• "See you on the 7" says Apple to launch its iPhone 7

    Apple has sent out invitations to a september 7 press event, signaling the date for the likely unveiling of the new iPhone and Apple Watch. Apple is also expected to remove the headphone jack at the bottom of the iPhone. The upgrades will include a new Apple A10 processor and more RAM, the handsets are expected to come with 3GB of RAM. Considering the timing and pattern we are most definitely expecting the iPhone 7 and its iterations.

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  • Rumor: Nintendo NX Will Have Share Button, Split D-Pad

    A new report claims that the NX will have a social "Share" button that will let gamers stream and upload images and videos to Miiverse, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube quickly. The company is already hyping the new mysterious console, with Reggie explaining that the system will have a continuous beat of new, great games. Indeed, it was the patent that Nintendo took out on its directional pad that prompted Sony to pursue a split design for the PlayStation controller back in the 1990s.

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  • Cuerpo de Juan Gabriel habría sido cremado

    Cuerpo de Juan Gabriel habría sido cremado

    Un par de helicópteros de la policía de Los Ángeles sobrevoló el área, mientras que agentes de la policía ordenaban el paso de unidades y vehículos. Juan Gabriel no había visto a ningún doctor en el estado de California , por lo que no había nadie con la licencia de este estado que pudiera firmar el certificado de defunción.

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  • Trump, Hillary neck and neck in new poll

    Trump, Hillary neck and neck in new poll

    But Trump is working to gain the advantage. Trump's tweets seemed to mostly be an attempt to further draw in black and Hispanic voters, who, according to most polls, are supporting him at very low levels. More than 7 in 10 voters, 73 percent, were aware that Trump has not released his returns, while 56 percent knew that Clinton already has made hers public.

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  • Tropical system could threaten Florida, Gulf states

    The latest report from the National Weather Service says there's a 70 percent chance Invest 99 will develop into a tropical system in the next few days. The hurricane season official ends on November 30. "The UKMET (United Kingdom) model keeps 99L moving west-northwest into the central Gulf of Mexico, keeping the storm in the Gulf through next Friday".

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  • SpaceX's Dragon cargo ship splashes down in Pacific

    SpaceX's Dragon cargo ship splashes down in Pacific

    The SpaceX Dragon cargo ship was launched from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, United States on July 18. SpaceX is also developing a crewed version of the space capsule, which will be called the Dragon 2.

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  • Newly Discovered Earth-Like Planet is Possibly Inhabitable

    Newly Discovered Earth-Like Planet is Possibly Inhabitable

    Astronomers have discovered an Earth-sized, potentially habitable planet orbiting our closest stellar neighbor. The mass of the planet is believed to be about 1.3 times that of the Earth. The featured image shows the sky location of Proxima Centauri in southern skies behind the telescope that made numerous discovery observations: ESO's 3.6-meter telescope in La Silla, Chile.

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  • Cuerpo de Juan Gabriel ya está en su natal México

    Los restos del ícono de la música popular mexicana, fallecido el domingo, se quedarán varios días en la funeraria Malinow & Silverman Mortuary, en el suroeste de Los Ángeles , dijo el portavoz de la policía local Pedro Muñiz . "Sabemos que nuestro padre se perderá entretener a sus innumerables fans, que le dieron grandes alegrías en la vida", sostuvo. Juan Gabriel fue un personaje emblemático que merece un amplio y profundo homenaje , señaló Benjamín Salinas Sada .

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  • Rupee trades lower at 67.18 against United States dollar

    Rupee trades lower at 67.18 against United States dollar

    With the cheaper yen improving the export competitiveness of Japan's big exports like auto companies, Tokyo stocks reacted positively, the Nikkei average jumping 2.3 percent. "The dollar is likely to stay on a firm footing into the Friday payrolls report, but we'll need to see a solid set of numbers for gains to be sustained beyond that", said Ned Rumpeltin, the European head of currency strategy at TD in London .

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  • Bradley Dredge surges into lead after second round at Made in Denmark

    As I've spoken all along with the qualification process and how the team was shaping up, I was going to look towards experience and in Lee (Westwood) and Martin (Kaymer) I have two former world number ones. Clarke said he recently set up a WhatsApp group with his vice-captains regarding the captain's picks. As for Pieters, the Belgian's recent form, including finishing fourth at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, sealed his inclusion.

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  • North Carolina beaches thin out ahead of tropical weather

    North Carolina beaches thin out ahead of tropical weather

    Tropical storm conditions are expected in the Outer Banks by the afternoon: at least 1 to 3 inches of rain and maximum winds near 35 miles per hour with higher gusts. Roads along the thin barrier islands are prone to flooding and damage from erosion, including the two-lane N.C. Highway 12 that is the area's main north-south artery.

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  • Tasmanian devils are becoming immune to their terrible face cancer

    Tasmanian devils are becoming immune to their terrible face cancer

    So Andrew Storfer, an evolutionary geneticist at Washington State University in Pullman, and his colleagues sequenced about one-sixth of the devil's genome using 294 individuals from 3 wild populations. Associate Professor Jones hoped the findings would help researchers to better understand cancers in humans and other species. The only other example was rabbit resistance to myxomatosis in Australia, but that occurred over many more generations.

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  • Martes con temperaturas altas en Michoacán; lluvias por la noche Leer más

    La onda tropical número 25 se extenderá sobre el sureste de México y generará tormentas intensas en gran parte del país, pronostica el Servicio Meteorológico Nacional. Viento del este y sureste de 15 a 30 km/h. Para el Pacífico Centro se estima cielo medio nublado a nublado , 60 por ciento de probabilidad de intervalos de chubascos fuertes con tormentas puntuales muy fuertes en Nayarit y Jalisco, y lluvias con intervalos de chubascos con tormentas fuertes en Colima y ...

