• Turkey-backed rebels, Kurdish fighters clash in Syria

    The militants were killed around Jarablus, a Syrian town on the border with Turkey, the military said. The Turkish leader has meanwhile warned that the operation in Syria would continue until terrorists are defeated, naming Kurdish forces as well.

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  • Juan Gabriel fue cremado

    Juan Gabriel fue cremado

    Juan Gabriel, who was an icon in the Latin music world, died Sunday at his home in California, his publicist said. Ciudad Juárez quiere rendirle un homenaje Juan Gabriel , fallecido este domingo en Santa Mónica, un hombre que fue solidario con esta urbe del norte de México cuando sufría su peor momento de violencia.

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  • US evaluating Taliban video of captive couple in Afghanistan

    Coleman was pregnant when the couple was kidnapped in 2012 and it's believed she has given birth twice while being held captive. In October that year, just before the pair went missing, Joshua sent Coleman's family a message from an Internet cafe in what he described as an "unsafe" part of Afghanistan.

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  • Venden Dólar en 18.20 en promedio en aeropuerto capitalino

    Venden Dólar en 18.20 en promedio en aeropuerto capitalino

    En los centros cambiarios que se ubican en ese sitio, el euro se vende hasta en 21.99 pesos y se compra en una menor cotización de 20.40 pesos. De acuerdo con Banco Base, el peso inicia la sesión con una depreciación moderada de 0.15% o 2.8 centavos, cotizando alrededor de 18.65 pesos por dólar , manteniéndose estable en un canal entre 18.55 y 18.70 pesos por dólar .

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  • Canada Post reaches tentative deal with postal union

    Canada Post reaches tentative deal with postal union

    The union's two bargaining units - for rural and urban workers, respectively - will each have to ratify the new terms by a majority vote. That deadline had been extended twice as negotiations continued. Those problems haven't gone away, but we need to continue to have those discussions without a threat of a work disruption. The tentative settlement came the same day that calls for direct federal government action in the matter had grown louder.

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  • Thousands expected at Notting Hill Carnival grand finale

    Thousands expected at Notting Hill Carnival grand finale

    Four people were stabbed on Sunday afternoon. It said four males aged 15 to 20 were wounded, with one 15-year-old boy hospitalized in critical condition. In addition, approximately 1,000 small nitrous oxide canisters have been seized in a number of separate operations. Dan then chose to take matters into his own hands, putting the singer's khaki hoody back on her in an attempt to hide her identity, before throwing her over his shoulder in a fireman's lift and heading towards the nearest tube ...

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  • Mancera ofrece homenaje a Juan Gabriel en el Zócalo

    Mancera ofrece homenaje a Juan Gabriel en el Zócalo

    El Divo de Juárez tenía agendada una presentación gratuita en la Plaza de la Constitución el próximo 12 de noviembre. "Vamos a tener varias cosas, lo que estamos esperando es que concluya la Feria, porque estamos convencidos de que debe ser en el Zócalo donde tengamos un homenaje a Juan Gabriel ".

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  • It's now easier to create and customize Snapchat Geofilters

    It's now easier to create and customize Snapchat Geofilters

    Snapchat, one of the most innovative and user-friendly social media apps out there, just made a decision to up its creativity by making on-demand customizable geofilters easier than ever to create. Fencing out a few blocks can cost upwards of $100 per day, but if you only fence out the area around your house its about $5 - $10. One could also imagine the new tool could be used on entire neighborhoods by trolls and pranksters for more nefarious purposes.

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  • Retraso en salida de menores fue una decisión bilateral — FARC-EP

    Retraso en salida de menores fue una decisión bilateral — FARC-EP

    Las partes están comprometidas en definir los detalles del protocolo de salida en los próximos días. Durante los diálogos se había abordado la conveniencia de que los menores salieran de los campamentos antes de que comenzara oficialmente la desmovilización de los miembros de la guerrilla convenida en el acuerdo final de paz, aunque finalmente esa posibilidad no se materializó.

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  • Llegan restos de Juan Gabriel al aeropuerto de México

    Juan Gabriel , en fecha reciente lanzó al mercado el álbum "Vestido de Etiqueta por Eduardo Magallanes", donde se hizo acompañar por una orquesta sinfónica, se informó a través de un comunicado de prensa. para que sea velado el célebre cantautor. En su presentación de anoche, Juan Gabriel se presentó en un traje color negro, pero se sabe que se quitó el saco para quedarse en su camisa color azul brillante.

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  • Italy rescues 6500 migrants from Mediterranean

    New data from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) last Friday indicated that some 105,342 migrants had reached Italy by boat this year with many of them setting sail from Libya. The Libyan crisis has helped boost a lucrative smuggling business, with African migrants who reach southern Libya being transported through the desert to northern beaches where they board boats bound for Europe.

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  • Clashes between Turkey, US-backed Kurds in Syria 'unacceptable': Pentagon

    U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter says the United States is trying to "de-conflict" U.S. - backed actions against the Islamic State by Turkey and by the American-backed Syrian Kurdish rebels known as the Syrian Defense Forces. But Turkish military sources denied there was any such agreement, while a Turkish-backed Syrian rebel commander characterized it only as a "pause" and said that military operations would soon resume.

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  • Singapore increases Zika precautions, reports 41 cases

    The other seven, who are still showing symptoms and are potentially infectious, are recovering in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. On Saturday, it announced that a 37-year-old Malaysian woman had contracted the virus locally. Seventy-eight have tested negative and five cases are pending, the reports said. Singapore's National Environment Agency has deployed more than 200 officers to inspect the affected area and conduct mosquito-eradication and mosquito-breeding prevention operations, such as ...

