• China's July forex reserves fall to $3.20 trillion

    China's July forex reserves fall to $3.20 trillion

    China began to see a falling trend in its forex reserves in November 2015 due to concerns over a weak yuan and capital outflow, but the reserves returned to growth in March as fears eased amid signs of stabilising economic growth, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

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  • Bentley talks of lottery, other issues

    Bentley talks of lottery, other issues

    The proposal says any proceeds from the lottery after expenses and prizes would go to the general fund for "ordinary expenses of the executive, legislative and judicial departments of the state". The legislature would "Enact Implementing Legislation" for the lottery. It comes just in time for the special session which will begin in less than two weeks.

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  • Southern Illinois Police Officer Shot, Wounded During Chase

    Southern Illinois Police Officer Shot, Wounded During Chase

    Police say the suspect's vehicle was later found abandoned and destroyed in a fire. Carbondale Police Chief Jeff Grubbs tells KFVS television, the suspects' vehicle was found abandoned in Williamson County, Illinois and burned. Back in May, local authorities searched the Shawnee National Forest for eight days to find Dracy Pendleton, a man accused of shooting a central IL police officer.

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  • West Ham will have eye on revenge against familiar Europa League foes

    Norwegian midfielder Nordtveit looked comfortable anchoring the Hammers' midfield on a special first night at the Olympic Stadium in their 3-0 Europa League win over Domzale on Thursday. "We will do the same things - go for a meal, get on the coach, but instead of Upton Park, we'll be coming here in front of 54,000". It means in a county starved of top flight football, it is now closer than ever before, with West Ham's first league game at the London Stadium against Bournemouth on August ...

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  • Mike Pence claims Donald Trump will overturn Roe v Wade if elected

    One supporter suggested after hearing Pence's speech that the in governors is the proper balance on the ticket. "We honor you, and we will always stand with you". Misko said event staff told DelReal that he could put his electronic equipment in his vehicle and enter through general admission. "I don't think he should do it because it's different for him", Trump said.

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  • Most young Americans don't like Democrats or the GOP

    On the other hand, most young African-Americans, Hispanics and Asian-Americans think Clinton is qualified to be president, but most young whites say she's not. Analysts have said a better picture of the race is likely to take shape in a few weeks, once post-convention bounces for Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump have settled a bit.

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  • Yemen government delegation quits peace talks in Kuwait

    Earlier Sunday, Hadi's government said it accepted the UN-proposed plan stipulating that the Huthi Shiite rebels must withdraw from the capital Sanaa and two major cities which they overran in September 2014. Abdulmalak lashed out at the rebels for rejecting the peace plan. The Foreign Minister said without the withdrawal of their forces from the cities, rebels would get nothing, neither from the government nor from the global community.

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  • Pakistani police declare Bradford woman's death a murder

    Pakistani police declare Bradford woman's death a murder

    Kazam has described his wife's death as an "honour killing", a near daily occurrence in Pakistan in which a relative is murdered by another for bringing what is deemed dishonour to the family. "No allegations were made to police concerning immediate threats to her safety". He said he expressed ignorance so as not to compromise Ms Shahid's safety and, some months later, he received a threatening call from a family member.

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  • Iraq prime minister issues travel ban for some lawmakers

    Iraq prime minister issues travel ban for some lawmakers

    Defence Minister Khaled al-Obeidi on Monday accused Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri and five other MPs of lobbying for businesses seeking contracts to sell overpriced planes, vehicles and other goods to the armed forces. Abadi's spokesman Saad al-Hadithi declined to give the names of the officials affected by the ban or to clarify whether or not it applied to Obeidi.

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  • South African's ANC Suffers Worst Election Since Taking Power

    South African's ANC Suffers Worst Election Since Taking Power

    In Johannesburg, the ANC ruled with 42.51% with the DA coming in second with 40.81%. The local leadership added that it had started negotiating with other political parties to form governing coalitions where it did not win a majority. Maimane said the party would also be seeking to form a coalition government in the Ekurhuleni metro‚ the final results for which are also still outstanding‚ as well as Mogale City.

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  • "Los índices de desocupación son altos en Argentina" dijo el Papa Francisco

    En la misiva, el pontífice condenó a los que "viven de arriba", escribió el pontífice en la que será la piedra para un nuevo debate sobre su injerencia política en Argentina. En la ciudad de Buenos Aires , a las miles de personas que se espera concurran al santuario de Liniers por la celebración religiosa se agregará una marcha hasta la Plaza de Mayo, convocada por organizaciones sociales y sindicales, algunas de ellas cercanas a Francisco .

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  • 2 killed in shooting at eastern Pennsylvania apartment

    2 killed in shooting at eastern Pennsylvania apartment

    Their deaths were ruled homicides. The incident occurred at about 11:15 p.m. on Sunday, the DA said. Trunk's young son also resided there. Police surrounded a vehicle at the scene and had it towed away, but haven't said how it might have been related to the shooting.

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  • Trump admits error in claiming he saw film of Iran cash transfer

    Kaine made the comments in response to Trump's claim that he saw video of a plane full of cash landing in Iran, just as four American hostages were released by the regime. Trump's claim came as national intelligence officials confirmed that he and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would soon be allowed access to classified intelligence briefings , raising questions - first raised in the Huffington Post - about whether he was leaking privileged information.

