• Para nostálgicos: se volvería a lanzar la Super Nintendo

    Para nostálgicos: se volvería a lanzar la Super Nintendo

    Además, la consola vendía con 30 juegos de NES preinstalados, entre los cuales incluyen clásicos como: Super Mario Bros , The Legend of Zelda , Metroid , Donkey Kong , PAC-MAN, y Kirby's Adventure. Una jugada extraña ya que sus ventas sobrepasaron las expectativas. Lo que habrá animado a la compañía japonesa fue el éxito de ventas de la Nintendo Mini lanzada a inicios del 2017 y que fue todo un hit ventas entre los nostálgicos.

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  • 'TV viewing more popular on non-TV devices'

    'TV viewing more popular on non-TV devices'

    There has been a significant dip in the number of consumers watching shows on TV to 23 per cent from 52 per cent over the past year as they prefer to view it on laptops and smartphones, says a survey. In the United States, the number fell 57 percent (from 59 percent to 25 percent), and the dropped 55 percent (from 56 percent to 25 percent). While TV shows are moving to laptops and desktops, the smart phone is becoming the preferred device for watching short video clips.

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  • Messi no da por perdida La Liga

    El periódico Sport , de Barcelona , con la misma foto en la portada, tituló "Sant-MessI" y apuntó que "Leo asaltó el Bernabéu". "El gol conseguido en el minuto 92 fue una explosión a tanta ira acumulada y la mejor venganza que podía efectuar: Gol en el descuento, victoria, liderato y humillación en casa del eterno rival.

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  • Fake Muddy Jeans Selling For Just $425

    Fake Muddy Jeans Selling For Just $425

    Or you could forget all that and pick up a pair of $425 PRPS "Barracuda" jeans at Nordstrom , which come pre-coated in their own mud. You work a desk job where the biggest danger to your chinos is a coffee spill, but you long to live a life of physical work , like the beaten-down antihero in a vintage Bruce Springsteen song.

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  • Donald Trump quiere reducir la ayuda económica a Colombia

    Donald Trump quiere reducir la ayuda económica a Colombia

    Entre los afectado estaría Colombia, que pasaría de recibir 133 millones de dólares a 105 millones . La revista "Foreign Policy" dio a conocer el documento con el nuevo presupuesto , que tiene 15 páginas, en el que se detallan las inversiones en ayuda extranjera directa para 2018.

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  • Hombre transmite por Facebook Live asesinato de su hija y suicidio

    Hombre transmite por Facebook Live asesinato de su hija y suicidio

    Familiares de las víctimas asistieron a la retransmisión del crimen y Avisaron a la policía local, que se encontró con los cuerpos sin vida del padre y la niña , sin poder salvarlos. "En Facebook no hay lugar para contenidos de este tipo y será retirado", informó Facebook a la AFP. En ese caso Steve Stephens, de 37 años, se suicidó tres días después, en medio de una persecución policíaca.

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  • US consumer confidence dips in April but remains strong

    US consumer confidence dips in April but remains strong

    The present situation index declined to 140.6 from 143.9 while the expectations component fell to 106.7 from 112.3. US consumer confidence slipped in April but remains at high levels. The cutoff date for the preliminary results was April 13. The percentage of consumers expecting business conditions to improve over the next six months decreased to 24.8% from 26.9%, while those expecting business conditions to worsen rose to 10.9% from 8.5%.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphones launched in India, prices starts at 57900 INR

    Both the handsets boast a odd display aspect ratio of 18:9. The two devices are powered by an Exynos Octa-core (2.35 GHz Quad + 1.9 GHZ Quad) processor and run on Android 7.0 Nougat. The company doesn't want it to have the same fate as S Voice, which many Galaxy users ignore and disable, so it's doing everything that it can to make sure that its customers will give Bixby a try.

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  • Instagram incorpora el modo 'off-line'

    Instagram incorpora el modo 'off-line'

    Lógicamente no se está hablando de poder descargar imágenes o videos sin internet , pero sí de realizar algunas acciones dentro de la app. Tras conectarse a una red wifi , o recibir conexión a Internet de terceros, la aplicación permitía al usuario editar nuevamente dicha fotografía para subirla posteriormente a la plataforma.

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  • Record-breaking astronaut Peggy Whitson inspiring young Iowa students

    Early Monday, April 24, 2017 , the International Space Station commander surpassed the 534-day, two-hour-and-48-minute record set past year by Jeffrey Williams for most accumulated time in orbit by an American. It's also worth noting that Whitson is also the oldest woman in space, as she was 56 when she left for her mission aboard the ISS last November. "We will do our best".

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  • Amit Shah to make West Bengal poll-ready

    Amit Shah to make West Bengal poll-ready

    To the BJP chief Geeta Mahali served a simple vegetarian meal of rice, daal, potol or pointed gourd and a squash curry, with salad and papad. Keeping an eye on 2019 Parliament polls and 2021 Bengal Assembly elections, Mr Shah immediately held Dalia Tatia booth meeting with party functionaries along with state president Dilip Ghosh, party's national secretary Rahul Sinha and Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia.

