• Trump hovers over McCain, Rubio Senate re-election contests — In US

    During their re-election efforts, both McCain and Rubio have offered support for Trump as the party's White House nominee. Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera accompanied Rubio on his trip. Canova has raised about $3.3 million - more than Wasserman Schultz and an astounding amount for a first-time candidate running against someone who has served the area for more than 24 years in the state Legislature and Congress.

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  • Japan-Africa economic summit ends

    China's vice foreign minster criticized the move, and said Japan is trying to politicize the conference. It has the capacity of positively impacting on the lives of common citizens with the prudent use of the billions of shillings Japan has pledged to give Kenya in support of various development initiatives.

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  • Donald Trump's immigration policy remains unclear

    The poll, released by media technology company Morning Consult, includes responses from about 2,000 registered voters; 43 percent said they will vote for Clinton, and 40 percent plan to vote for Trump. Pence and other Trump surrogates insisted the GOP presidential nominee has been "absolutely consistent" on his immigration policy and in coming weeks will outline more details that line up with his principles of tightening US laws in a "humane" way.

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  • European Union free trade talks have failed - Germany's economy minister

    European Union free trade talks have failed - Germany's economy minister

    Under discussion for three years, the proposed Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership would create a U.S. -EU free trade zone encompassing half of the world economy. His views were in marked contrast to public comments by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said last month the proposed US-EU deal was "absolutely in Europe's interest".

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  • BLU Pure XR Unboxing and Tour

    BLU Pure XR Unboxing and Tour

    As for the optics, the Blu Pure XR sports a 16-megapixel rear camera with 6P lens, laser focus, phase detection autofocus, f/1.8 aperture, LED flash, and HD video recording (1080p@30fps). For storing all your apps, there's a nice and hefty 64GB of available space, while microSD card expansion is supported by up to an extra 64GB. The battery is of the non-removable 3000mAh variety.

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  • Cuerpo de Juan Gabriel es llevado al aeropuerto de Los Ángeles

    En tanto, los restos de Juan Gabriel salieron de Estados Unidos con destino a Ciudad de Juárez, para el jueves llegar a Ciudad de México en medio de las masivas despedidas. En una edición especial de Yo Soy, Ricardo Morán decidió dedicarle un homenaje a Juan Gabriel , quien dejó de existir el pasado domingo tras sufrir una paro cardíaco.

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  • More than 300 reindeer killed by lightning strike in Norway

    More than 300 reindeer killed by lightning strike in Norway

    However, it is believed that the reindeer were in close proximity while migrating, which made it easier for the lightning's interaction with the earth's surface to kill so many. News, it is "the largest such incident known to date", with 323 reindeer killed (five of the reindeer were euthanized because of traumatic injuries).

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  • Mamata hits reverse gear on passing GST in Bengal assembly

    Mamata hits reverse gear on passing GST in Bengal assembly

    Moving the Constitutional Amendment Bill, state finance minister Sushi Mungantiwar said, "Once it comes into effect, 17 taxes imposed by the state and central governments, such as value-added tax, central sales tax, lottery tax, sugarcane purchase tax, octroi etc, will subside into the GST".

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  • Presidente Medina acude a dar pésame a familia Espinal

    Presidente Medina acude a dar pésame a familia Espinal

    De 84 años la señora Nuris Jacobo tenía tres hijos: Juan José, Flavio Darío y Rosario . "Dama de acrisoladas virtudes, doña Nuris fue la digna esposa del destacado jurista santiagués doctor Flavio Darío Espinal , quien sirvió como procurador general de la República y secretario de Estado sin Cartera, durante el gobierno encabezado por el presidente don Antonio Guzmán ", expresa la carta.

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  • Trump Would Deport 'Criminal Illegal Immigrants' In First Hour Of Presidency

    Trump Would Deport 'Criminal Illegal Immigrants' In First Hour Of Presidency

    That seems to be possible scenario after top campaign officials retreated Sunday on both his signature "deportation force" to remove 11 million immigrants, but also on the possibility of granting legal status to certain immigrants. In the weeks following the Democratic National Convention, which was held July 25-28 in Philadelphia, Clinton had opened up a substantial lead over Trump in an array of national polls.

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  • Clinton Leads Trump by 5 Points in MI

    Trump called Clinton "a bigot;" Clinton accused Trump of allowing hate groups to take over the Republican Party. In the midst of a multi-day fundraising swing through the wealthy Hamptons, Clinton stressed her commitment to boosting the minimum wage, improving access to education and improving mental health care.

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  • Man arrested in nuns' deaths has criminal record

    Man arrested in nuns' deaths has criminal record

    In 1986, Sanders was sentenced to prison on a conviction for armed robbery in Holmes County and served six years, Fisher said. He was sentenced October 17, 1986. Strain said "investigators believe Sanders acted alone". "She doesn't deserve to die like this, doing God's work", Mr Morgan said, shaking his head.

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  • Storm Gaston expected to become hurricane again: United States monitor

    Storm Gaston expected to become hurricane again: United States monitor

    The odds of tropical formation within 5 days is also 10%. Gaston's tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 240 kilometers from the center . Madeline's center is located about 1,235 miles (1,990 kilometers) east of Hilo, Hawaii and moving towards the west-northwest at a speed of 12 miles (19 kilometers) per hour.

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  • Tropical storm warning in effect for NC coast

    Last week a disorganized cluster of storms in the Caribbean captured everyone's attention, while the storm did grow into a likely tropical storm, Invest 99L showed that many may not be sure exactly what an invest is or what that term means.

