• Judge refuses to let indicted La. sheriff carry gun

    Judge refuses to let indicted La. sheriff carry gun

    U.S. Magistrate Judge Patrick Hanna said he can't "turn a blind eye" to statements like those that Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal allegedly made on tape. "He said that would be malfeasance if he didn't go out and do his job", McLindon told reporters. While leaving the courthouse shortly before his attorney, John S.

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  • 'Bloodstained Gunman' Barricades Himself Inside Restaurant

    'Bloodstained Gunman' Barricades Himself Inside Restaurant

    He ran into the restaurant called Dubrovnik in the town centre, shouting for everyone inside to leave, according to a report by German newspaper Bild . The man is believed to be the son-in-law of the restaurant's owner, the official also said. Police said the man did not take any hostages and terrorism was not an issue.

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  • GOP candidates aiming to escape Trump's shadow

    Trump also endorsed Arizona Sen. Clinton also is widening her lead in MI to 9 points, according to a poll published Thursday in The Detroit News. Donald Trump is an ungrateful man. We need very, very strong leadership. "Maybe just maybe when I'm actually running for a job there is a real benefit to those on the other side to try and stir up as much concern as possible", she said.

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  • Chipotle to open burger restaurant

    Chipotle to open burger restaurant

    Chipotle aims at opening their first burger chain restaurant in Lancaster, Ohio. The new concept will specialize in burgers, fries, and milkshakes. It may take even longer than expected for people to start craving burritos from the chain again, but at least it gets a fresh start in OH with its burgers.

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  • John Force wins Toyota NHRA Sonoma Nationals

    John Force wins Toyota NHRA Sonoma Nationals

    Force powered his Realtree Peak Antifreeze Camaro to a winning pass of 3.948 seconds at 324.59 miles per hour to the losing run of Capps at 3.960 at 320.13. "When conditions get tight like this, you can go out there and miss it just a little bit". Meanwhile, two-time world champ Matt Hagan also took advantage of the cool Bay Area weather conditions in his Mopar Express Lane Dodge Charger and set the track speed record in Funny Car, a 330.15 miles per hour blast at a time of 3.875, good enough ...

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  • Hatchet-waving man leads police on chase in Massachusetts

    Hatchet-waving man leads police on chase in Massachusetts

    Rochester police were called to the area, but said Harrison jumped into the gold Chevrolet SUV and began to drive away. Sky5 caught the end of the chase through New Bedford. He eventually stopped in downtown New Bedford, where he was arrested. "[The man] swerved at the officer". New Bedford police are investigating after what appeared to be two separate high-speed chases ensued in their city on Monday.

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  • Windows 10 For Education Will Not Come With Cortana

    Windows 10 For Education Will Not Come With Cortana

    Kenny says that he has no problems with the Windows 10 experience but he's fine with Windows 8 for now as he is expecting to upgrade his five-year-old PC next year and it will come with Windows 10 by default. Windows 10 will also notify you when your phone has a low battery, and it'll also notify you if miss any calls. A California woman has just won $10,000 (£7,500) in compensation from Microsoft after it was alleged her work computer became slow and unreliable after automatically ...

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  • Thousands gather in Bangkok urging Thais to vote in referendum

    The junta, meanwhile, has voiced a belief that the draft would provide the country with the means to operate with more stability, while combatting the endemic corruption that plagues the country's politics. But interviews with officers, including two generals, show the military's ambition is to make such interventions unnecessary by weakening political parties and maintaining permanent influence over elected governments.

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  • Dozens rally after latest Chicago police videos

    According to Oppenheimer, one officer in the video is heard saying: "F--, now I'm going to get a 30-day suspension". At a news conference, Superintendent Eddie Johnson discussed nine videos taken from dashcams in police cars and body cameras on other officers involved.

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  • Official Fuji TV ratings for DBS episode 53

    Official Fuji TV ratings for DBS episode 53

    As much the premise of Future Trunks reaching Super Saiyan Blue is interesting, however, the other scenes of the teaser seemed to point to the young fighter struggling heavily against pressure from his father. The objective of their visit is to gain more information about Black Goku and the Time Ring that he used. While nothing is impossible, the spoilers should be taken with a grain of salt.

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  • Philippine leader links 150 judges and politicians to drugs

    He named 158 officials he accuses of being involved in the drugs trade, ordering that they all be immediately stripped of their authority and to surrender within 24 hours or be shot on sight. On Friday, Duterte reiterated his "shoot-to-kill" order against drug dealers resisting arrest. Through DARE, with police officers acting as instructors, students are taught how to avoid drugs at a young age.

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  • Canada launches probe on missing, slain native women

    She says she was devastated when the Harper government refused to launch a national investigation into the hundreds of cases of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls in Canada. "This is especially critical given that numerous systemic issues that need to be changed are within systems that fall under provincial jurisdiction, including child welfare, health services and most police services".

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  • Air France strike enters fifth day, affects around 150000

    Air France strike enters fifth day, affects around 150000

    The airline said it expects flight schedules to return to normal on Wednesday, although there may be some last-minute disruptions. Manuel Valls, France's prime minister, admitted that the 14-day strike had "penalised passengers, the company and the country's economy".

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  • South Africa's ANC loses Pretoria in civic polls

    The results may even mark the start of a new era, distinct from the "post-apartheid" period that immediately followed the end of white-minority rule, as the African National Congress (ANC) wakes up to the changed reality that it can no longer rely on the unquestioning support of poor black voters.

