• Se mantendrán lluvias en México por 'Earl'

    Un canal de baja presión en el occidente del país, ocasionará tormentas locales muy fuertes (de 50 a 75 mm) en Colima, Michoacán; tormentas fuertes (de 25 a 50 mm) en Nayarit, Jalisco, Guanajuato; lluvias con intervalos de chubascos (de 5.1 a 25 mm) en Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, Durango y Sinaloa, además de lluvias escasas (de 0.1 a 25 mm) en Zacatecas y Aguascalientes.

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  • Donald Trump finally endorses Republican Speaker after four-day stand-off

    Donald Trump finally endorses Republican Speaker after four-day stand-off

    Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation", wrote Morell, who was CIA director in the Obama administration and now works for a firm run by one of Clinton's closest advisers. He has skipped from one misstep to the next, sparking a fresh wave of Republican defections among longtime party loyalists who refuse to support their presidential nominee -some even publicly support Clinton.

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  • Attacker wounds 2 police in Belgium, shouts 'Allahu Akhbar'

    Witnesses said they heard gunshots near the Charleroi police station at around 16:00 local time on Saturday. "He immediately took a machete out of the sports bag he was carrying and violently struck at the faces of the two policewomen who were on guard duty, shouting "Allahu akbar"," Mr Quinaux said.

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  • Trump on Clinton: 'I don't think she's all there'

    Trump on Clinton: 'I don't think she's all there'

    This year, he says, his friends agree that the Democratic Party generally is the "lesser evil" to the GOP's Trump. They were rare concessions in a Trump speech, coming only days after the NY real estate mogul, because of various campaign spats, said he "wasn't quite there" as far as backing the trio of powerful Republicans - all of them from states increasingly in play - in their reelection bids.

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  • United States military: Air strikes killed 14 civilians in Iraq, Syria

    The hospital opened in 2014 and has an on-call pediatrician and six incubators for premature babies. The results were in response to queries from reporters at a Pentagon briefing Wednesday at which it was announced that a formal fact-finding investigation based on "credible" evidence had begun into allegations that USA airstrikes on July 20 near the ISIS stronghold of Manbij in Syria killed numerous civilians.

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  • Coast Guard Releases Video of 46-Person Bering Sea Rescue

    Coast Guard Releases Video of 46-Person Bering Sea Rescue

    The Coast Guard says a sinking fishing boat had a problem in the engine room that led to flooding on board and the crew to abandon ship off Alaska's Aleutian Islands . Coast Guard Petty Officer Lauren Steenson says the plan is to have the 46 crew members transfer to the two vessels, and then they will be taken to a port.

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  • The man who tried to assassinate Reagan soon to be released

    The man who tried to assassinate Reagan soon to be released

    Wednesday's ruling was set in motion in late 2014 when St. Elizabeths petitioned Friedman to allow Hinckley to live full time with his mother and to shift oversight of his treatment to providers in Williamsburg. Judges in the United States have deemed John Hinckley poses no further danger. "If John Hinckley is haunted by anything, I think it's that he didn't succeed in his mission to assassinate the President", Davis wrote.

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  • No letup in Syria's Aleppo as United Nations urges humanitarian pause

    Rebels detonated a bomb in a tunnel underneath a government position in the Ramouseh area, the observatory said . It said that n casualties were reported as at the time of the report. "We are now overlooking the Ramousah area but Russian jets are intensifying their bombing, which is holding us back from moving quickly", a rebel commander said, adding that they planned to fire shells and detonate vehicle bombs.

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  • This neighbour is unrelenting : Rajnath on Pak stance on Kashmir

    Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh during his two-day trip to Pakistan to attend a Saarc ministerial meeting. The diplomat hotly argued that Indian journalists be allowed to be near the gate to capture Singh's arrival as Pakistani journalists, video and still camerapersons were present and freely taking shots.

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  • 13 killed, 6 injured in France bar fire

    Last night in Cuba Libre bar the young people celebrated a birthday. Burned seats are pictured in the bar where a fire broke in Rouen , western France , Saturday Aug.6, 2016. A police officer told Reuters that one of the injured bar-goers was in critical condition after suffering burns on nearly 90 percent of their body.

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  • Black Lives Matter Blocks Roads in London, Other UK Cities

    Video footage showed protesters blocking access to Heathrow , one of the world's busiest airports, by lying down on a road leading there. Airport authorities said , "Heathrow supports the right to peaceful protest within the law, but the safety and security of our passengers, aircraft and colleagues is paramount".

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  • Illegal campfire sparked California wildfire, official says

    Illegal campfire sparked California wildfire, official says

    A deadly wildfire that continues to spread near California's scenic Big Sur was started by an illegal camp fire, a fire official said Tuesday. A bulldozer operator working for the firefighting operation died in an accident last week. About 50 miles north, a wildfire in the scenic Poodle Mountain Wilderness Study Area has burned almost 8 square miles. Both were started by lightning.

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  • Al menos 10 muertos confirmó la policía — Tiroteo en Munich

    Al menos 10 muertos confirmó la policía — Tiroteo en Munich

    El lunes, un refugiado afgano de 17 años de edad, atacó con hacha y cuchillo a varios pasajeros en un tren regional, mientras gritaba "Alá es grande", para dejar un saldo de cuatro heridos graves. La estación central de trenes de Múnich , que había sido evacuada, reabrió y los trenes que habían quedado bloqueados volvieron a circular. La policía registró una vivienda situada en el barrio muniqués de Maxvorstadt.

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  • Boko Haram ambushes, shoots United Nations aid workers in Borno

    In another development, UNICEF said on Saturday that it will continue providing aid in the northeast despite attack on humanitarian convoy last Thursday which left aid workers injured. "The Nigerian Army wishes to sympathize with our wounded colleagues, the United Nations and other non-governmental organizations whose personnel were also injured in this sad incident".

