• Seahawks cut reunion with Browner short, release veteran CB

    Seahawks cut reunion with Browner short, release veteran CB

    Browner would have been entering his seventh year in the NFL had he stuck with the Seahawks as a "hybrid safety", something that has caught on in the league with the success of players like Deone Bucannon and Mark Barron. After winning a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2014, Browner was coveted as one of the best cover corners in the NFL. The Seahawks will then have to get to 53 by Saturday.

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  • Atentado en boda turca deja 50 muertos

    Atentado en boda turca deja 50 muertos

    El saldo de víctimas ha aumentado a 51 muertos , mientras que de los 94 heridos , 69 siguen bajo tratamiento en los hospitales , y 17 de ellos se encuentran en estado grave. Los novios que celebraban su enlace en la boda atacada son miembros del partido de la izquierda prokurda HDP, que desde el primer momento ha sido blanco de los atentados del Dáesh en Turquía .

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  • Del Potro marcha a paso firme en su regreso al US Open

    Del Potro marcha a paso firme en su regreso al US Open

    El partido será en el tercer turno del estadio Louis Armstrong , no antes de las 16 de argentina (se puede ver por ESPN Play). Además explicó sus sensaciones ante un momento tan especial: "De haber estado tan cerca de no jugar nunca más, de tanto tiempo de no estar en este lugar, a volver a vivir estas cosas.

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  • Corte Suprema de Argentina frenó tarifazo de gas

    El jueves, la Corte Suprema invalidó el aumento de las tarifas del gas para los particulares, que tenía un tope del 400% para los usuarios residenciales . " Los montos abonados por los usuarios en exceso de los valores tarifarios que resulten aplicables conforme a las disposiciones de los artículos 1° y 2° de esta Resolución, deberán acreditarse a partir de la primera facturación a emitirse con posterioridad a la presente, hasta cubrir la totalidad del monto respectivo ", señala la norma.

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  • Trade dispute, policy divisions hang over Trudeau trip to China

    On human rights, the Canadian PM said that his country is known for standing up strongly for human rights issue, and with China now growing in influence in the world stage, it must take responsibility for its actions. Chinese state-owned Global Times reports that the younger Trudeau's visit to China is "one of the longest ones global leaders have made" and shows the prime minister's "good intentions".

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  • Abogado de Goicochea: No hemos podido establecer contacto con él

    La familia de Goicoechea recibió en horas de la noche información oficial de que el Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional ( Sebin ) tiene recluido al dirigente opositor y sobre su próxima presentación en tribunales, pero no hay precisión sobre su ubicación actual, según indicaron a Efe fuentes cercanas.

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  • Britney Spears and James Corden make a great karaoke duet

    Britney Spears and James Corden make a great karaoke duet

    Right. Because Britney Spears hasn't had 18 cameras on her at all times since she was seven. "This is just so awkward". James Corden loves to surprise people but with the completely unique show gaining so much attention, it is hard to get that shock factor anymore.

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  • Seguidores de Juan Gabriel se forman en Bellas Artes por homenaje

    Seguidores de Juan Gabriel se forman en Bellas Artes por homenaje

    Iván Aguilera , hijo de Juan Gabriel , encabeza el cortejo fúnebre. En un estudio, la firma detalla que de acuerdo con un sondeo, la pieza favorita del repertorio del Divo de Juárez es Amor Eterno , con el gusto de 22.2 por ciento de la población, además de El Noa Noa con 9.6 por ciento, Hasta que te conocí con 5.6, Abrázame muy fuerte con 5.2, Canciones de desamor con 5.2 y Querida con 4.6 por ciento de las preferencias del público.

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  • Under Armour warehouse to employ 1000 at steel mill site

    Under Armour warehouse to employ 1000 at steel mill site

    The former site of Bethlehem Steel will become a distribution center for Under Armour . The company's other facilities include one in Curtis Bay along with distribution houses in Rialto, California, and Mount Juliet, Tennessee. "We initiated creation of the Chesapeake Enterprise Zone, established a foreign trade zone to facilitate global commerce and set up training systems for distribution operations workers".

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  • Turkey ask Kurdish militia to move out of Euphrates

    Turkey ask Kurdish militia to move out of Euphrates

    It leaves Washington in the tough spot of having to choose between two of its allied forces, and is likely to divert resources from the fight against IS. The tough talk from Washington and Paris came as a spokesman for the Kurdish-led forces in Syria said IS militants carried out a two-pronged attack on villages south and west of the former militant stronghold of Manbij, taking advantage of the clashes between his forces and Turkey-backed Syrian rebels.

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  • Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina requests extradition of Bangabandhu killers from US

    Bangladesh is struggling to deal with the rash of attacks , the most recent of which killed 20 people, including 17 foreigners, at a popular restaurant last month in Dhaka, the capital. The July 1 attack on Dhaka's Holey Artisan Bakery "was an outrage clearly created to divide Bangladesh, created to try to cut off this welcoming society from the outside world", Kerry said.

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  • Turkey-backed Syrian rebels aim for Manbij

    The dramatic escalation of Turkey's involvement in the Syrian civil war last week aimed to help the Syrian rebels drive the Islamic State group out of the border town of Jarablus. Washington considers the PKK terrorists but backs the YPG militia in the fight against Islamic State. The Turkish military said it was showing the "utmost sensitivity" and taking "all necessary measures" to prevent damage to the local civilian population.

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  • Orlando Pulse 911 caller: 'Gunshots were just going like crazy'

    Orlando Pulse 911 caller: 'Gunshots were just going like crazy'

    Others came from family and friends who'd spoken to loved ones trapped in bathrooms as the lone attacker, Omar Mateen, killed 49 people in the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. Police said officers fatally shot Mateen following a three-hour standoff. Later in the call he asks if the woman answering the call knows if anyone was killed, to which she replies she does not.

