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  • Volcadura en Nuevo León deja 5 indocumentados muertos

    Volcadura en Nuevo León deja 5 indocumentados muertos

    Los heridos comentaron a los testigos que los auxiliaban que llevaban 18 horas sin parar y que el chofer dormitaba, mientras una camioneta los custodiaba desde Tampico. Al lugar se trasladaron ambulancias de General Bravo , de China y de la vecina ciudad de Reynosa, Tamaulipas . Los heridos fueron trasladados para su atención médica, se reportaba que varios de ellos iban en estado de gravedad, entre ellos una mujer con un avanzado estado de embarazo.

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  • Apple told to pay up to £11bn in Irish taxes

    Apple told to pay up to £11bn in Irish taxes

    It has said it paid Ireland's 12.5 percent rate on all the income that it generates in the country. Ireland's accelerating economy is already producing rapid growth in tax collections from workers, sales tax and an EU-leading multinational sector of around 1,000 companies with Irish bases.

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  • Gears of War 4 Controls Balanced Between Controller and Keyboard

    Gears of War 4 Controls Balanced Between Controller and Keyboard

    Ryan Cleven , lead multiplayer designer of The Coalition for " Gears of War 4 " said that ensuring that all types of controls in playing the game for the PC is really important to them, reports Gamespot. But they have to make sure that the controller experience remains ideal. The important bit here is that Xbox and PC players cannot play against each other competitively- so both versions of the game can be balanced relatively independently.

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  • Pieters, Westwood, Kaymer named as Europe's Ryder Cup wildcards

    Pieters, Westwood, Kaymer named as Europe's Ryder Cup wildcards

    The big-hitting Belgian atoned with an impressive win in last week's Made In Denmark, where he shot 62 playing alongside Clarke in the opening round and birdied the final three holes on Sunday to pip Bradley Dredge by a stroke. The Ryder Cup matches against the United States will be held from September 30-Oct. 2. "But, given his form, I found it impossible to leave Thomas out".

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  • Scientists complete year-long Mars simulation mission in Hawaii

    For the past year, the group in the dome on the Mauna Loa mountain could go outside only while wearing spacesuits. "Just like in deep space, the crew members could only communicate with family and friends via a 20-minute delay and could only leave the dome in an elaborate mock spacesuit", the report added.

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  • Massive reef ecosystem found hiding behind Great Barrier Reef

    Massive reef ecosystem found hiding behind Great Barrier Reef

    They are found at a depth between 20 and 40 metres, which is lower than a coral reef . The formations are also known as bioherms. "It is only with modern survey techniques such as multibeam echosounder and aircraft mounted LiDAR that we have been able to see what the bioherms really look like".

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  • Crean Octobot, un robot suave y barato

    Crean Octobot, un robot suave y barato

    Según cuentan los investigadores, el fondo de esta investigación es una prueba de concepto que puede cambiar la forma en que los humanos interactúan con las máquinas. Se trata de la litografía blanda, el modelado y la impresión en 3D. La estrategia de Lewis para diseñar su Octobot ha sido utilizar impresión 3D y diseñar un minicircuito en el que se regula una reacción química: el sistema obtiene oxígeno a partir de una fuente de peróxido de hidrógeno (agua oxigenada) mediante unos ...

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  • GM recalling about 368000 vehicles to fix windshield wipers

    GM recalling about 368000 vehicles to fix windshield wipers

    According to GM, the wipers installed on those vehicles are built with a ball joint that can corrode and wear out, rendering the wipers inoperable. An investigation has been started in March this year and warranty data showed the incidents were more likely to occur in Canada so they conducted a safety campaign there first.

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  • Maruti launched limited edition Swift Deca at Rs 5.94 lakh (ex Delhi)

    Maruti launched limited edition Swift Deca at Rs 5.94 lakh (ex Delhi)

    The Maruti Swift has been introduced with a number of special editions over the years which have featured exciting liveries along with added features on board. Along with the very sporty exterior, the interior will sport a smart infotainment system, sport seats, leather upholstery, red-inserts, etc. Now the Indo-Japanese company is planning to launch yet another special edition of the Swift in India.

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  • Boredom was hardest part of yearlong dome isolation - NASA crew

    Run by the University of Hawaii , the year-long Mars simulation dealt with the human element of exploration. "I think the techonological and psychological obstacles can be overcome", said Cyprien Verseux, a French HI-SEAS crewmember. "A mission to Mars in the near future is realistic", he said. A group of scientists have returned to the outside world after they spent the a year ago living on "Mars" - without leaving Earth.

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  • Christie nixes bill to raise New Jersey minimum wage to $15

    Democrats, who control the statehouse, and liberal groups have put the legislation at the center of their agenda. "Despite having a constitutional mandate in place, the legislature now wants to increase the minimum wage by nearly 80 percent just three years later", said Christie.

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  • More than 300 reindeer killed in lightning in Norway

    More than 300 reindeer killed in lightning in Norway

    On Friday, a lightning storm caused the death of several hundred wild reindeer which resided in a protected hunting plateau in southern Norway . "The high moisture in both the ground and the air was probably an explanation for why so many animals died", Olav Strand, a senior researcher at the Norwegian Institue for Nature Research, wrote in a statement.

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  • Pte. Obama reconoce trayectoria de Juan Gabriel

    Pte. Obama reconoce trayectoria de Juan Gabriel

    Mientras, junto a la estrella que Juan Gabriel develó en el Paseo de la Fama de Hollywood en el 2002, admiradores montaron desde temprano un monumento improvisado con velas, flores, mensajes y otras ofrendas. "Su música y espíritu vivirán por siempre". "El presidente Enrique Peña Nieto dispuso que se prepare el palacio de Bellas Artes para un homenaje a Juan Gabriel , si así lo desea su familia", indicó el secretario de Cultura.