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  • Sharp drop in ratings for opening ceremony

    Kip Keino , a two-time Olympic champion who went on to open an orphanage in his native Kenya, gave a heartfelt speech at the opening ceremony of the Games. Everyone performed for free. Hours earlier, the Olympics were declared open at Rio's fabled Maracana stadium late Friday with Brazilian marathon runner Vanderlei Cordeiro lighting the cauldron following an exuberant display of Brazil's cultural heritage, capped by breathtaking pyrotechnics-and a burst of high-octane samba.

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  • Saatchi & Saatchi Global Chairman

    Saatchi & Saatchi Global Chairman "On Leave" Over Controversial Gender Comments

    The comments were made after the publication pointed out that all six holding company chief executives are male and that while 46.4 per cent of the ad industry is female, only 11.5 percent of creative directors are. On the contrary, he dared to approach an issue as sensitive as gender diversity in an honest and humane way, rather than resort to the one-sided ideological statements more customary to this subject.

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  • Rosberg, pole de una accidentada clasificación en Hungaroring

    El alemán Nico Rosberg, autor del mejor tiempo en la tercera sesión de clasificación del Gran Premio de Hungría de Fórmula Uno, se mostró "contento" por haber "conseguido clavar la última vuelta", lo que le permitirá comenzar en cabeza la carrera del domingo en el circuito de Hungaroring .

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  • Tokyo votes for governor as it readies for 2020 Olympics

    Tokyo votes for governor as it readies for 2020 Olympics

    Masuzoe faced a no-confidence vote. Although turnout was low at about 27 per cent, voters overwhelmingly backed Koike, a onetime television news anchor who not only speaks English but also Arabic, which she learned as a student in Egypt. Koike, though, could face expulsion from the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) after she ran as an independent following the party's decision to back another candidate, Hiroya Masuda .

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  • Carrió se opone a los nombres que propuso Macri para la AFI

    Carrió se opone a los nombres que propuso Macri para la AFI

    El debate mostró las diferencias en el bloque del FPV-PJ, ya que tres senadores no firmaron los pliegos de los jefes de la Side, a la espera de aclaraciones por escrito de los postulantes. Luego se desvinculó de los "Panamá Papers". "La única denuncia que tengo vigente es la que presentó el legislador porteño ( Gustavo) Vera , donde me adjudica la titularidad de empresas que nunca fueron mías".

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  • Top Congress leaders from Kerala summoned to Delhi

    Top Congress leaders from Kerala summoned to Delhi

    The move, if happens, will be a setback for the Congress, as the opposition's clout will be considerably reduced both inside and outside the assembly. He alleged that the Congress leadership continued to do injustice to KC (M). The trip of the three leaders to Delhi assumes significance as it comes at a time when Kerala Congress (M) threatens to sever ties with Congress and sit as a separate block in the assembly following differences with that party.

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  • Restaurante venderá pizzas a un euro cuando Higuaín se lesione

    Restaurante venderá pizzas a un euro cuando Higuaín se lesione

    La respuesta del directivo no se hizo esperar, quien en una carta publicada en el sitio web del equipo barrió con el atacante argentino . "Tratar de decir que su fichaje por 'la nueva familia' (del Juventus , parafraseando a Higuaín ) es mi culpa es faltar al respeto a los napolitanos".

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  • Ahora podrás ver Stranger Things en 360º y acá te contamos cómo

    Ahora podrás ver Stranger Things en 360º y acá te contamos cómo

    Debido a que somos nerds y niños de corazón, pensamos que era lo mejor del mundo". Por ridículo que sea, el monstruo (en la dimensión alternativa) no viene de un dominio espiritual y no está conectado a ninguna religión. Les ahuyentaba la idea de una serie para adultos protagonizada por niños. "Tenías que convertirla en una serie para niños o hacer que este personaje del detective, Hopper, investigue actividades paranormales en el pueblo", contó Matt Duffer .

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  • City Hall "Black Lives Matter" Banner Sparks Upset and Dialogue

    Another misleading argument is that those supporting BLM are "complaining about their situation" and demanding the government take care of their personal needs through civil disobedience, protest, etc. The letter was written unbeknownst to Somerville Police Chief David Fallon, who said he'd prefer to keep politics out of policing. The sign above the city hall's main entrance has been in place for almost a year.

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  • Trump says Clinton not 'all there,' will 'short-circuit'

    Trump says Clinton not 'all there,' will 'short-circuit'

    Trump's latest barrage of attacks against Clinton - while not a departure from his brand of personal and aggressive attacks against his opponents - did mark an escalation in his attacks, just as Clinton and her allies are stepping up their attacks against Trump.

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  • Daring to dream of Olympic success - Team GB Sevens

    On arrival at the worldwide airport, the second poster I saw - after one for Samsung, the global Olympic Committee (IOC) TOP sponsor - was for the Brazilian army, "The force at the Olympic Games ". "It's kind of unreal how much this could help grow the game". Beaumont told reporters it is critical having women playing at these Olympics as well as the men.

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  • What to watch at the Rio Games on Sunday

    Fewer than 25 foreign heads of state were listed as attending, with others seemingly staying away to avoid giving the impression of taking sides amid Brazil's leadership uncertainty. Speaking afterwards the Scotsman said: "It was wonderful to get to carry the flag and but also be around the rest of the British team and chat to the guys".

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  • Atacantes de la iglesia de Saint-Étienne eran miembros de Daesh — Hollande

    Atacantes de la iglesia de Saint-Étienne eran miembros de Daesh — Hollande

    Los otros tres rehenes han sido liberados sanos y salvos. Los dos terroristas degollaron "en un asesinato cobarde" al sacerdote de la parroquia e hirieron a dos personas, una de las cuales se halla muy grave, señaló el presidente francés, François Hollande en una declaración a la prensa tras llegar al lugar de los hechos, en la periferia de su ciudad natal de Ruán.

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