• Noteworthy Price Swings: Valero Energy Corporation's (VLO)

    It has outperformed by 12.70% the S&P500. Analysts have a mean recommendation of 2.30 on this stock (A rating of less than 2 means buy, "hold" within the 3 range, "sell" within the 4 range, and "strong sell" within the 5 range). Therefore 10% are positive. Mizuho increased their target price on shares of Valero Energy from $55.00 to $58.00 and gave the stock a "buy" rating in a report on Friday, February 3rd.

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  • North Korea says new long-range missile can carry heavy nuke

    The missile landed in the Sea of Japan, according to US officials, but its close proximity to Russian territory - 60 miles (97 kilometers) from Russia's naval port of Vladivostok, home to its Pacific Fleet - that is of most concern. Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as a North Korean delegation attended the conference. Choi did not elaborate on what the North's conditions are, but her comments raise the possibility of North Korea and the U.S.

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  • Key state election kicks off in Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia

    It is home to 17.9 million people, almost a quarter of Germany's population, and is also the home state of Martin Schulz , the Social Democratic challenger seeking to deny Mrs Merkel a fourth term in the national election on September 24. Until now, Schulz has centered his campaign on the topic of social justice, distancing himself from some of the labor market reforms known as "Agenda 2010" passed by SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schröder in the mid-2000s.

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  • Researcher finds 'kill switch' for cyberattack ransomeware

    Researcher finds 'kill switch' for cyberattack ransomeware

    The cyberattack has used hacking tools developed by the US National Security Agency which were leaked last month by a hacking group opposed to Donald Trump. Friday's wave of attacks hit several high-profile organizations, including Britain's National Health Service (NHS), Russia's interior ministry, French carmaker Renault, Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica, worldwide shipper FedEx and German rail operator Deutsche Bahn.

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  • Sensex, Nifty Hit Record Closing Highs

    Sensex, Nifty Hit Record Closing Highs

    It broke previous record closing of 30,250.98 touched on May 11. The gauge had eased 63 points on Friday. Retail inflation rate fell sharply to a multi-year low of 2.99 per cent in April and that of WPI slipped to a four-month low of 3.85 per cent, creating headroom for the Reserve Bank to act in coming months.

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  • UK Private Highgate School Plans to Allow Boys Wear Skirts

    UK Private Highgate School Plans to Allow Boys Wear Skirts

    Former pupils at the school include Phil Tufnell and politician Charles Clarke. Parents often don't know that their children have queried their gender with school counselors. The existing dress code in Highgate School allows schoolgirls to wear grey pants, dark blue jackets and ties, but the boys are not allowed to wear the grey pleated skirts that the girls are allowed to wear.

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  • Alphabet Inc Makes AdSense More Lenient On Publishers

    Alphabet Inc Makes AdSense More Lenient On Publishers

    The changes, however, now enable Google to act 'more quickly and more precisely' when action is needed against content on a website/YouTube channel. "We can do so more quickly because we don't need a certain number", Scott Spencer, Google's director of sustainable ads told the Telegraph. Advertising is the cornerstone of Google's business, but with AdSense in particular it relies on publishers to sign up to receive Google-derived ads on their sites - Google said that it paid out $11 billion ...

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  • SpaceX Successfully Launches Its First Spy Satellite To Space

    The company has successfully landed numerous rockets already, but this is the first time it's done so on a mission for the US Department of Defense. Musk is leading an effort in the rocket industry to re-use costly parts rather than jettison them into the ocean after each launch.

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  • El formato MP3 está muerto — Ya es oficial

    El formato MP3 está muerto — Ya es oficial

    El ACC o el MPEG-H son más eficaces a la hora de comprimir audios sin pérdida de calidad. "Aquellos pueden entregar más características y una calidad de audio mayor a bitrates menores comparados al del MP3". MP3, el formato de codificación de audio digital, cambió la manera en la escuchamos música y condujo a la adopción de numerosos nuevos aparatos durante las últimas décadas.

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  • US Defense chief affirms commitment to protecting Turkey

    US Defense chief affirms commitment to protecting Turkey

    It is the first meeting of the officials since the Pentagon announced the USA would arm Syrian Kurds in the fight to oust Islamic State militants from the group's stronghold in Raqqa. Before his meeting with Mattis, Yildirim had warned that "there is still an opportunity for the United States to take Turkey's sensitivities into consideration.

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  • Theresa May vows to advance workers' rights if she wins election

    Theresa May's party will vow to protect the rights of migrant workers from the EU as part of the Brexit process - after months of uncertainty over what will happen to the thousands of European nationals now working in Britain. Admittedly, being the most worker-friendly Tory prime minister in history is a low bar to jump - May's claim that the Conservatives have always been the "true party" of workers is laughable.

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  • Celebran 100 años aparición Vírgen de Fátima

    Celebran 100 años aparición Vírgen de Fátima

    Sus padres JoÆo Baptista y Lucila Yuri , procedentes del municipio de Juranda, en el estado de Paraná, sudeste de Brasil, rezaron a los pastorcillos de Fátima y el niño se recuperó de una "manera inexplicable para la ciencia". Francisco también fue escuchado por tres presidentes: el de Portugal, el socialista Marcelo Nuno Duarte Sosa; el de Paraguay, Horacio Cartes, y el de la isla de Santo Tomé y Príncipe, Manuel Pinto da Costa.

