• Drone enters Iran's airspace, leaves after warning: Tasnim

    Drone enters Iran's airspace, leaves after warning: Tasnim

    However, it was immediately detected and forced to leave the area after a "timely and stern" warning by the Air Defense Base. In December 2012, Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) captured a US ScanEagle drone over the Persian Gulf waters upon its intrusion into the Iranian airspace.

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  • Iran says

    Iran says "wards off" USA drone

    It had taken off from Kandahar, Afghanistan and was 20 miles away from Iran when spotted, the report adds. It was approaching Iran's air borders but changed course after receiving a "timely warning" from the Iranian air defense system, Tasnim said.

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  • Two charged in Chicago shooting

    She had just registered one of her children for school. Darwin Sorells, 26, (L) and Derren Sorells, 22, were charged in the death of Nykea Aldridge, cousin of National Basketball Association star Dwyane Wade, authorities announced Sunday.

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  • Judge orders release of additional Clinton emails

    That judge had made a decision to give the State Department until September 23 to figure a schedule to release the emails in batches. On Monday, State Department officials confirmed the existence of those emails to a separate federal judge, The Hill daily reported.

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  • Cornell brawl left Ithaca College student dead

    He wanted to get something tomorrow that he didn't have yesterday. Ithaca is hosting a vigil on Monday afternoon. After the service, as students hugged and cried, Rochon said he was proud of the anti-violence message that was a recurring theme of the service.

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  • Famed Baltimore Passenger Ship Damages Pier

    Famed Baltimore Passenger Ship Damages Pier

    According to the Coast Guard the hull of t he vessel reportedly suffered cosmetic damage, and 60 feet of pier was reportedly damaged. Operator Entertainment Cruises based in Chicago operates 30 vessels in nine locations, offering cruises, tours, weddings and special events.

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  • Rousseff llega al Senado para realizar su defensa ante juicio político

    Rousseff llega al Senado para realizar su defensa ante juicio político

    Debe obtener al menos 28 votos para evitar que sus opositores alcancen la mayoría de dos tercios necesaria para destituirla. "Antes había generales que derrocaban un presidente democrático, hoy se hace por la vía parlamentaria", dijo mientras esperaba a Rousseff el vicejefe del Senado , Jorge Viana, del Partido de los Trabajadores .

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  • Houthi Says Ready for Fresh Peace Talks If Attacks Stop

    He said participants "agreed on a renewed approach to negotiations" between the Saudi-backed government and Iran-supported Shiite rebels, after three months of talks in Kuwait ended earlier in August without headway. Both the Saudi-led coalition and the opposing Houthis have been accused of abuses against citizens of the poorest country on the Arabian Peninsula .

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  • Mindefensa confirma que zonas veredales se redujeron de 31 a 28

    Mindefensa confirma que zonas veredales se redujeron de 31 a 28

    Al destacar las primeras 12 horas del cese bilateral al fuego definitivo, el presidente Juan Manuel Santos afirmó que se comienza a vivir una Colombia diferente, en la que las Fuerzas Militares cumplieron un papel fundamental para la consecución del acuerdo definitivo de paz con las Farc .

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  • Inaugura CdMx clínica geriátrica en Iztacalco

    Inaugura CdMx clínica geriátrica en Iztacalco

    La inauguración estuvo a cargo del Jefe de Gobierno, Miguel Ángel Mancera , quien enfatizó la importancia de poner atención a males silenciosos como el alzheimer. En ese sentido, Ahued Ortega refirió que en la Ciudad de México , la esperanza de vida al nacer es de 75.8 años, la más alta en el país, pero la esperanza de vida saludable es del 64.3 años, para hombres, y 67.8 para mujeres.

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  • La mayor crisis en una década

    Tras concluir la autopsia, la familia reveló que Illanes "murió por una salvaje golpiza". El principal dirigente minero, cuatro de sus colegas y su abogado recibieron el domingo la prisión preventiva mientras se los juzga por el asesinato del viceministro de Régimen Interior, Rodolfo Illanes, durante actos de protestas del sector.