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  • National Football League mock draft: Quarterbacks fall out of top 10

    National Football League mock draft: Quarterbacks fall out of top 10

    After months of anticipation for Cleveland Browns fans, the 2017 NFL Draft is almost here. "Just in different airports and different cities". "We were just getting familiar with Chicago". The other intriguing storyline will be fate of the top quarterbacks. In such a deep draft class, trading down will be hard to do, as teams will be reluctant to move up.

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  • Two-man crew reaches space station

    About six hours later, they docked at the orbiting outpost. Fischer told his wife she had veteran cosmonaut Yurchikhin to thank for that. Making his fifth flight into space, Yurchikhin sat into the center seat of the Soyuz MS-04 spaceship during launch.

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  • Lanzan el primer teaser tráiler de Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    La cinta, dirigida por Rian Johnson ("Looper: Asesinos del futuro", "Brick"), vuelve a estar protagonizada por las estrellas de " El despertar de la fuerza " como Rey , Poe Dameron (Óscar Isaac), Finn (John Boyega) y varios personajes de la saga original, entre ellos Luke Skywalker .

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  • Jaguar Teases XF Sportbrake By Drawing Design Outline On Wimbledon Centre Court

    Jaguar Teases XF Sportbrake By Drawing Design Outline On Wimbledon Centre Court

    It should arrive in dealerships this coming winter. Jaguar released the picture along with an official announcement, confirming that an estate-ified XF is indeed on the way, due to be revealed this summer. "With XF Sportbrake we've created a silhouette which sweeps towards the rear, nearly into the distance, and really gives the auto a sense of speed and sportiness", explained Jaguar Director of Design Ian Callum.

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  • Baahubali 2 to air in an enormous number of 8000 screens

    Baahubali 2 to air in an enormous number of 8000 screens

    Even if the film hits 6500 screens, it definitely will collect more than Rs.60 crores easily on the first day itself. It is expected to emerge as biggest Box Office blockbuster of Indian cinema. The movie has already did a business of Rs 400-500 crore as its pre-business deals. Considering the fact that April 28 is not a holiday, one can not expect cent percent collections all over.

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  • Trump wants to send men to Mars

    Trump wants to send men to Mars

    The oldest woman ever in space, Ms Whitson also set a record for most space walks by a female astronaut last month, when she floated outside the space station for the eighth time in her career. Whitson said she was proud of the honor but credited the vast crew on Earth for making it possible. The world record - 879 days - is held by Russia's Gennady Padalka.

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  • Nobleza, Dongon sent to Crame

    Nobleza, Dongon sent to Crame

    The fallen bandit is believed to be the guide of ASG sub-leader Muanmar Askali alias "Abu Rami" who, along with an estimated 11 bandits, made an incursion in Inabanga town last April 10. Pursuing military and police personnel in Bohol have killed three more Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) bandits in Clarin town, Bohol, raising the number of the slain brigands to four Saturday afternoon.

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  • Google Looks To Sell TV Ad Inventory

    Google Looks To Sell TV Ad Inventory

    To make this new feature a reality, DoubleClick has been integrated with other TV ad companies and products, including Wideorbit , Clypd and Google Fiber. For broadcasters and programmers, Google said DoubleClick will provide access to different types of ad buyers including advanced TV buying groups in agencies, digital-first advertisers and global advertisers.

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  • IVOOMi launches two affordable smartphones in India

    IVOOMi launches two affordable smartphones in India

    Previously, it launched iV505 which was exclusive to ShopClues as well. The iVooMi Me 1 is priced at Rs 3,999. The "ME" Series is created to offer next generation experience to the customers. It is backed up by a 3000mAh battery with flash charge technology. The Me 1+ series runs on Android 6 Marshmallow OS and it can be upgraded to Android 7.0 Nougat OS.

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  • Female astronaut sets NASA record for most days in space

    By the time she heads back planetside in September, she will have spent over 650 days in space . Astronaut Peggy Whitson breaks American spaceflight record for spending the most time in space and is congratulated by President Trump in an Earth-to-space call.

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  • Trump, el presidente más impopular

    En su cuenta de Twitter , Trump arremetió directamente contra la encuesta publicada hoy por The Washington Post y la cadena ABC, medios que, a juicio del magnate, cometieron un "error grande" en las elecciones al predecir erróneamente una victoria de Clinton.

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  • Con un arsenal de guerra, se robaron 40 millones de dólares

    Como maniobra de distracción, los asaltantes quemaron 15 vehículos y dificultaron el acceso a la zona esparciendo "miguelitos" (clavos retorcidos y unidos formando estrellas punzantes). Ante esta alarmante situación, el, Gobierno dispuso un refuerzo de las fuerzas federales en el lugar y le ofreció ayuda a Paraguay para tratar de capturar a los delincuentes , que son de nacionalidad brasileña.

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