• Are you protected? How to avoid ransomware attacks

    Are you protected? How to avoid ransomware attacks

    Sixteen National Health Service organizations in the United Kingdom were hit, and some of those hospitals canceled outpatient appointments and told people to avoid emergency departments if possible. Also on Monday, a major South Korean theater chain, CJ CGV, said that some 50 of its theatres had been affected by the malware, Yonhap news agency reported.

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  • Microsoft says governments should stop 'hoarding' security vulnerabilities after WannaCry attack

    Microsoft says governments should stop 'hoarding' security vulnerabilities after WannaCry attack

    Ransomware is a malicious software which locks up the files on your computer, encrypts them, and demands that you pay to get your files back. That's why it's called ransomware. The cyberattack crippled IT systems and forced doctors and nurses to work with pen and paper notes. High-profile victims include hospitals in Britain, the Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica, French carmaker Renault, U.S.

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  • NASA's EPIC captures unexpected flashes of light off the Earth's surface

    Researchers have now figured out that the flashes are sunlight bouncing off of ice crystals high in the air, and that they might even be able to help us find other habitable planets. In this scenario, the ocean acts like a flashbulb in front of the camera. Enthusiasts who were looking at the database of images from DSCOVR began pointing out the flashes, too.

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  • Search for source of WannaCry hack underway

    Some computer analysts say there are hints that the North Koreans may be behind the Wannacry Ransomware attack, but the evidence is not conclusive. Just as North Korea boasted about the successful launch of a new missile it says can carry a "large" nuclear warhead, technology experts said they had found evidence buried deep in computer code that North Korean hackers could be behind the digital global threat, too.

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  • How narwhals use tusks to stun their prey

    How narwhals use tusks to stun their prey

    This is a rare peak into the narwhal life as the creatures are notoriously shy, skittish and not prone to jumping like other whales, according to a report from National Geographic . Canada is home to 90 percent of the narwhal population, and is a prime location to analyze the narwhal. Identifying the key regions that narwhals depend on for feeding and calving can help conservationists better preserve their environment and migratory routes.

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  • UN Security Council condemns N. Korea missile test, vows sanctions

    UN Security Council condemns N. Korea missile test, vows sanctions

    DPRK is short for North Korea's formal name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. South Korea's Defense Ministry said more analysis was needed to verify the North's claim on the rocket's technological features. The missile covered a distance of roughly 800 kilometers while reaching an altitude of over 2,000 kilometers, in what appears to be the longest-range missile tested by Pyongyang to date.

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  • 'WannaCry' and 5 things to know about global ransomware cyber attack

    'WannaCry' and 5 things to know about global ransomware cyber attack

    In a separate malware attack previous year, 3.2 lakh debit cards were compromised in the country. For one thing, said IBM Security's Caleb Barlow, researchers are still unsure exactly how the malware spread in the first place. FedEx: The company said this weekend it was "experiencing interference with some of our Windows-based systems caused by malware" and was trying to fix the problems as quickly as possible.

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  • Republicans Restrained In Response To Trump Intelligence Sharing With Russia

    Republicans Restrained In Response To Trump Intelligence Sharing With Russia

    Russia's foreign ministry spokesman denied the report . A former senior US intelligence official told McClatchy the disclosure was "an intelligence officer's worst nightmare". There is some disagreement, according to one of the sources, as to how far the President went. The intelligence relates to what is known as a sensitive access program, or SAP, which covers some of the most classified information and is protected with unique access and security protocols.

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  • Elle King was secretly married this whole time

    Elle King was secretly married this whole time

    The singer Wednesday Andrew Ferguson on Valentine's Day previous year. "My soul aches. I am lost", King said. "We secretly got married three weeks after we met on 2/14/2016. "You'll always have my heart. You'll always be my first husband", she told Ferguson. "Everybody thought I lost my mind and I did", King penned. The 27-year-old singer said in April that she'd opted to be side stage at the "I Want You So Hard" rockers' show in Seattle, rather than at her nuptials which were due to take ...