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  • In Brazil Senate, Rousseff proclaims innocence, blasts VP

    In her testimony, Rousseff explicitly stated that her impeachment would be detrimental to Brazil's future. Ms Rousseff said action against her was launched by Eduardo Cunha, the former speaker of the lower house of Congress, who is facing numerous changes of corruption.

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  • Trump's New Economic Ad Slams Hillary In Key Battleground States

    Trump's New Economic Ad Slams Hillary In Key Battleground States

    Donald Trump says he'll deliver a detailed speech Wednesday on his proposal to crack down on illegal immigration - but it's anyone's guess what he will say. He advocated the same in the GOP primaries. "They'll pay back taxes, they have to pay taxes, there's no amnesty, as such, there's no amnesty, but we work with them", Trump said, in remarks set to air tonight on Hannity's show.

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  • Obama destaca legado de Juan Gabriel

    El legado artístico y musical que dejó "El Divo del Juárez" lo pone a la altura de artistas de talla internacional en distintos aspectos y lo convirtió en el compositor mexicano más cantado en todo el mundo. Pero no sólo los mortales están tristes por la pérdida de " JuanGa ". De hecho, el compositor de éxitos como "Yo No Nací para Amar", " Hasta que te Conocí ", "Querida" y " Amor Eterno " murió de un infarto cuando estaba en plena gira por Estados Unidos con su espectáculo ...

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  • Yemen's exiled government welcomes United States plan for restart of peace talks

    Yemen's exiled government welcomes United States plan for restart of peace talks

    Saudi-led coalition airstrikes were suspected of causing around half of all civilian deaths, while attacks by rebel-affiliated groups were blamed for around a quarter of deaths, it said. It has also sold Saudi Arabia billions of dollars of arms, with another $1.15 billion sale pending. Saudi Arabia has launched thousands of airstrikes on the country.

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  • 1 killed, dozens injured in new Kashmir anti-India protests

    1 killed, dozens injured in new Kashmir anti-India protests

    He also accused Pakistan of promoting terrorism in Kashmir and said: "I think we are very clear that it is mischief perpetuated, promoted and sponsored by Pakistan and India is out to defeat this design". The AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan has lauded Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for his decision to send 22 members of parliament to different countries for highlighting Kashmir issue at global level.

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  • Trump Donated Thousands To Weiner, Yet Thinks He's A 'Pervert'

    The newspaper reported that Weiner - wearing trousers but no shirt - sent one revealing picture of his crotch past year while his young son, Jordan Zane, was curled in the bed next to him. The paper described her as a 40-something divorced woman from the West. Abedin and Weiner have been "essentially" separated for months, a close friend to Abedin said after she officially announced their separation on Monday.

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  • Trump campaign releases new video, announces expanded ad buy

    Trump has also announced his first ever event in a predominately black community, at a church in Detroit Saturday. Pence, Conway and other surrogates said the main tenets of Trump's immigration plan still will include building a wall along the southern USA border and making Mexico pay for it, no path to legalization or citizenship for people here illegally and stronger border enforcement.

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  • USA tries to stop feuding allies from unraveling Syria strategy

    In a written statement on Monday, Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook called the clashes south of the Euphrates River town of Jarablus "unacceptable" and a source of "deep concern". He signaled U.S. support for Turkey's effort to liberate Jarablus and ISIS-controlled areas to the west. In turn, Turkey has blamed a rocket attack from a YPG-controlled area for the death of one of its soldiers on Saturday.

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  • Secuestran a 6 mineros cuando se dirigían a trabajar en Guerrero

    Secuestran a 6 mineros cuando se dirigían a trabajar en Guerrero

    Según el Gobierno estatal, la Unidad Especializada contra el Secuestro de la Fiscalía está investigando los hechos. De acuerdo con los primeros reportes, los seis hombres salieron de Arcelia rumbo a la mina ubicada en la comunidad de Temixco a bordo de una camioneta Ford blanca, pero perdieron contacto en la comunidad de Valle Galeana y al no llegar a la mina las autoridades comenzaron de inmediato con la búsqueda, encontrando únicamente la camioneta abandonada, en la que viajaban.

