• Tecentriq bladder cancer approval in doubt after trial failure

    Tecentriq bladder cancer approval in doubt after trial failure

    Roche's drug tecentriq just failed a late-stage Phase III study in bladder cancer , raising questions about its future as an anticipated blockbuster. bladder cancer approval in serious doubt, and will also, of course, raise concerns about Tecentriq's efficacy in other cancer types". Tecentriq's failure in bladder cancer puts Leerink analyst Seamus Fernandez's model at risk.

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  • Trump amenaza con poner fin a las ruedas de prensa

    En una serie de tuits, el mandatario estadounidense ha señalado que " los medios falsos están trabajando horas extras hoy " y que sus asesores no pueden ser precisos todo el tiempo ya que "es un presidente muy activo". "Por la presente estás despedido y eres removido del cargo con efecto inmediato", señalaba la misiva de destitución firmada por el Presidente de Estados Unidos Donald Trump .

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  • SpaceX launches classified spy satellite for United States government

    It was the first time SpaceX launched a NRO satellite. But when the reusable Falcon 9 rocket blasted a super-secret payload into space Monday, we got to watch something totally new. Due to the classified nature of the NROL-76 launch, SpaceX has not released details regarding the satellite's orbital slot or its specific objective.

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  • Florida Uber Driver Arrested After Sexually Assaulting 14-Year-Old Passenger

    Florida Uber Driver Arrested After Sexually Assaulting 14-Year-Old Passenger

    The driver, David Pena-Melo, 27, told the teenager to sit in the front seat where he began to make sexual advances and sexually battered her, deputies said. Detectives said they met with Pena-Melo on Thursday and arrested him on a charge of sexual battery on a person older than 12, but younger than 18. He has been booked into the Osceola County Jail.

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  • Microsoft No Longer Supports Original Build Of Windows 10

    For example, the Pick Up Where You Left Off capability that Microsoft is hard-wiring into Cortana will allow users to automatically pick up in an app, document or Website where they left off, with Cortana acting as the broker between Windows, iOS and/or Android.

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  • Nervy Man United stumbles into Europa League final

    Nervy Man United stumbles into Europa League final

    United advanced 2-1 on aggregate, with Marcus Rashford's victor in the first leg last week ultimately proving the difference. They also never reached the Uefa Cup final. Both Roncaglia and Eric Bailly then saw red after a massive brawl, meaning the latter will miss the final against Ajax in Sweden. Manchester United's Wayne Rooney, second left celebrates with teammates after the end of the Europa League semifinal second leg soccer match between Manchester United and Celta Vigo at ...

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  • Prey PC Patch Now Live

    Prey PC Patch Now Live

    Unfortunately some crashes have been reported that could be corrupting saves, and Bethesda and developer Arkane Studios will be pushing out an update to Steam soon to address that for PC users. Fix also returns corrupted Save games to uncorrupted state. Most of those bugs seem to come into effect later in the game and prevent players from continuing onward, which made them even more frustrating for PC players.

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  • Google's Project Treble Might Actually Fix Slow Android Updates

    Google's Project Treble Might Actually Fix Slow Android Updates

    The core concept is to separate the vendor implementation - the device-specific, lower-level software written in large part by the silicon manufacturers - from the Android OS Framework. The company explained in a blog post that feedback from its device-maker partners shows that "updating existing devices to a new version of Android is incredibly time consuming and costly".

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  • Microsoft details upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

    Microsoft's Cortana on a Windows 10 PC or Android, iOS or Windows smartphone will be able to recognize which files, websites or apps a person was most recently using and make them available across devices, so users can continue what they were doing after they swap for PC to smartphone and vice-versa.

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  • Wells Fargo will slash $2 billion more in expenses

    Wells Fargo will slash $2 billion more in expenses

    Now the shares of Wells Fargo & Company (WFC) has a trading volume of 15.88 Million shares, with an average trading volume of 14810 shares - with shares dropping to a 52 week low of $42.60, and the company's shares hitting a 52 week high of $ 59.57.

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  • UNAM anuncia acciones para mejorar seguridad en sus campus

    Este lunes al mediodía fue encontrado sin vida el cuerpo de un hombre en las instalaciones de La Cantera , lugar donde entrenan los Pumas de la UNAM , informó el club a través de un comunicado. "Nos responsabilizamos del homicidio de otro ser humano en Ciudad Universitaria el día 3 de mayo ", escribieron. "Cabe precisar que la vigilancia de las patrullas se llevará a cabo fuera de las instalaciones universitarias ", señaló la Universidad en un comunicado.

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  • Windows wants to help you 'remix' your life

    A companion Pick Up Where You Left Off feature will let you continue what you're doing on another device, much like Apple's Handoff feature. Cross-device clipboard: Copy a file, link, text or image on a PC or device, and paste it on another device.

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  • Microsoft previews new features

    In a demo, he used a pen to scribble the words "patio stone" into the Microsoft Edge browser, which set off a Bing search . Microsoft dropped the news in Seattle at its annual Build developers conference, offering that iTunes should be available for PC users by the end of the year.

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  • Comey agradece a empleados de FBI en carta de despedida

    La propia Casa Blanca modificó su narración acerca de si el presidente había resuelto despedir a Comey ante las recomendaciones de Rosenstein y el secretario de Justicia, Jeff Sessions. El viernes por la madrugada, Trump reiteró su posición de que los informes sobre la complicidad con el gobierno ruso son "inventos". Hasta ahora no hay pruebas de ello.

