• ARK: Survival Evolved Gets a Scorched Earth Expansion Pack

    ARK: Survival Evolved Gets a Scorched Earth Expansion Pack

    Additionally, Studio Wildcard has added what it is calling a Death Worm in the expansion, as well as a new boss creature in the form of the mythological Manticore. Scorched Earth comes with a new map featuring seven desert-themed biomes: dunes, high desert, mountains, canyons, badlands, oasis and the dragon trench.

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  • Lenovo anuncia su nuevo Yoga Book con teclado táctil

    Lenovo anuncia su nuevo Yoga Book con teclado táctil

    Sin embargo, entre todos sus nuevos productos, el Yoga Book es el que más nos ha gustado. El mayor fabricante de ordenadores desarrolló este convertible especialmente para los diseñadores y de acuerdo a la empresa, es la tableta 2 en 1 más fina del mundo.

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  • Explosion at SpaceX US launch site

    It was not clear if anyone was hurt by the blast, and a spokesperson for SpaceX did not immediately return a call for comment. Facebook and satellite provider Eutelsat spent $95 million to license satellite's Ka-band communications array for five years.

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  • Mukesh Ambani unveils mega Jio plans

    Mukesh Ambani unveils mega Jio plans

    Over the past few weeks, Reliance Jio has been expanding its unlimited calls and high- speed mobile broadband trial offer to 4G smartphone users of brands, including HTC, Intex, Vivo, Gionee, Karbonn and Lava. Till then, all customers would get free access to unlimited voice calls (local and STD), SMSes and data. Mathews said that against the average revenue per user of Rs 180/month prevailing in the industry, Reliance Jio appears to be positioning itself for Rs 400-499.

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  • Explosion at SpaceX launch pad at Cape Canaveral

    Chris Norton says Facebook remains "committed to our mission of connecting people to the Internet around the world". A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded in Cape Canaveral, Florida on Thursday at around 6:07am PT/9:07am ET/2:07pm GMT, destroying the rocket as well as the payload it was meant to carry to orbit.

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  • Vehicle sales zoom ahead of festival season

    In domestic market, Hyundai sold 43,201 units last month compared with 40,505 in August previous year, a growth of 6.7 per cent. Rival Hyundai Motors' total sales grew to 59,707 units, 9.3 per cent more than the 54,607 units sold previous year.

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  • Two American climbers missing in northern Pakistan: Alpine Club

    Five days earlier, they started up the north face of a place called "Ogre II" off the Choktoi Glacier in northern Pakistan. They have not been seen since August 22, according to a GoFundMe site set up to raise funds for their rescue. Alpinists Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson were due back at base camp on August 26 after they left five days earlier to begin an ascent up the north face of a place called "Ogre II" off the Choktoi Glacier in northern Pakistan, said Jonathan Thesenga of Black ...

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  • Tesla Looks to Upgrade Controversial Autopilot, Raise More Cash

    However, the company noted it could turn to the option of a debt offering or dilute its stock to amass the cash it needs. Tesla plans to raise additional funds later this year and offer an updated version of its Autopilot system that has been the center of controversy for the California-based electric vehicle manufacturer.

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  • Benghazi emails involving Clinton among those recovered by FBI

    In March a year ago, it emerged that Clinton had used a private server for official communications - many of them classified - while serving as secretary of State. This isn't the first time questions have been raised about whether Clinton actually turned over all the relevent emails from her work at the State Department.

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  • Volkswagen files appeal of UAW ruling at Tennessee plant

    Volkswagen files appeal of UAW ruling at Tennessee plant

    The NLRB's decision to allow Volkswagen's skilled-trades workers to seek union representation draws on the board's landmark 2011 ruling in favor of certified nursing assistants at Specialty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center of Mobile, Alabama, that paved the way for the formation of more of what labor opponents deride as "micro units".

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  • Italy and Germany signal tougher EU stance on migrants

    A magnitude 6.2 quake st. Renzi appointed Vasco Errani to oversee the reconstruction effort. MARANELLO, Italy Germany reassured Italy on Wednesday that Europe would help the country after last week's deadly natural disaster, with Chancellor Angela Merkel saying solutions could be found to overcome budget restrictions.

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  • Alcatel launches a smartphone-free VR headset

    Alcatel launches a smartphone-free VR headset

    The goggles feature 120 degrees of vision. There are 32GB of storage on-board the device, and connectivity options include Bluetooth, LTE, and Wi-Fi. Effectively, it has everything you expect from a modern smartphone, only hidden inside the headset.

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  • Hawaii counties under hurricane watch

    Hawaii counties under hurricane watch

    Earlier on Wednesday, merchants boarded up shop windows along Hilo Bay and shoppers snatched supplies of food and water from grocery store shelves after initially being told the island could be hit by its first hurricane in a quarter-century.

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  • SpaceX rocket explodes at Cape Canaveral

    There were no injuries, but the rocket and the satellite onboard were destroyed, SpaceX said in a statement. An official Air Force survey from 2015, which investigative reporter Joseph Trevithick obtained via the Freedom of Information Act and provided to The Daily Beast, revealed that the Air Force contacted SpaceX to determine whether the Falcon 9 could replace the United Launch Alliance's rockets with their Russian engines.

