• Operation removes Gadhafi-era chemical weapons materials from Libya

    Operation removes Gadhafi-era chemical weapons materials from Libya

    The Danish government had previously offered to send a container vessel, a support ship and 200 staff to handle the operation, coordinated by the UN-backed Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). Today we mark an important achievement in our ongoing efforts to halt the spread of weapons of mass destruction - the final steps of an worldwide effort to remove from Libya and destroy almost 500 metric tons of chemical weapons precursors.

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  • Trump paints new target on legal immigration

    Against the backdrop of grand diplomatic pageantry, Trump lavished praise on America's southern neighbour and pointedly avoided insisting publicly that Mexico pay for the wall he's pledged to build along the U.S. We're not focusing on it right now because we're 68 days out from an election, but it is hard to overstate what an unmitigated disaster this is for the party in the Sunbelt, the intermountain West and beyond.

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  • Mexico President Blasts Trump's Policies as 'Huge Threat' after Meeting

    Mexico President Blasts Trump's Policies as 'Huge Threat' after Meeting

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is reaffirming that people in the USA illegally can not receive legal status, despite recently suggesting he might be softening his stance on immigration. A fresh Fox News poll-which shows Clinton up just 2 points (41-39)-finds that voters, when presented with a choice, back setting up a system for illegal immigrants now working in the United States to become legal residents over deporting them by a 77-19 margin.

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  • Florida braces for Tropical Storm Hermine

    Florida braces for Tropical Storm Hermine

    As of 8 p.m., Wednesday evening, maximum sustained winds are at 50 miles per hour, and the storm is still strengthening. After battering coastal Florida, Hermine is expected to weaken and move across the northern part of the state into Georgia, then southern US coastal regions on the Atlantic.

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  • Flat Smartphone Growth Projected for 2016 as Mature Markets Veer into Declines

    Flat Smartphone Growth Projected for 2016 as Mature Markets Veer into Declines

    Android smartphone shipments are forecast to rise 6.7% in 2016, while iPhone shipments are seen dropping 12%. Apple's current iPhone 6S has faced hard comparisons to the monster upgrade cycle sparked by the iPhone 6. "From a technological standpoint, smartphone innovation seems to be in a lull as consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with "good enough" smartphones", he says.

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  • Junior doctors set to strike for FIVE consecutive days

    Health secretary Jeremy Hunt told the BBC today he was not responsible for the failure of negotiations, and claimed he had "bent over backwards" to resolve the disagreement, making 107 concessions during talks. He said that the contract agreed earlier this summer had "represented a sensible compromise" and that both sides would have to compromise to resolve the issue without further strikes.

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  • SpaceX Rocket And Its Cargo Explode On Launch Pad In Florida

    SpaceX Rocket And Its Cargo Explode On Launch Pad In Florida

    Dark smoke filled the overcast sky and a black cloud hung low across the eastern horizon half an hour later. There are no additional details at this time, but sirens could be heard in the aftermath. SpaceX is one of two companies shipping supplies to the International Space Station for NASA. But the advent of private sector space companies like Elon Musk's SpaceX, Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin and Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic are an integral part of what could be the biggest industry in ...

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  • More voters trust Clinton on health care

    Just a few short weeks after the senior most level of Trump's campaign underwent a major shakeup, the trajectory of the race has shifted with Trump's poll numbers rising- and Clinton's slipping. Trump, he said, stands outside that consensus - something the Clinton campaign has attempted to exploit in courting Republican voters concerned about his rhetoric and lack of government experience.

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  • SpaceX rocket goes up in flames

    Facebook and NASA also have a stake in SpaceX's successes and failures, and today's explosion directly impacts both. The mishap dealt a severe blow to SpaceX , still scrambling to catch up with satellite deliveries following a launch accident past year.

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  • Arranca la entrega-recepción

    Arranca la entrega-recepción

    A partir de hoy jueves 1 de septiembre en los días siguientes, los dos equipos de transición estarán revisando a detalle el estado en que se encuentra la administración estatal en sus diferentes áreas, haciendo visitas a cada edificio público del gobierno.

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  • UN Chief Calls for Verifying Presidential Ballot Results in Gabon

    UN Chief Calls for Verifying Presidential Ballot Results in Gabon

    Wednesday's election results came a day later than expected, prompting fears that the process had been tainted. European Union observers have criticized what they called a "lack of transparency" in the vote, and both the EU and the United States have called for electoral officials to publish results from all polling stations.

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  • El encuentro entre Peña y Trump en México

    Pero el magnate mantuvo firme su polémica promesa que hizo cuando lanzó su candidatura hace más de un año, detallando que desde el primer día de su eventual presidencia trabajará en la construcción de un "impenetrable, alto, poderoso y bello muro en la frontera sur".

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  • India ridicules Pak claim of Modi crossing 'red line'

    India ridicules Pak claim of Modi crossing 'red line'

    In a letter handed over to Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhury by High Commissioner Gautam Bhambawale on Wednesday, the government said any talks would have to focus on terror. Meanwhile, Pakistan said it allows United Nations to send its team to Azad Jammu and Kashmir, days after India turned down request by the United Nations rights council to travel to the Indian-controlled Kashmir to investigate the alleged rights violations.