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  • McCain, Arpaio draw interest in Arizona primary

    McCain, Arpaio draw interest in Arizona primary

    Ward has cast the race as a David and Goliath battle, one that "David won". She criticized Ward's attack on McCain's age as "desperate". Kelli Ward officially announces in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., that she is running against Sen. House. The 5th District features a four-way race among Republicans who want to replace retiring Rep. Matt Salmon in the heavily GOP district in the eastern Phoenix suburbs.

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  • Decretan alto al fuego definitivo

    Esto supone un hito en la historia de Colombia . "Están dadas todas las condiciones para que los colombianos se pronuncien libremente", dijo y agregó: "Esperamos, por supuesto, que le den un Sí a este acuerdo, para enterrar definitivamente medio siglo de guerra y comenzar una nueva era, la era de la paz ".

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  • Eversource Removes Drought Stressed Trees

    Eversource Removes Drought Stressed Trees

    Sean Redding, Eversource's manager of vegetation management in CT, said with drought conditions for two of the last three years, the health of trees suffers. In extreme northern Hartford and Tolland counties, from Suffield to Stafford, towns are considered to be in a "severe drought", the service says. Anyone with concerns about trees near power lines is asked to call Eversource's customer service line at 800-662-7764.

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  • Kurdish forces clash with IS in northern Syria

    Kurdish forces clash with IS in northern Syria

    Compounding the problem is the presence of U.S. military advisors , deployed to the region earlier this year to assist the Syrian Democratic Forces in recapturing territory from ISIS, U.S. The Jarablus Military Council subsequently said the temporary ceasefire was "under the oversight of the worldwide coalition led by the United States".

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  • Rosberg wins Belgian GP, Ricciardo 2nd

    Rosberg wins Belgian GP, Ricciardo 2nd

    Nico Rosberg was expected to win the Belgian Grand Prix for Mercedes after securing pole - which he did - and Lewis Hamilton was expected to fight is way through the field from the back after penalties, which he did. "So I came out of Eau Rouge with a decent gap between me and those cars ahead because they all looked like they were going a bit insane". The impeded Ferraris were now squeezed wide and, as a outcome, Raikkonen came across and nudged into the side of Vettel.

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  • Trump Enabling Far-Right Takeover of Republican Party: Clinton

    Trump Enabling Far-Right Takeover of Republican Party: Clinton

    Washington Free Beacon editor Matthew Continetti addressed the charges of racism being traded between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Friday night on The Kelly File. Donald Trump's campaign is planning its biggest ad buy to date, upward of $10 million on commercials airing over the next week or so. Kaine was at a campaign event in South Florida on Saturday.

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  • Kerry in Bangladesh for security talks amid terror concerns

    Kerry in Bangladesh for security talks amid terror concerns

    Before the wounds of the July 1 deadly terror attack at a Spanish restaurant in Dhaka , that left 22 people, including 18 foreigners and two police officers dead, had even begun to heal, Bangladesh suffered a fresh blow on July 7 when terrorists attacked Muslims' Eid prayers.

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  • Deadly chase with deaf man reached 100 miles per hour, included crash

    Deadly chase with deaf man reached 100 miles per hour, included crash

    The conversation between Trooper Jermaine Saunders and the dispatcher also indicates the officer intentionally wrecked Daniel Harris' auto to try to stop the chase before it left Interstate 485, but the pursuit continued. Saunders has been placed on administrative leave with pay. The State Bureau of Investigation is investigating. Harris' family said he was scared of police after several misunderstandings with officers because he could not hear.

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  • United Nations condemns Pyongyang's latest SLBM launch

    Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday condemned North Korea for test-firing a submarine-launched ballistic missile in defiance of United Nations resolutions. North Korea's missile and nuclear weapons development programs have brought heavy global sanctions down on its head, but Pyongyang says they are justified because of the threat posed by the US and South Korea.

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  • Bangladesh police shoot dead suspected cafe attack mastermind

    Bangladesh police shoot dead suspected cafe attack mastermind

    In April, IS identified Chowdhury as its national commander in Bangladesh, analysts have said. They said the suspects were killed in a raid this morning on a house near the Bangladeshi capital. Home Minister Kamal said on Saturday that the "Tamim Chowdhury chapter ended" with the raid in Narayanganj. His family said they were at the cafe celebrating a birthday but were forced by the gunmen to carry out tasks that led some customers to believe he was part of the attack.

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  • North Korea Missile Test Slammed

    He was quoted by state media as calling it the "success of all successes", though it brought immediate condemnation from the United States and the North's neighbors. Japan said the missile reached its air defence identification zone (ADIZ), the first time for a North Korean missile. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the missile launch, "in defiance of the united call of the global community to reverse its course, is deeply troubling", according to U.N.

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  • Bullrich sobre la muerte de un ladrón:

    Bullrich sobre la muerte de un ladrón: "La víctima fue el médico"

    Bullrich habló con la prensa tras reunirse con el intendente de la ciudad de Córdoba, Ramón Mestre, y el ministro de Gobierno de la provincia, Carlos Massei , entre otras autoridades, "En todos lados donde hemos visto agresiones al Presidente, vimos dirigentes directamente ligados a un núcleo cada vez más aislado del kirchnerismo, yo no diría 'el' kirchnerismo, porque ya está dividido", dijo la ministra.

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  • Clinton has 6-point lead over Trump

    Clinton has 6-point lead over Trump

    Hillary Clinton's advisers are talking to Donald Trump's ghostwriter of " The Art of the Deal ", seeking insights about Trump's deepest insecurities as they devise strategies to needle and undermine him in four weeks at the first presidential debate, the most anticipated in recent political history.

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  • Trump details immigration plans

    Pence and other Trump surrogates insisted the GOP presidential nominee has been "absolutely consistent" on his immigration policy and in coming weeks will outline more details that line up with his principles of tightening US laws in a "humane" way.

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