick wore socks at training camp that depicted cops as pigs

    There are a lot of things that are going on that are unjust. But veterans have rallied to the player's defence on social media, many of them posting supportive messages alongside images of them in military uniform. "So before these socks, which were worn before I took my public stance, are used to distract from the real issues, I wanted to address them immediately".

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  • Secy. Kerry to Media: 'Do Us All a Service' - Stop Covering Terrorism

    But he also made the point that there are links between the Islamic State and extremists around the world, including in Bangladesh. "In Iraq, Daesh kills people because of who they are". While talking about the ongoing anti-ISIS drive in the Middle East, he said the outfit has been cornered in the region due to the operation and many terrorists are now returning home in the face of the attack.

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  • Explosion hits criminology institute in Brussels

    Explosion hits criminology institute in Brussels

    The blast caused significant damage to the building, but there were no casualties as the facility was closed at the time. Belgian police deployed in force and sealed off the area. It was not immediately known what caused the blast, but a fire service spokesman, Pierre Meys, said "it was probably not accidental". "Windows of the lab were blown out dozens of meters away".

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  • Trump y Peña pelean en Twitter

    El encuentro entre Peña Nieto y Trump se llevó a cabo este miércoles en la Ciudad de México . "Ahora sabemos quién es", señaló Podesta. La pregunta que inundó las redes sociales giraba en torno a la postura de Peña Nieto ante la construcción de un muro en la frontera, ya que en el mensaje para el público después de la reunión no hizo ninguna declaración, a diferencia del estadounidense que insistió en la idea de una barrera en la frontera que impida el paso ilegal de mexicanos a ...

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  • Buhari To Attend TICAD Summit In Nairobi

    It has been noted lack of empowerment exposed youth to such terror sects as Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab as well as crime in general. China, whose investments in sub-Saharan nations have increased 40-fold since 2003, pledged $60 billion for the continent at a similar summit by President Xi Ping in South Africa past year.

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  • Governor Nominates Another Lackawanna Co. Native to be Attorney General

    Governor Nominates Another Lackawanna Co. Native to be Attorney General

    State Sen. John Rafferty, R-Montgomery County, and Montgomery County Commission Chairman Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, are running to replace her. He told the court he feared Kane planned to fire staffers during a special prosecutor's investigation, and claims Kane told him, "if I get taken out of here in handcuff's what do you think my last actions would be?" Castor also has been a central figure in the sexual assault case against Bill Cosby.

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  • Legislativo Ecuador rechaza "golpe" a Rousseff y critica al Senado brasileño

    La mandataria constitucional de Brasil , Dilma Rousseff , fue señalada este miércoles de culpable de corrupción por el Senado de ese país y de este modo es apartada de forma definitiva de sus funciones como líder Ejecutiva. En el quinto y último punto, el PRD "exhorta respetuosamente al titular del Ejecutivo federal mexicano a retirar al embajador de nuestro país en Brasil , como medida de repudio ante el dicho golpe de Estado ".

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  • USA cooperating with Turkey on Gulen: Biden

    Turkey says the failed putsch was orchestrated by the Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, who has lived in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania for 17 years. "Were a president to attempt to do that, it would be an impeachable offense", he said. "I want to make it unmistakably clear that the United States stands with our ally, Turkey", Biden said.

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  • CBC to begin testing for Zika

    CBC to begin testing for Zika

    The agency had recommended in February that blood should no longer be collected from regions where the Zika virus is circulating, and that blood needed for transfusions be obtained from areas of the country without active transmission. Puerto Rico has been screening all blood donations since March. She reported no other sex partners in the two weeks before her infection arose, and no blood transfusions or organ transplants either.

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  • 4 pilots on restricted duty after low pass over stadium

    4 pilots on restricted duty after low pass over stadium

    Thomas Kunkel said in a statement to The Associated Press the base is working with the Federal Aviation Administration to look into the matter. Several Air Face pilots have been grounded following a low-altitude flyover during Carolina Panthers practice on Monday.

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  • México jamás pagaría por un muro, reitera EPN a Trump

    México jamás pagaría por un muro, reitera EPN a Trump

    Lo anterior de acuerdo con una encuesta del periódico Reforma , en la que también 72 por ciento de los entrevistados consideró que haber recibido a Trump es una acción que debilita al gobierno mexicano; en tanto, para el 11 por ciento, lo fortalece y 17 por ciento no opinó.

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  • Chris Brown 'tested for drugs' in jail

    Following Brown's release on bail, the singer's attorney Mark Geragos tweeted, "Thanks to everyone for their support and well wishes". Chris is out and well. The woman called 911 claiming Brown had pulled his weapon during a disagreement. In 2009, Chris Brown was arrested for viciously beating his then-girlfriend, fellow singer Rihanna .