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  • Apple boss calls Irish €13bn tax bill 'c**p'

    Apple boss calls Irish €13bn tax bill 'c**p'

    Apple CEO Tim Cook has continued this tirade today in the Irish press, with a newspaper column in the Independent and a rare radio interview (with RTE's Paschal Sheehy). Tax breaks from Luxembourg for Amazon .com Inc. and McDonald's Corp. are also under investigation. Cook continued to push for worldwide tax reformation but says any change should not happen retroactively, as the European Commission is attempting to act.

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  • Cambiar la racha ante Venezuela, el objetivo de Colombia

    La selección de Colombia recibe a su similar de Venezuela (15:30 horas ), buscando acercarse a los primeros lugares de la tabla. "¿Cómo decirles a tus jugadores que no les importe lo que está pasando con sus familiares en Venezuela' Es imposible", declaró el exportero antes del partido con Colombia en las eliminatorias del Mundial Rusia 2018 .

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  • Hunt on for killer of sea otters found shot near Santa Cruz

    Hunt on for killer of sea otters found shot near Santa Cruz

    Max Schad, California Department of Fish and Wildlife Warden said that it is tough to determine if a fisherman who is mad, or if it is a malicious person, or something else to blame. Thanks to their appetite for sea urchins, which when left uneaten can devastate kelp forests, sea otters are thought to help curb climate change . The otters, all male, washed up between Santa Cruz Harbor and Seacliff State Beach in Aptos between August 12 and August 19.

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  • Hallan fósil de hace 3.700 millones de años

    Científicos australianos han hallado en Groenlandia el fósil más antiguo de la Tierra. El hallazgo estaba conservado en rocas metamórficas en el llamado cinturón supracortical de Isua (sudoeste de Groenlandia ) que previamente habían sido estimadas en 3.700 millones de años, una época en que la Tierra era bombardeada por asteroides y aún se encontraba en fase de formación.

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  • Is This The End of the Nexus Branded Smartphone from Google?

    Is This The End of the Nexus Branded Smartphone from Google?

    Google Nexus is a line of consumer electronic devices that run the Android operating system. Android Police reported earlier this month that Google may strip the Nexus name from the phones and replace it with a Big "G" logo, although we would have thought that would confuse people with the Gartner Group.

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  • Germany's satisfaction with Merkel dips ahead of votes

    Angela Merkel and Matteo Renzi said they faced similar problems with handling the numbers of arrivals. "It is unthinkable that we can accommodate everyone". She added that economic incentives should be used to help would-be migrants remain in their own countries. "It is important that we make deals with the countries of origin", Ms Merkel said, giving the example of the deal struck between Italy, France and Germany and Mali and Niger to promote economic growth in the sub-saharan countries.

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  • Tropical Storm Hermine Strengthens As It Approaches Florida

    The governor also says 6,000 National Guard members are ready to mobilize once the storm has passed. Once the storm is off shore in the Atlantic, there could be continued strong winds and periods of heavy rain from trailing outer bands, which can continue into Saturday.

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  • Septiembre comienza con un eclipse anular

    Septiembre comienza con un eclipse anular

    Uno de los fenómenos más esperados se vio en África la madrugada de este 1 de septiembre , sin embargo se transmitió por la Internet. De hecho, de los 224 eclipses solares del siglo XXI (2001 a 2100), 68 son totales, 72 anulares y 77 parciales.

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  • Google sigue innovando con su nueva aplicación IN APP SEARCH

    Google sigue innovando con su nueva aplicación IN APP SEARCH

    Otra de las tecnologías actualmente desarrolladas por Google es buscar contenido de cualquier aplicación que tengas instalada en tu Smartphone con su nueva herramienta llamada In App Search . La función de búsqueda dentro de las apps está activa incluso cuando no tenemos conexión a Internet. Solo nosotros podemos ver los resultados y aparecerán en los Ajustes de Google App .

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  • Student missing since '04 was kidnapped by North Korea

    Student missing since '04 was kidnapped by North Korea

    David, a returned missionary and BYU student, had been studying in China during the summer of 2004 when he suddenly disappeared. Sneddon's parents, Providence residents Roy and Kathleen Sneddon, were told by Chinese officials that their son had likely drowned, but they didn't believe it.

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  • What's next for ex-Stanford swimmer set for release

    What's next for ex-Stanford swimmer set for release

    The theatrics are part of continuing efforts to recall Judge Aaron Persky from the bench and maintain momentum for a national discussion revolving around the seriousness with which college rape is treated and the role of wealth and privilege in the criminal justice system.

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  • Twitter to broadcast Utah State-Weber State live

    Twitter to broadcast Utah State-Weber State live

    The matchup comes to Twitter thanks to a partnership with Campus Insiders, an online platform for college sports, agreed to earlier this year that will place over 300 live college events from the Mountain West Conference, Patriot League, and West Coast Conference on Twitter.

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  • Apple expected to release a new iPhone next week

    In addition to being the charger used for the iPhone , Apple put it on Mac keyboard and trackpad, and the Apple TV remote. It might also feature a camera, according to some rumors, but these plans could well have changed, as Apple is trying to move the focus from sending messages.

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