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  • Sonda Juno completa con éxito su mayor aproximación a Júpiter

    Sonda Juno completa con éxito su mayor aproximación a Júpiter

    Desde ella hará el sobrevuelo más próximo a Júpiter de toda la misión de Juno , que debe permanecer una veintena de meses orbitando el planeta, dijo la NASA en su sitio web. La nave, no tripulada y del tamaño de una cancha de balocesto, es la primera diseñada para operar en el corazón de los cinturones de radiación de Júpiter, la primera en llegar a 2.575 kilómetros de sus nubes superiores y la que tomará las imágenes con mayor resolución vistas nunca del planeta gigante.

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  • Pilots on Glasgow Airport alcohol charge released on bail

    According to his LinkedIn page, Licona has spent the last 28 years working in Military Intelligence, working for the United States Air National Guard. The airline is cooperating with the investigation and is conducting its own, she said. A spokesman said the safety of its customers and crew is its "highest priority".

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  • Saudi-Led Strike Hits Doctors Without Borders Hospital In Yemen

    More than 4,600 patients have received medical help since the group, also known as Medecins Sans Frontieres, or MSF, began supporting the hospital in July 2015. MSF called on all parties, particularly the Saudi-led coalition which it blamed for the hospital attack, to guarantee that such attacks do not happen again.

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  • Dilma denuncia un "golpe" para dar paso a "un gobierno usurpador"

    En sus alegatos, que duraron 45 minutos, Dilma Rousseff insistió en su inocencia y aseguró que, en el ejercicio de su mandato, cumplió con rigor con el "compromiso de defender la Constitución y las leyes". Los manifestantes exhiben un espíritu irreductible. La sesión está programada para terminar en un par de horas, pues en estos momentos toca a Rousseff responder las preguntas de los senadores .

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  • 'Ni mis seguidores ni yo somos racistas': Donald Trump

    La candidata demócrata advirtió a los estadounidenses que Trump no va a cambiar, como demuestra el hecho de que haya contratado como jefe de campaña a Stephen Bannon, responsable de la web conservadora " Breitbart ", y el hecho de que no se distancie de grupos y líderes de extrema derecha.

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  • Brussels Crime Lab Torched In Apparent Attempt To Destroy Evidence

    The prosecutor's office described the incident as much more likely to be an arson attack created to destroy criminal evidence. "It's probably not terrorism". 'The explosion was extremely powerful. Eyewitnesses report seeing thick black smoke - with at least 30 firefighters were involved in bringing the blaze under control.

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  • Black men, boys shot most by Chicago police

    Black men, boys shot most by Chicago police

    The newspaper's analysis comes one week after the Chicago police superintendent, Eddie Johnson, recommended the firing of seven officers involved in the 2014 shooting death of Laquan McDonald. Mooney with a gunshot wound to the head, authorities said. "Where you've got dope, you've got guns". Another man initially told investigators he had been shot during a robbery near Navy Pier early Saturday, but that shooting turned out to be self-inflicted, according to police.

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  • Cornell student stabbed to death

    No arrests have been made yet, and no details on the murder weapon have been disclosed. "I knew him in the way that many people in the business school knew him, as the kid with the big smile", Sean Reid, dean of Ithaca's business school, said.

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  • Man charged over murder of British backpacker Mia Ayliffe-Chung in Australia

    Man charged over murder of British backpacker Mia Ayliffe-Chung in Australia

    Friends have also been paying tribute to both Britons since hearing of the attack. A post-mortem examination found Miss Ayliffe-Chung died from multiple stab wounds. "Police have arrived and I can tell you the scene that confronted police was awful. there was a lot of blood, there were two persons, one was deceased and one was certainly in a very bad way".

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