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  • Hemos derrotado una intentona golpista — Maduro

    Hemos derrotado una intentona golpista — Maduro

    El Jefe de Estado, instó al ministro del Poder Popular para Relaciones Interiores, Justicia y Paz, M/G Néstor Reverol, en coordinación con el titular de la cartera de Comunicación e Información, José Marcano , a mostrar las pruebas al pueblo de Venezuela, de cómo evitaron el golpe de Estado que pretendían perpetrar el día de hoy y la emboscada fascista.

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  • Germany and Italy to step up repatriations of economic migrants

    Angela Merkel's popularity has been dwindling since the refugee crisis began, with The Wall Street Journal revealing that over half of Germany's citizens do not wish her to resume her position for another term. Italy has one of the world's largest public debts and with a virtually stagnant economy it might struggle to find the money needed for costly civil defence programmes.

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  • Trump says people in U.S. illegally must leave

    Donald Trump is retreating from his vow to deport everyone living in the United States illegally, even as he sticks with an aggressive tone on illegal immigration and remains committed to building a physical wall along the USA border with Mexico .

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  • (video) Acuerdo Final de Paz entre el 20 y 30 de septiembre

    Las partes convinieron que sellarán la paz en una fecha y lugar a determinar. Distintos medios colombianos han confirmado que puede escenificarse en alguna sede de la Organización de Naciones Unidas. "Nosotros estamos comprometidos con los planteamientos que ha llevado adelante el presidente Santos, he tenido la oportunidad de hablar con él el lunes para felicitarle por el acuerdo", dijo Rajoy ante el Parlamento español.

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  • For the Fed's Yellen 'conventional' unconventional policy is enough

    Asked whether Fed watchers should be looking for such a move in September, and possibly for two hikes this year, Fischer said Yellen's remarks were "consistent with answering "yes" to both of your questions". She also described consumer spending as "solid", but noted that business investment was weak and exports were taking a hit from a strong US dollar. In the bond market, the 10-year benchmark yield closed barely changed at 7.13%, as did the rupee at 67.06 to a dollar.

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  • Donald Trump's First General Election Ad Attacks Hillary Clinton's 'Rigged System'

    Donald Trump's First General Election Ad Attacks Hillary Clinton's 'Rigged System'

    The $ 4 million ad buy will broadcast them in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania from August 19-29. Clinton is back up at 50 percent, with a 10 point lead over Trump, according to the NBC poll . Clinton's campaign gave a swift response to Trump's televised attack, calling to mind the billionaire's recent speech in North Carolina where he expressed "regret" for some of his bombastic rhetoric.

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  • Mother, child struck by vehicle in Leesburg

    Mother, child struck by vehicle in Leesburg

    Both have life-threatening injuries. "The mother was taken to the hospital", said Garett Brazina, Principle of Seldens Landing Elementary School, where the older child attended. The driver was turning west onto Riverside Parkway from Coton Manor Drive. Bushes on the median reduce visibility, he said, and a 40 miles per hour speed limit is not well enforced.

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  • Eid Al Adha on September 12, Zul Hijjah moon not sighted

    Eid Al Adha on September 12, Zul Hijjah moon not sighted

    A spokeswoman for the council said: "Islamic festivals are based around the lunar calendar, and so each month starts with the sighting of the new moon". More than 100 million animals will be sacrificed in just two days as Muslims worldwide celebrate the end of the Hajj pilgrimage and remember Bible figure Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son.

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  • Kaepernick explains pig socks via Instagram statement

    In a statement posted to his Instagram page, Kaepernick said he has relatives and friends who are police officers and that he had worn the socks in the past to call attention to 'rogue cops'. The 49ers wrap up their preseason Thursday against the Chargers. Kaepernick is expected to again sit down during the national anthem. "People of color have been targeted by police", Kaepernick said Sunday, via CBS Sports .

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  • Powerful Quake Strikes Off New Zealand Coast

    Powerful Quake Strikes Off New Zealand Coast

    The tsunami threat has now been lifted for all of New Zealand . Those living in coastal areas should be aware tsunami currents and surges were possible. It follows a powerful 5.7 magnitude quake off the country's North Island yesterday that was felt in Auckland and as far as the Great Barrier Reef.

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  • Finley starts at QB, NC State beats William & Mary 48-14

    Finley starts at QB, NC State beats William & Mary 48-14

    But it was hard not to be impressed by the Wolfpack's performance against one of the nation's top Football Championship Subdivision squads. "We're excited to be 1-0, " N.C. The senior ran 23 times for 138 yards and two touchdowns to go with a pair of catches for 18 yards. The unsuccessful attempt stood as the only blemish for N.C.

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