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  • Chicago Police Superintendent Says Put Criminals in Jail and Keep Them There

    There was raw emotion as the slain cousin of National Basketball Association superstar Dwyane Wade was honored by her grieving family at a vigil Sunday. He had a rap sheet of six felony arrests. Her death refocused attention on Chicago's epidemic of deadly gun violence and even became an issue in the presidential campaign when GOP nominee Donald Trump referenced it on Twitter.

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  • Yo no soy racista, Hillary Clinton si: Trump

    Yo no soy racista, Hillary Clinton si: Trump

    Oppenheimer conversará con el presidente de Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís, quien recientemente se reunió con el presidente Barack Obama en la Casa Blanca. ¿Deportará a las personas sin papeles, pero con familias, empleo y una vida entera en Estados Unidos? El magnate tiene previsto ofrecer la semana próxima un discurso sobre su política migratoria.

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  • Judge In Stanford Rape Case Won't Take Child Porn Case

    In the case, Robert Chain got four days for possession of child porn. The Santa Clara County judge who faced wide spread back lash after sentencing a former Stanford swimmer to six months in jail for sexual assault has now recused himself from another sex crime case.

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  • Osorio Chong entrega IV Informe de Gobierno de EPN

    Los manifestantes exigen entrar a las oficinas de los diputados para entregarles una "iniciativa ciudadana" de reformas a la ley, que se opone a la que presentó el presidente Enrique Peña Nieto , misma que -dijeron- cuenta con 300 mil firmas de apoyo.

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  • El Papa propone incluir el medio ambiente en obras benéficas

    El Papa propone incluir el medio ambiente en obras benéficas

    Quizá el punto más relevante del discurso fue su propuesta de hacer de la protección del medio ambiente una obra de caridad. "Por lo tanto, me permito proponer un complemento a las dos listas tradicionales de siete obras de misericordia, añadiendo a cada una el cuidado de la casa común".

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  • Florida Gulf coast braces for possible hurricane

    Florida Gulf coast braces for possible hurricane

    Georgia's governor declared a state of emergency for 56 counties through Saturday, in anticipation of high water and strong winds . Wolfhagen said he feared Hermine would make for a significant disaster in Apalachicola and Franklin County - which he said could ultimately hurt his work.

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  • 'Glaring Democratic Deficiencies' In Referendum

    'Glaring Democratic Deficiencies' In Referendum

    A poll for the ERS found that "far too many people felt they were ill-informed about the vote" and that the leading personalities "big beast" personalities - including (the) Prime Minister David Cameron, former London mayor Boris Johnson and UKIP leader Nigel Farage - did not appear to engage or convince voters.

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  • Turkey briefs Russia on anti-IS operation

    Eager to avoid more clashes between Turkey and USA -backed Syrian fighters, the Pentagon said the US -led coalition against Islamic State was establishing communications channels to better coordinate in a "crowded battlespace" in Syria .

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  • Reconocen acciones en Michoacán para detener el cambio climático

    Los gobiernos nacionales no podrán reducir solos las emisiones de carbono, sino que deberán de trabajar en conjunto con el Acuerdo de París con los estados, municipios y regiones, así como unir esfuerzos con universidades, empresas y sociedad para que participen activamente y enfrentar un nuevo tipo de desarrollo para enfrentar el cambio climático indicó Patricia Espinosa, secretaria ejecutiva de la Convención Marco de Naciones Unidas sobre Cambio Climático.

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  • El Congreso auditará las escuchas telefónicas de la Corte Suprema

    El Congreso auditará las escuchas telefónicas de la Corte Suprema

    Finalmente, se refirió a la segunda propuesta tratada en comisión. " Es sano como democracia que podamos llevar adelante un control de escuchas ", sentenció Massa. Consultado por NA acerca de si tiene previsto citar a la exministra de Seguridad Cecilia Rodríguez y al exsecretario de Seguridad Sergio Berni , el diputado indicó que eso "se verá" evitó precisarlo pero remarcó que la citación será para "los responsables de la Policía Federal y de Prefectura Naval".

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  • Bill Clinton prepares for exit

    Bill Clinton prepares for exit

    Taxpayer money from a program originally created to keep presidents from going broke after their White House terms was used to buy IT equipment including servers housed at the Clinton Foundation , as well as to pay aides who worked for the foundation, according to records Politico obtained from the General Services Administration.

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  • An emotional Bill Clinton eyes possible exit from foundation

    The news site said it discovered the expenditures among records from the General Services Administration (GSA) via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. GOP lawmakers call for Clinton Foundation special prosecutor The Hill's 12:30 Report MORE, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Rep.

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  • Österreich kündigt Widerstand gegen Ceta an — Freihandelsabkommen

    Dazu sollen Positionspapiere beschlossen werden. Selbst Handelsabkommen mit engsten internationalen Partnern in Nordamerika treiben viele Deutsche auf die Barrikaden. Am Mittwoch reichte die Initiative "Nein zu Ceta" Beschwerde beim Bundesverfassungsgericht ein. Gabriels Marschroute: Er läuft Sturm gegen TTIP, um Ceta zu retten.

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  • Explosion At SpaceX Rocket Launch Site

    Witnesses say the explosion rattled buildings miles away from the launch pad. Dark smoke filled the overcast sky. SpaceX is reeling after an early-morning explosion took out its rocket on the launchpad at Cape Canaveral. This marks the fourth failure this year for the Falcon 9 rocket , which is created to transport cargo and unmanned space craft such as SpaceX's Dragon into Earth orbit.

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