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  • Clinton camp recruiting key Republicans, offering alternative to Trump

    Clinton camp recruiting key Republicans, offering alternative to Trump

    This week, a trio of high-profile Republican women offered their full-throated support to Clinton amid the continuing fallout from Donald Trump's criticism of a Gold Star mom. Fortunately for the Clinton campaign, Trump's unflattering headlines didn't end with the Khans. "So the fact of the matter is there is a structure in the country that is inclined to vote for Trump and not Hillary", Michael Trujillo, a California Democrat and longtime Clinton supporter.

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  • Bonafini aceptó ser indagada y el juez la eximió de prisión

    Bonafini aceptó ser indagada y el juez la eximió de prisión

    El abogado Juan Manuel Morante además planteó en el escrito que se le tome declaración indagatoria el próximo lunes en la sede de las Madres de Plaza de Mayo, donde ayer la fue a buscar la Policía Federal por orden del juez federal . La detención de la titular de Madres de Plaza de Mayo el mismo día en el que se lleva a cabo la tradicional ronda de los jueves, junto a los cientos de militantes y exfuncionarios, hubiera generado conmoción púbica.

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  • Trump endorses Ryan amid shakeup in battleground states

    Trump endorses Ryan amid shakeup in battleground states

    Hedge fund managers John Paulson and Steve Feinberg, Moore , the Trump economic adviser, and David Malpass, who has served in previous republican administrations, were also named. Last month in Cleveland, Ohio at the Republican National Convention businessman Donald Trump was named the Republican Party's official presidential nominee.

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  • Victim in London stabbing was wife of FSU professor

    Victim in London stabbing was wife of FSU professor

    Darlene Horton was identified Thursday as the lone fatality victim of a knife attack in London's Russell Square on Tuesday. According to the London Metropolitan Police, the young attacker was arrested at 10.39 p.m. Per the Associated Press, a local police official said there was "no evidence of radicalization" in the suspect arrested Wednesday. Manuel Simo, 32, who works in the area said that the suspect had been stabbing people randomly.

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  • Donald Trump, looking to right the ship, plans to endorse Paul Ryan

    Donald Trump, looking to right the ship, plans to endorse Paul Ryan

    John McCain and House Speaker Paul Ryan, after saying he wasn't ready to do so earlier this week. "We have to reject and stand up against the appeals to the kind of bigotry and the use of bluster and bullying that we see coming from Trump's campaign, but let's not forget the real economic challenges that too many Americans of all backgrounds are facing today", she said.

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  • Trump Charges Of Rigged Elections "Ridiculous", Obama Says

    Part of Mr Trump's not-so-subtle messaging this week was to suggest he will not go quietly should he fall to Clinton in November. Trump has previously backed up that thought by pointing to hacked emails from the national party that appeared to indicate a preference for Clinton.

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  • Clinton Picks Up Big GOP Endorsement

    Clinton Picks Up Big GOP Endorsement

    A CBS poll found a four-point bump for Clinton, who now enjoys a 46-39 lead over her Republican opponent, while a CNN/ORC survey showed the Democratic nominee with a 7-point bump and a 52-43 lead over Trump. The 4.6-point swing that scored Trump his lead has nearly completely diminished. Comella said that this November she will vote for Clinton instead.

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  • Sohail glad to follow Anderson example

    That left Pakistan 257 for 3 at the close, just 40 runs behind England's first-innings 297 all out. Azhar and Aslam's stand, Pakistan's second highest for the second wicket in this country, was a triumph of patience and sound shot selection.

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  • Young Americans Unhappy With Parties

    No poll posted to RealClearPolitics since Trump locked up the Republican nomination in May showed Clinton with a larger lead. This is a very good moment for Hillary Clinton , but that doesn't mean she can maintain the leads she's seen in these polls.

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  • He Did It...And Endorsed Ayotte and McCain As Well

    He Did It...And Endorsed Ayotte and McCain As Well

    He's hurting our candidates. It has been a rough week for Trump. "America keeps its word, and you can tell Donald Trump keeps his word". "We need that. "I'm mostly concerned with the rumors coming out that Manafort has no operational control and that Trump is winging it". Wisconsin "has a real Republican Party", said University of Wisconsin political scientist Byron Shafer.

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  • Trump looks to right campaign ship

    Trump looks to right campaign ship

    But Trump told The Washington Post on Tuesday he wasn't ready to endorse the speaker and offered praise for his opponent. At its recent convention they invited Khizr and Ghazala Khan, whose son was killed while serving in the U.S. Nehlen said Friday that Trump's decision "is appropriate and is a display of true leadership". Democrats - and some furious Republicans - seized on the comments to highlight how Trump invited a foreign power to conduct espionage against the United States.

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  • Turkish prime minister hosts security meeting in Ankara

    Tayyip Erdogan , a Turkish president blame Gulen of organize the failed coup and utilize an extensive network of schools, charities and businesses in Turkey and overseas to penetrate state institutions. Nazarbayev said Kazakhstan would not support anyone who was against Turkey . "We have delivered them the list", Erdogan told reporters in Ankara with Kazakhstan s President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the first foreign head of state to visit Turkey after the failed coup.

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  • Trump endorses Ryan, McCain and Ayotte after initial reluctance

    Trump endorses Ryan, McCain and Ayotte after initial reluctance

    U.S. Sen. John McCain says he's not going back on his pledge to support Donald Trump as the Republican Party's presidential nominee despite a series of Trump comments that have brought rebukes from McCain and other top Republicans. By his side was running mate Mike Pence, who praised Trump's off-the-cuff style that's found the campaign in trouble. "I don't like doing this", Ryan told a Wisconsin radio station.

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