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  • WhatsApp: ¿te llegó este mensaje? No lo abras es la nueva estafa

    WhatsApp: ¿te llegó este mensaje? No lo abras es la nueva estafa

    Si bien la popular aplicación de mensajería instantánea recientemente ha implementado un varias novedades para sus usuarios, pero el sitio web '' no hace parte de la app. Una vez que hayas hecho esa "verificación", se te dirá que los colores de WhatsApp sólo se pueden acceder en un sólo escritorio. Una vez instaladas, se te indicará que los colores de WhastApp solo están disponibles para WhatsApp web por lo que será necesario instalar una extensión para Chrome falsa .

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  • Putin warns of risks of governments creating hacking tools

    But he decides to plunge ahead regardless. First, a videographer followed Putin as he walked to the piano. Was the episode a challenge to the pianistically inclined Emmanuel Macron? The video was posted to YouTube by Sputnik, a digital news agency that is a state-funded sibling of RT and, like RT, is aimed at global audiences.

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  • Microsoft pide a los gobiernos ver el ciberataque como "llamada de atención"

    El Ministerio de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones (MinTIC), el Centro Cibernético Policial (CCP) y colCERT dieron unas recomendaciones para evitar los ataques informáticos de alcance global. Uno de las palabras más esperadas fue la del presidente y asesor principal de Microsoft, Brad Smith, que aseguró que el ataque fue un "llamado de atención" a todos los estados afectados sobre sus métodos de " acumulación de vulnerabilidades ".

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  • How to remove WannaCry virus from your computer

    Rather than relying exclusively on users clicking on malicious attachments or links, WannaCry can slip in without user action, then use the infected machine to spread the ransomware further. As a failsafe, he says keep a backup of important files somewhere other than on your computer. "We haven't fully dodged this bullet at all until we're patched against the vulnerability itself".

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  • Microsoft culpa a la NSA por la propagación del virus Wannacry

    Microsoft culpa a la NSA por la propagación del virus Wannacry

    Asimismo, Smith reconoció la "responsabilidad" de Microsoft en la respuesta a esa "llamada de atención" que ha supuesto el ataque de WannaCry , que explota vulnerabilidades en el sistema operativo Windows "robadas" a la NSA . Putin coincide en que los líderes mundiales deben discutir la seguridad cibernética en un "nivel político serio" y dijo que los Estados Unidos se ha negado a firmar un acuerdo de seguridad cibernética con Rusia.

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  • World Leaders Condemn North Korea Missile Test

    World Leaders Condemn North Korea Missile Test

    A "large-size heavy nuclear warhead" can fit on the Hwasong-12 missile launched near the city of Kusong in western North Korea, the state-run KCNA new service said. The High Representative/Vice-President, Federica Mogherini, will remain in close contact in the coming days with all of the EU's worldwide partners, following her address to the UN Security Council earlier this week and her visits to Beijing, New Delhi and Moscow in April this year.

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  • First look of Jr. NTR's 'Jai Lava Kusa' out on Friday

    First look of Jr. NTR's 'Jai Lava Kusa' out on Friday

    As per latest reports, Muraleedharan has now walked out of the film as he allegedly wasn't pleased with the working style of Bobby. Director Bobby had earlier roped in Muraleedharan, a renowned cinematographer who has worked for some of the biggest films including Aamir Khan's "PK", to leverage his expertise for " Jai Lava Kusa ".

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  • Four arrested for murder of Mandla Hlatshwayo

    Four arrested for murder of Mandla Hlatshwayo

    Earlier, Acting National Police Commissioner Kgomotso Phahlane told the SABC that the suspects were arrested early on Tuesday morning. Police spokesperson Captain Hitler Mgwenya said two people were shot at a pub in Pimville on Sunday night, but could not divulge their names before next of kin were informed.