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  • Descubren tanque de guerra alienígena en la Luna

    Descubren tanque de guerra alienígena en la Luna

    De acuerdo con el especialista, el arma podría haber sido abandonada por fuerzas alienígenas debido a una posible falla o porque el vehículo era obsoleto. Sin embargo, es la teoría de Waring fue catalogada como descabellada. Aunque la NASA no ha aseverado nada, en ocasiones anteriores en las que se han "descubierto" objetos extraños, ésta se ha limitado a responder que no hay tal y lo que se aprecia son superficies rocosas con enormes rocas, informó el medio capitalino.

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  • SKorea's new president may head north

    South Korea's first liberal leader in a decade, Moon also said he'll "sincerely negotiate" with the United States, Seoul's top ally, and China , South Korea's top trading partner, over the contentious deployment of an advanced USA missile-defense system in southern South Korea.

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  • Clark, Horgan, Weaver all say they're willing to work with other parties

    A Liberal win there would push the government to 44 seats in the legisature, the smallest possible majority. "Substantively, it's easier to imagine a deal between the Greens and the NDP - not personality wise, but on substance". "There are people out there who feel that smear and slur are the ways to win elections", Weaver said after voting in his Victoria-area riding Tuesday.

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  • Massive surge in online scams reported in Australia

    Massive surge in online scams reported in Australia

    Scammers are increasingly using social media to find their victims and becoming more threatening, costing Australians at least $300 million past year. Don't ever wire transfer or send money to someone you don't know because you won't see it again'. Fake trader scams are also on the increase. Also on the increase are fake online stores, with victims often reporting seeing ads for these stores on social media selling heavily discounted brand name items.

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  • Ransom threat seen spreading in unprecedented global attack

    Ransom threat seen spreading in unprecedented global attack

    The Spanish government said several companies had been targeted in ransomware cyberattack that affected the Windows operating system of employees' computers. But many companies and individuals haven't installed the fixes yet, or are using older versions of Windows that Microsoft no longer supports and didn't fix.

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  • Iran's President Congratulates New South Korean President

    Moon's favouring more independence in ties with the United States - a stance not contrary to Trump's own foreign policy vision - creates some common ground. Moon also raised the issue of apparent economic retaliation against South Korean firms in China , he said. "South Korea alliance is more important than ever before", Moon said, according to Yonhap.

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  • Lyft, Waymo Join Hands for Self-Drive Cars' Project

    Lyft, Waymo Join Hands for Self-Drive Cars' Project

    The talks were initiated last summer (the period between June and September) when Lyft's co-founders Logan Green and John Zimmer met with Waymo's chief executive John Krafcik. Lyft also confirmed the collaboration in a statement saying, "We can confirm that we are partnering with Waymo to safely and responsibly launch self-driving vehicle pilots".

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  • Andrew Liveris to retire from combined DowDuPont company mid-2018 (DOW, DD)

    Andrew Liveris to retire from combined DowDuPont company mid-2018 (DOW, DD)

    The projects announced today extend Dow's US growth investments to more than $12 billion over a 10-year period and are expected to employ approximately 5,500 workers at peak activity, as well as 300 permanent jobs. Undertaking incremental projects to debottleneck the global asset network to deliver about 350,000 metric tons of additional polyethylene, most of which would be in North America.

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  • PM invites new president of South Korea to India

    Yoon Young-chan, a spokesman for the presidential Blue House, said Xi had explained China's position over the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system to Moon, who took office on Wednesday. "Politics were turbulent (in the past several months), but our people showed greatness", Moon said. South Korean presidential officials will meet a United States delegation on Monday to discuss details for a summit between their leaders, according to a Cheong Wa ...

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  • Mother killed, daughter injured by vehicle on Long Island

    Mother killed, daughter injured by vehicle on Long Island

    Both she and her mother were rushed to Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center. Police say a Toyota Corolla, driven by 80-year-old Ann Riolo, of Lindenhurst, mistakenly drove onto the sidewalk in reverse, striking the pedestrians before slamming into the Lindenhurst Fire Department.

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  • Pokemon Sun and Moon Offers Free Mega Stones to Players

    Pokemon Sun and Moon Offers Free Mega Stones to Players

    Nintendo is getting around this by offering a download code to all trainers so that they can grab the missing Mega Stones . These stones will allow Mega Evolutions for Pidgeot, Steelix, Heracross, and Houndoom, respectively. To get a hold of yours for free, head to the main menu of the game and hit Mystery Gift. Then select Receive Gift and choose Get With Code/Password.

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  • Microsoft announce the arrival of iTunes to the Windows Store

    Microsoft announce the arrival of iTunes to the Windows Store

    Plus, Microsoft is working on a UWP Azure app for Windows 10 devices. To do that Microsoft is launching its two new features, Timeline and Pick up Where You Left Off with Cortana. This Universal Windows Application (UWA) will be available through the Windows Store. The images and videos you can add 3D objects, and devices with Windows Ink to stories pregreplace annotations.

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  • What to expect with the iPhone 8

    Apple is one of the few companies whose stocks Wall Street rarely sees a dip. Speaking about the lower iPhone sales , Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC , "We are seeing a kind of delay in purchasing behavior that we think is a outcome of the number of rumors and reports about future products".

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