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  • Gene Wilder, actor and University of Iowa alum, 1933

    Gene Wilder, actor and University of Iowa alum, 1933

    As he said in arguably his most famous role, Willy Wonka: "Time is a precious thing". Gene Wilder, 1933-2016And now he's dead. " Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (1971): This was Wilder's defining role as the enigmatic chocolate maker who could scare children as easily as make them giggle with glee.

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  • Australian Parliament sits for first time since election

    Senator Nick Xenophon has confirmed he and his fellow crossbenchers will vote against the legislation to enable a same-sex marriage plebiscite, leaving the Coalition reliant on Labor's support, the ABC reported. Only eight of 44 binding referendum votes have been approved since 1901. "This is why it's so important we go forward with the plebiscite and that Labor and the Greens realise the folly of their ways and support it".

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  • Pune police await Nepal government say on Everest climb

    Pune police await Nepal government say on Everest climb

    The report of the inquiry, constituted by police commissioner Rashmi Shukla, is awaited. "The couple have tarnished the image not only of police force, but of the whole country", she added. A group of mountaineers had approached Pune police alleging that the two have faked their expedition by morphing photographs at the peak. Incidentally, the Rathods have not reported for duty at the Shivajinagar police station - where they are posted - for more than a month even as the departmental ...

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  • Pep Equals Renewed Energy For Happy Sterling At City

    City had a richly-deserved 2-0 lead by half-time courtesy of a composed Raheem Sterling strike and Fernandinho header. "Still I didn't see Manchester United playing", he said, "so now I have ten days to see United , Borussia Monchehgladbach and other teams".

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  • Trump is gaining on Clinton

    Trump is gaining on Clinton

    Clinton sarcastically called is a "huge sacrifice" to get him off the golf course and to an event. Also, Trump will be playing catch-up in the polls of those states as well. His counterexample to the "politics of division" was the fact that Trump has spent a solid fortnight not speaking exclusively to the concerns of white voters.

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  • Del NY Times Los retos del plebiscito por la paz en Colombia

    En una declaración ante los medios desde el Hotel Nacional de Cuba, flanqueado por el equipo negociador de la insurgencia y sin admitir preguntas posteriores, el líder guerrillero ha manifestado la "clara y definida vocación por la reconciliación" de las FARC tras el acuerdo de paz con el Gobierno colombiano logrado esta semana .

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  • Japan to grant Africa $10b for infrastructure

    Japan to grant Africa $10b for infrastructure

    It has been noted lack of empowerment exposed youth to such terror sects as Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab as well as crime in general. The two-day conference that kicked off this Saturday revolves around three key axes namely industrialisation, enhancement of health care and stability on the black continent.

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  • Transatlantic trade talks should be halted: French trade minister

    Transatlantic trade talks should be halted: French trade minister

    Prospects for the proposed EU-US trade deal have been cast into further doubt after the French trade minister called for an end to talks. The centre-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) led by Gabriel is increasingly sceptical, while Chancellor Angela Merkel and her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) remain largely in favour.

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  • Juan Gabriel Dies at Age 66

    His publicist told The Associated Press that he died at 11:30 his home in California. Known to his fans as El Divo de Juarez, Juan Gabriel led Billboard magazine's Top Latin Albums charts five times between 2016 and 2015. Meanwhile, flowers were placed on Gabriel's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday morning (29Aug16). Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said in a tweet: "We lament the death of Juan Gabriel , one of the biggest musical icons of our country".

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  • Government expects Urjit Patel to keep inflation-growth balance

    This could be gauged from the reaction of another fellow deputy governor of the RBI , S.S. Mundra, who said that Mr Patel will bring "great continuity" at the central bank. "The clean-up of banks' balance sheet has started and it would be credit positive from a sovereign perspective, if it led to improved bank capitalisation levels, renewed loan growth and robust risk processes".

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  • USA alarm as Turkey warns Syrian Kurd militia of more strikes

    Turkish-backed forces say they seized a string of villages south of Syria's Jarablus in a region controlled by groups aligned to the USA - and Kurdish-backed SDF. "All the YPG are on the east of the Euphrates", the official said. Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said the meeting between Obama and Erdogan will occur on the sidelines of the summit.

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  • United Nations calls for global probe into Yemen violations

    Kerry also lashed out at Iran over alleged arms shipments to the rebels. Members of Congress are looking to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia as the kingdom wages an air campaign in Yemen that has killed thousands of civilians. Kerry's meeting with King Salman lasted roughly half an hour. Kerry's new peace road came after his meeting this week in Jeddah with foreign ministers of British and Arab Gulf states to end Yemen civil war.

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  • Comic actor Gene Wilder dies at 83

    Brooks channeled the actor's wide-ranging comic talents into many types of roles. Wilder's 1984 marriage to comedian Gilda Radner turned the couple into latter-day Hollywood royalty. He also enrolled at the Actors Studio in NY, where he studied the "Method" style that asks performers to draw on personal memories in forming a character.

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  • Cese definitivo del fuego entre gobierno y FARC — Colombia

    Cese definitivo del fuego entre gobierno y FARC — Colombia

    Muchas gracias a todos los que nos acompañaron e hicieron esta Paz Posible. El hecho habría ocurrido en la población de El Bagre, en el departamento de Antioquia. El referendo está pautado para el 2 de octubre, tal como lo anunció el presidente de Colombia , Juan Manuel Santos, quien lo presentó este jueves en el Congreso.

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  • London police arrest 240 at Notting Hill Carnival

    Thousands of revellers have watched the sun set on the 2016 Notting Hill Carnival. "While the clean-up following Notting Hill Carnival represents a sizeable challenge, it's one we relish because it's a real team effort", Vincent Masseri, senior contract manager for Veolia, said in a statement.

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