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  • European Union hits Apple with 13 billion euro Irish tax demand

    European Union hits Apple with 13 billion euro Irish tax demand

    The IRS investigation stemmed from the fact that Facebook allegedly understated the value of intellectual property it transferred to Facebook Ireland in a bid to trim its tax bill. Competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager circulated the final ruling to her counterparts in the EU's executive branch only on Monday morning, deploying a fast-track procedure in a bid to minimize leaks.

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  • EIA report: Renewable electricity generation reaches new highs in 2016

    Earlier this year, PG&E launched its Solar Choice program, which offers an option for residential and business customers to enroll with PG&E to support the development of new solar projects within northern and central California (regardless of a customer's location or ability to physically install private solar systems).

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  • Phelan urges Hull owners to strengthen squad

    Given his importance, Derby are understandably not keen on losing Hendrick this summer but reports have claimed that Hull are looking to tempt the Rams into selling the Irishman by placing a bid in the region of around £7 million. "I have had conversations (with the club) and I have no problem with Jose Mourinho , he has explained the situation to me from his perspective. I think the way it's been for us the last two or three seasons, it was important for us as a team", said Rooney .

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  • Comedic icon Gene Wilder dies at 83

    Wilder starred in a string of Mel Brooks' hit movies beginning with " The Producers " followed by " Blazing Saddles " and "Young Frankenstein". Brooks tweeted " Gene Wilder-One of the truly great talents of our time". A few years later, Brooks cast Wilder in " The Producers ", for which Wilder was nominated for a supporting actor Academy Award. "I didn't want to do the kind of junk I was seeing", he said in an interview.

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  • Juan Gabriel y las polémicas contradicciones de su muerte

    Juan Gabriel y las polémicas contradicciones de su muerte

    El Consulado de México en esa ciudad estadounidense colaboró para agilizar los trámites necesarios para que "El Divo de Juárez " saliera de Estados Unidos donde falleció el domingo. "Se quedó junto a mi padre, le colocó una mano en el hombro, tomó aire y remató con todos sus pulmones la emotiva canción y cuando la sala se cubría de sonoros aplausos, incluidos los de mi padre, Juan Gabriel se agachó y se le dio un sentido beso".

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  • Strange Space Objects Could Lead Us To Planet Nine

    Strange Space Objects Could Lead Us To Planet Nine

    This diagram highlights the orbits of three newfound worlds, plus a potential orbit for the yet-to-be-discovered object known as Planet X or Planet Nine. The most likely result is ejection from the solar system, forever. The orbit takes the object far away from the sun, about 3,000 times farther than Earth, and is likely being influenced by forces of gravity from beyond the solar system.

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  • Invest 99L weak as it nears Gulf of Mexico

    Even if the storm remains a messy tangle of thunderstorms, forecasters warn Hispaniola and central Cuba could get hit today with heavy rains that could trigger unsafe flash floods and mudslides. A third area of disturbed weather was also being watched by the hurricane center on Friday - and this one was already in the Gulf. Meanwhile, in the Pacific, Tropical Storm Lester is strengthening far off Mexico's coast.

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  • Tropical Depression Nine expected to become named storm by tomorrow

    The warning was issued Monday for portions of North Carolina's Outer Banks, meaning tropical storm-force winds will be possible on Tuesday. The heaviest rain is likely for the Tampa Bay area on Wednesday. It's maximum sustained winds Monday morning were near 35 miles per hour (55 kph) with slow strengthening forecast during the next two days. Forecasters say a tropical depression has formed in the Florida Straits and is expected to produce some rain over the southern half of the ...

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  • Alemania va por el oro en futbol varonil

    Alemania va por el oro en futbol varonil

    Por goleada: así fue la despedida de la Selección de Honduras Olímpica, dirigida por Jorge Luis Pinto, que en el duelo de la semifinal cayó goleada por 6-0 ante el local, Brasil , que hace respetar su terruño e ira por la disputa del oro ante Alemania.

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  • Apple iPhone event set for September 7

    Apple iPhone event set for September 7

    Citing people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reported earlier this month that Apple would peel back the curtain on its new iPhone-rumored to be called the iPhone 7-on September 7. Rumours on Apple's iPhone 7, Macbook Pro 2016 and Apple Watch 2 have been doing the rounds for quite some time. Experts predict the company will roll out the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as well as a new Apple Watch.

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  • 'Mars Mission' Crew Emerges From Yearlong Simulation In Hawaii

    The group have been living in a geodesic dome on the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii - approximately 8,200 feet above sea level - without fresh air, fresh food or privacy since 29 August 2015. "It would work on Mars and the implication is that you would be able to get water on Mars from this little greenhouse construct". From this and similar experiments, the scientists hope to gain insight into how to prepare future astronauts for the long-term isolation of a journey to Mars.

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  • Freak Lightning Storm Kills 323 Reindeer in Norway

    The agency says 323 animals were killed, including 70 calves, in the lightning storm Friday. Of the 323 reindeer killed, five had to be put down due to their injuries. So yep, with the insane amount of rain seeping into the already fast-thawing ground, those lightning rod legs, and that steadfast pack mentality, these poor reindeer had a whole lot going against them that day.

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  • Sonos adds Spotify Connect to its wireless speakers

    This is just awesome news. Support for Alexa devices, which include Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot loudspeakers as well as Amazon's Fire TV, will be added to Sonos next year. Part of being that platform is working with every service and platform available to users. Previously, Sonos owners had to access Spotify's service through the Sonos app, which essentially meant that they had to switch between two apps for listening to music at home and on the go.

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