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  • Trump endorses Ryan, seeks Republican unity

    In an interview earlier this week, Trump said he was "not quite there yet" when it came to endorsing Ryan in his primary race. The real estate mogul ignited a political firestorm within his own party earlier this week when he pointedly withheld his endorsement from Ryan, who is facing a primary challenge Tuesday that he is expected to win.

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  • BOE Cuts Interest Rates by 25 Percent

    BOE Cuts Interest Rates by 25 Percent

    It was down 1.5 percent at $1.3126 by late afternoon in London, while stock markets rose, as the weaker currency will help numerous country's multinationals and exporters earn more money overseas . Its Monetary Policy Committee also indicated that a further cut could be on the way if the economy worsens. The British pound crawled up 0.2 percent to $1.3130 after retreating 1.7 percent overnight.

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  • Austrian Chancellor suggests ending EU accession talks with Turkey

    The German foreign minister says Berlin-Ankara ties have become so strained after the failed military coup in Turkey that there is virtually "no basis" for negotiations between the two sides. More than 50,000 Turks have been detained or sacked over suspected links with the alleged mastermind of the coup plot, Fethullah Gulen. Asked by public broadcaster ORF whether he wanted to halt the talks, Kern said he would initiate a debate on the matter at a summit of leaders on September 16.

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  • Belgian PM says Charleroi attack linked to terrorism

    Officers initially said the attacker was still alive after the attack in front of the city's police station, but later announced on social media that he had died of his wounds. Police secure the scene, at the police headquarters in Charleroi, Belgium on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016.? "We are following the situation closely", he said.

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  • Hope Solo: 'Zika' booing from fans doesn't bother me

    In a unusual turn of events Wednesday night, when the women's soccer tournament kicked off the Olympics, Brazilian fans made it clear they are sick of hearing foreigners complain about the Zika virus, which motivated a number of top athletes to drop out of the Games.

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  • Activision revenue surges on 'Overwatch' launch, 'Candy Crush' deal

    Activision revenue surges on 'Overwatch' launch, 'Candy Crush' deal

    Chief Financial Officer Dennis Durkin called it a "resounding start". Headlining figures were; quarterly digital revenue of over $1 billion (plus product sales of over $500 million), a growth in revenues of 50 per cent year-over-year, and a record operating cash flow - up over 250 per cent year-over-year.

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  • Vacanze e traffico, bollino nero per il weekend

    Vacanze e traffico, bollino nero per il weekend

    Secondo weekend di grandi partenze. In particolare è previsto un sabato da "bollino nero": nella fascia oraria compresa tra le 9 e le 15 il traffico raggiungerà livelli massimi nelle tratte autostradali tra Bologna-Firenze, Roma-Frosinone e Bologna-Ancona.

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  • Turkey arrests dozens of special forces in post-coup purge

    Berlin has also criticised the Turkish government's post-coup crackdown, in which more than 60,000 people in the military, judiciary, civil service and education system have been dismissed, detained or put under investigation for suspected links to the Gulen movement.

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  • "Pokemon Go" Creators Face Lawsuit over Players' Trespassing

    Pokemon Go has been on the minds of many over the past few weeks, and now Battlefield 1 publisher EA has weighed in on the augmented-reality creature catching game. "We have removed the "3-step" display in order to improve upon the underlying design ". "What you've heard from us is that we have been working on both VR and AR for some time".

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  • Donald Trump mocks Hillary Clinton over her email controversy

    Donald Trump mocks Hillary Clinton over her email controversy

    If Trump can win over undecided voters in swing states like Ohio, Florida , Nevada and Colorado, this race will be too close to call . Kelly Ayotte , with whom he has sparred. Clinton went on to quote Ramos, who said after the incident with Trump: "The best journalism happens when you take a stand". She also acknowledged many people don't trust her.

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  • Hillary Clinton's Lead Over Donald Trump Narrows To Less Than 3 Points

    Terry Branstad appeared with the celebrity businessman at an afternoon rally , his third appearance in the swing state over the past two weeks. Some analysts add Michigan, New Mexico and Wisconsin. "But a common strain from the Democratic and Republican conventions was that Georgia has the chance to turn blue for the first time since Bill Clinton's 1992 win over President George H.W.

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  • Presidential Polls 2016: Trump Faces Major Deficit With Young Voters

    While Clinton's visit has not been confirmed, a protest to Trump's is already in the works. Trump's second trip to Iowa is as many weeks came amid reports that his GOP allies have been urging him refocus his campaign message on Clinton after a week of dropping opinion poll numbers, a public spat with the parents of a USA soldier killed in Iraq and disagreements with some fellow Republicans.

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  • Ex teacher at prestigious suburban NY school pleads guilty

    Ex teacher at prestigious suburban NY school pleads guilty

    Christopher Schraufnagel, 41, of New York City, admitted to subjecting two of the three victims to sexual contact. Under the terms of the proposed plea agreement, he will face three years of probation with sex offender conditions which will include work, residency restrictions as well as sex offender treatment.

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