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  • Apple announce the iPhone 7 will be officially unveiled on September 7

    According to reports , Apple will unveil iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7 , pre-orders for newest iPhone devices are expected to open on Friday September 9th, with sales to commence one week later on September 16th. A brand new spec sheet has just surfaced disclosing some vital specifications of the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus . Apple will be live streaming its iPhone 7 event , which is all set to kick off on September 7th.

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  • New national poll shows Trump gaining on Clinton - a little

    New national poll shows Trump gaining on Clinton - a little

    Clinton's doctor, Dr. Lisa Bardack of Mount Kisco, New York, said in a letter last summer that she is in "excellent physical condition and fit to serve as president of the United States." In a separate Reuters/Ipsos poll that includes candidates from small, alternative parties, Clinton leads the field by a smaller margin.

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  • WhatsApp podría enfrentar problemas legales por compartir información con Facebook

    WhatsApp podría enfrentar problemas legales por compartir información con Facebook

    Aquí te presentamos dos opciones para evitar que tus datos de mensajería sean compartidos con Facebook . Cabe resaltar que si pulsas "No compartir" no podrás cambiarlo en el futuro. Ahora bien, la conexión de los números de teléfono con los sistemas de Facebook favorecerá que los usuarios vean anuncios de empresas con las que ya se han comunicado con anterioridad.

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  • First DNA Sequencing in Space a Game Changer

    As per NASA, Rubins used a commercially available DNA sequencing device called MinIONminion sequencer, developed by Oxford Nanopore Technologies, to sequence mouse, virus and bacteria. Both the number and arrangement of chemical bases of DNA - adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine - differ among organisms. The ability to sequence the DNA of living organisms in space is a game changer and it opens a whole new world of scientific and medical possibilities.

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  • Apple to show off new offerings on Sept. 7

    Apple to show off new offerings on Sept. 7

    Apple tends to add several new features to every handset it releases. The report originating from Taiwan says Apple will announce the iPhone 7 with up to 256GB storage. There are already some interesting and very viable rumours about the iPhone 7's camera, display and headphone jack - and you'll find them analysed in detail here.

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  • Pendleton drone field approved to fly at new heights

    Under the new rules operators can only fly from sun up to sundown, must stay under 400 feet, cannot fly above people and must keep visual contact with the drone at all times . They can basically sell a service that someone would pay money or other goods to fly the drone for that person or company, " explained Jon DeGroot, the flexible learning coordinator at NTC.

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  • Apple expected to unveil new iPhone 9:53 am Tue

    Invitations from Apple for an event on 7 September have begun to creep up in a few places amidst speculation surrounding the possible launch of a new iPhone, most likely the iPhone 7. "The Malignant tweeted the following about the iPhone 7 from a reliable source, " #iPhone7 from a very RELIABLE source (not me) 4.7" 1334 x 750 LDDR4 2 GB 1960 mAh 1/2.6 F1.9 12 mpx 1.35 µm pixel".

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  • Hillary Clinton denies donors influenced her as Secretary of State

    It, in turn, would generate lucrative speaking engagements for Bill Clinton and later Hillary Clinton, employ cronies like Sid Blumenthal and pay for lavish travel. Her persecution complex prohibits it, so she instead projects all sorts of bad deeds onto unknown, even fictional Republicans, whom she has held responsible over the years for everything from her husband's sexual affair with an unpaid White House intern to an Obama administration investigation into her rogue email server.

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  • Everything gets hacked in new Watch Dogs 2 gameplay

    Everything gets hacked in new Watch Dogs 2 gameplay

    This will allow players to press the shoulder button or holding the button down so that they can perform four contextual hacks. While you'll still be able to use your hacking tool to identify citizens - alongside their sometimes creepy quirks - you're able to track signals to open up new side-quests, or even just be a jerk and order a random hit on whomever you'd like.

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  • Maine's governor wants to make amends

    Rep. Norman Higgins, R-Dover Foxcroft, was one of the first Republicans to condemn LePage last week, saying Friday on Facebook that he thinks LePage "needs help and I encourage him to seek professional assistance". LePage said a lot he can do, and some he can't. In the interview with WMOV, LePage said he takes full responsibility for the fallout from the voicemail - "it's totally my fault" - but that he was particularly enraged by the accusation of racism.

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  • Majority Of U.S. Voters Say Trump Should Release Taxes

    Majority Of U.S. Voters Say Trump Should Release Taxes

    Coulter has said Trump requested and received an advance copy of the book. The spot then shifts to praising Trump's plan, saying "millions of new jobs" will be created, wages will go up, and small business will "thrive". Brzezinski asked, interrupting Burns several times to repeat a version of the question when he tried to give a longer answer. Gov. Terry Branstad introduced Trump , as "a man who supports agriculture and the working people in the heartland of this great country".

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  • PlayStation Now launches on PC in the USA, adds six new games

    PlayStation Now launches on PC in the USA, adds six new games

    Normally, a PS Now subscription will run you more than double that. We will update this news article as soon as we receive more updates about PlayStation 3 games being able to be played via computers. We first learned of the existence of what's been dubbed the PlayStation 4 Slim over a week ago, and, despite Sony's silence, plenty of evidence has emerged since to corroborate its existence.

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