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  • New South Korean president will visit US next month

    SEOUL-South Korea said on Monday it will send special envoys to the United States, China, Japan, Russia and Germany to establish firmer ties as tensions mount on the Korean Peninsula in the wake of a missile launch by North Korea over the weekend.

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  • Instagram Stories estrena filtros faciales al estilo de Snapchat

    Otra vez Instagram se basa en una función de Snapchat para sumar una nueva herramienta en su plataforma. La nueva función está disponible desde hoy en la versión 10.21 de la aplicación, tanto para Android como para iOS. A este historial de competencia corporativa se añaden las especulaciones sobre la necesidad que actualmente tiene la red social de los 'snaps' de introducir un algoritmo para gestionar el orden de las publicaciones que ven sus usuarios, característica estelar de Facebook .

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  • Microsoft Slams NSA Over Ransomware Nightmare

    In fact, an earlier version of the program was distributed in March and April and, judging by its implementation, its creators are not very skilled. "The more intelligent people are working on these puzzles, they more likely they can find a solution for its victims". "While this protected newer Windows systems and computers that had enabled Windows Update to apply this latest update, many computers remained unpatched globally".

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  • 'WannaCry' cyber attack: How to protect your computer

    It said the ransomware called "WannaCry" or "WannaCrypt" encrypts the computer's hard disk drive and then spreads laterally between computers on the same local area network (LAN). Once inside an organization's network, the malware behind the attack spread rapidly using this vulnerability. Following a meeting of the Government's Cobra contingencies committee, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said more than a million patients had been treated in the course of Monday.

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  • 'WannaCry' ransomware hits 200K computers; experts say more victims likely

    Patients have been warned that some practices may not yet have full access to records, prescriptions, appointments or telephone systems. "Staff have been exceptional, and the public have been very understanding". But computers and networks that didn't update their systems are still at risk. The organisation also said that many organisations had failed to keep their systems up to date, allowing the virus to spread.

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  • Macri estuvo con Xi Jinping, en busca de inversiones

    Antes de su llegada a China , el presidente Macri hizo escala en Dubai, donde se reunió con elvicepresidente y primer ministro de Emiratos Árabes Unidos, Sheik Mohammend Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, y empresarios de ese país que están interesados en explorar las posibilidades de inversiones en la Argentina.

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  • 'Dinosaur Mummy' stomps its way into a Canadian museum

    'Dinosaur Mummy' stomps its way into a Canadian museum

    Scientists were unable to figure out how the nodosaur was killed, but said that the body was preserved well. "That was a really exciting discovery", Victoria Arbour, a paleontologist at the Royal Ontario Museum who was familiar with but was not involved with the nodosaur project, said to Nat Geo.

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  • Docentes universitarios realizarán mañana una marcha federal

    Docentes universitarios realizarán mañana una marcha federal

    Se espera la participación de las delegaciones de todo el país por lo que las federaciones nacionales, como Conadu y Conadu Histórica, decretaron un "cese de actividades" para la jornada, al igual que Fedún y los gremios Ctera y UDA. Tras siete reuniones paritarias con las autoridades educativas, los gremios docentes universitarios rechazaron la última propuesta de un aumento salarial del 18% en tres cuotas, más un 2% en concepto de jerarquización.

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  • Hyundai i30 N Takes on Real Roads in New Video

    Hyundai i30 N Takes on Real Roads in New Video

    With the i30 N, Hyundai Motor will launch its first high performance model carrying the "N" logo. Although there is still a way to go before the i30 N is ready to go on sale, the completion of this important segment of pre-release testing in the United Kingdom represents a significant step closer for this exciting new addition to the Hyundai family.

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  • Worked through night to counter cyber attack on health service - minister

    European policing and security agencies said the fallout from a ransomware attack that has already crippled more than 200,000 computers around the world could deepen as people return for another work week. It has been suspected for some time now that the malware came from a cache of hacking tools reportedly stolen by hacking group Shadow Brokers from the NSA and leaked on the internet.

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