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  • Quake survivors erupt in anger at funeral plan; govt relents

    About 8,000 to 10,000 Romanians live in the quake zone, many working in agriculture or as carers. Italy's Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, who has pledged to rebuild the shattered communities, was among the mourners. The Italian Civil Protection Department said the hardest-hit were Lazio town of Amatrice and nearby Accumoli. Francis led prayers for the quake victims at the Vatican on Sunday (Aug.

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  • Justin Bieber returns to Instagram

    Justin Bieber returns to Instagram

    Others accused Richie of knowing that the photos were being taken, and that she was pleased about them. Whilst another user agreed, adding: "LOL at Justin Bieber . But the pull of social media was too strong - and also, he's got this new puppy he wants you to see. Their spat went public and soon, Justin bid adieu to Instagram by deleting his account.

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  • ¿Dónde están los restos de Juan Gabriel?

    Juan Gabriel falleció el domingo en la mañana a los 66 años. "Hemos estado platicando con los familiares". Juan Gabriel era un ídolo entre los dominicanos. Sin embargo, se sabe que por voluntad de la familia, su cuerpo descansará finalmente en Parácuaro , Michoacán , junto a su madre Victoria Valadez .

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  • Chicago brothers charged in murder of National Basketball Association star's cousin, police say

    Johnson also said that the suspects are repeat offenders and two of about 1,500 individuals who drive gun violence in Chicago: "I'm frustrated, you should be frustrated, all Chicagoans should be frustrated". When Tapper noted that police say many guns from Indiana make their way into the city, Pence replied: "In Indiana, we know what most Americans know, is that law - that firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens makes our communities more safe, not less safe".

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  • Valley Red Cross volunteers headed to Louisiana

    Valley Red Cross volunteers headed to Louisiana

    WSFA 12 News disaster relief drive runs 10:30 7 p.m. Wednesday. You can donate by visiting www. redcross .org, calling 1-800-RED-CROSS, or texting LAFLOODS to 90999. "We were able to see the areas that have been just inundated with this water and it was just absolutely surreal and incredible", Ochsner said. "I'm going down there to help people", Michaelson said.

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  • Turkey asks US to drop support for Syrian Kurds

    On Saturday, a Turkish soldier was killed and three were wounded during the fighting. "If the vice president has to say that in Turkey, there's a problem", Ford said . Carter on Monday described the river as a natural barrier that would separate Turkey and the YPG. "They have lived up to their commitment to us", he added.

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  • Presidente de Italia asiste a funeral de víctimas del sismo

    Presidente de Italia asiste a funeral de víctimas del sismo

    El presidente de la República italiana, Sergio Mattarella, y el primer ministro, Matteo Renzi, asisten este 27 de agosto de 2016 en Ascoli Piceno (centro) al funeral por las víctimas del terremoto del miércoles en el centro del país . "Nuestra tierra está poblada de gente que no pierde la valentía". Uno de los momentos más emotivos de la ceremonia ha sido cuando el obispo de Rieti ha nombrado uno por uno a los fallecidos en el desastre entre aplausos y llantos de los presentes.

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  • Restos de Juan Gabriel fueron cremados

    La Cámara de Comercio de Hollywood también dijo que colocaría flores en el lugar . El 'Divo de Juárez' expresó su sentir sobre México y sus retos en una carta que escribió al presidente Enrique Peña Nieto, aseguró su exapoderada. Según el diario Universal de México , un representante y amigo de Juan Gabriel , señaló que los restos mortales del artista ya se encuentran con su familia, pero que los hijos del cantante no divulgarán el paradero.

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  • Klopp Explains Why Sturridge Didn't Play

    Klopp Explains Why Sturridge Didn't Play

    The England global looked displeased on the bench and came on in the dying stages of the 1-1 draw at White Hart Lane on Saturday. Rio Ferdinand has urged Daniel Sturridge to stay and fight for his Liverpool career. "Hopefully we can make different line-ups for different games". Klopp said it was another reason for the forward's absence, with Sturridge having played just 67 of a possible 270 Premier League minutes to start the season.

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  • Seymour police arrest man in connection with series of heroin overdoses

    Seymour police arrest man in connection with series of heroin overdoses

    Ciccarelli said the arrest was not the end of the investigation, but is a start. Witnesses stated the individual was driving a white Chevrolet Cruze at the time. Colerain Township and Norwood already have such response teams, and Deters said the drop in overdoses in Colerain Township has been 35% since the work began a year ago.

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  • VMAs: Drake went in. Rihanna leaned back. Twitter went nuts

    She closed out the show with a stunning rendition of "Formation". The speech was rambling but with memorable moments, like the shout-out he gave to Amber Rose, his ex, who was sitting in the audience. Puff Daddy had to accept Drake's award for Best Hip Hop Video , because the rapper was stuck in traffic. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj had performed together at the 2014 VMAs, so history was on their side.

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  • La ONU solicitó que se levante el veto al Burkini

    La ONU solicitó que se levante el veto al Burkini

    Una treintena de localidades del litoral francés, principalmente en la Costa Azul (sur ), prohibieron el burkini , un traje de baño integral islámico, pues algunos veían en él una provocación después del atentado yihadista que dejó 86 muertos el 14 de julio en Niza .

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  • Macri recibió al suspendido titular de la Aduana

    Macri recibió al suspendido titular de la Aduana

    En el norte incautamos todo lo que se había incautado el año pasado”, señaló. Creo que veníamos impulsando y expulsando el delito de la estructura general de la Aduana -contrabando, droga, depósitos fiscales- Poniendo orden en un sistema que hacía muchísimos años estaba fuera de control y terminamos con una denuncia muy compleja”.

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