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  • SEABA 2017: Gilas manhandles Myanmar

    The victor for the week-long tournament will represent SEABA in the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup which will take place in Lebanon from August 10 to August 20, 2017. The Philippines will battle Singapore at 7 p.m. today at the same venue. Indonesia and Thailand beat their separate rivals in the earlier games to share the early lead with Gilas.

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  • Real Madrid saca último boleto a final de Champions

    Los rojiblancos presionaban a los blancos, obligándoles a cometer muchas imprecisiones y a perder rápidamente en el balón. Los merengues , entonces, jugarán la final de la Champions League frente a la Juventus el 3 de junio en el Millenium Stadium de Cardiff .

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  • Participa estudiante mexicano en simulaciones de viaje y vida en Marte

    Participa estudiante mexicano en simulaciones de viaje y vida en Marte

    Según destacó el comunicado, antes de su viaje Yair Israel obtuvo apoyo de la Presidencia de la República, la Fuerza Aérea Mexicana y la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México . Sus estudios sobre los niveles de radiación que enfrentarán las primeras mujeres y hombres que pisen el planeta rojo, pueden ser cruciales para contribuir al mayor logro de esa próxima misión: sobrevivir en Marte .

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  • China's Oppo trumps Samsung with world's best-selling Android smartphone in first quarter

    It's worth noting that Apple's unit sales far outpaced even third-place OPPO and that lower-cost devices, such as the Galaxy J3 and Galaxy J5, ranked ahead of more expensive iPhone competitors. Apple's Taiwanese manufacturing partner Wistron Corp is setting up a plant in Bengaluru to focus exclusively on assembling iPhones even as the Cupertino major seeks tax concessions from the Indian government to set up local production in the world's fastest growing major mobile market.

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  • Jakarta's Christian governor found guilty of blasphemy

    The conviction and imprisonment of Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, better known as "Ahok", will tarnish Indonesia's reputation for tolerance, Amnesty International said today. He added: "If someone like Ahok, the governor of the capital, backed by the country's largest political party, ally of the president, can be jailed on groundless accusations, what will others do?" "Ahok's is the biggest blasphemy case in the history of Indonesia".

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  • Space colony management game Surviving Mars revealed

    Space colony management game Surviving Mars revealed

    Our game is a serious take on sci-fi - but one with an optimistic tone that updates the aesthetics of the original space race to the technology and societal outlook of today. "Expanding our management-strategy catalog has been something we've wanted to do for some time. Finding a developer who shares our core design tenets is always gratifying, but with Haemimont and Surviving Mars we're going to be giving our players a new experience that's uniquely their own".

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  • Astronautas de la NASA realizan la caminata espacial número 200 — En vivo

    Astronautas de la NASA realizan la caminata espacial número 200 — En vivo

    Durante la caminata espacial que se extenderá por 6.5 horas, los astronautas también instalarán un escudo protector en el adaptador de acoplamiento presurizado-3. Los astronautas terminaron compartiendo la manguera de Whitson mientras esperaban, lo que redujo las baterías de sus trajes. Fue la primera caminata espacial de Fischer, quien llegó a la EEI hace menos de un mes.

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  • Así se ve Windows 10 rediseñado

    Nadella agregó que Windows activa 500 millones de dispositivos con Windows 10 al mes, y en conjunto con Azure y Microsoft Office, ofrece más de mil millones de herramientas para conectar sus innovaciones con los clientes. Ahora, Windows se involucrará con sus competidores y buscará maneras de mejorar la experiencia de los clientes con esos dispositivos, dijo la compañía con sede en Redmond, Washington .

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  • New Composite Image Reveals Mysteries of Crab Nebula

    New Composite Image Reveals Mysteries of Crab Nebula

    The Crab Nebula (M1) lies 6,500 light-years away from Earth in the constellation Taurus and is barely visible to the naked eye. It measures about 10 light-years across and is constantly expanding. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) to the powerful X-ray glow as seen by the orbiting Chandra X-ray Observatory. It possesses a super-dense neutron star at its center, which rotates once at every 33 milliseconds and emits radio waves and light - referred to as a "pulsar".

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  • At T-Mobile, buy one Galaxy S8, get the second free

    At T-Mobile, buy one Galaxy S8, get the second free

    Moreover, the phone will have support for Samsung Pay and Samsung Knox . Design: Samsung uses Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back of the S8 Plus with an aluminum frame sandwiched between the glass panels. There are new versions of both of these devices and both are nice improvements over last year's models. Talking about the specs of the smartphone, we don't have anything new here since we are looking at exactly the same device.

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  • Alan Wake is being removed from Steam and Xbox this month

    Alan Wake is being removed from Steam and Xbox this month

    When the license expires any work associated with it, in this case a game, can no longer be sold. The studio negotiated the music licensing for American Nightmare themselves; the unspoken suggestion here being that Microsoft were responsible for negotiating the first game.

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  • Apple Watch Can Detect an Abnormal Heart Rhythm with 97% Accuracy

    Apple Watch Can Detect an Abnormal Heart Rhythm with 97% Accuracy

    Most of the participants in the UCSF Health eHeart study had normal EKG readings. An Apple representative did not have anything specific to share about Cardiogram, but directed C/NET's Megan Wollerton to a Johns Hopkins University study , which detailed findings about detecting potential seizures with the Apple Watch.

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  • Giant sea monster washes up on beach

    Giant sea monster washes up on beach

    Tuanakota said in an interview that he initially thought the creature was a boat that might have got stranded along the shore. Asrul Tuanakota, a local resident of Seram Island in the Maluku province, discovered the 15m long carcass on Tuesday night, the Jakarta Globe reports.

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  • Ventas del Galaxy S8 superan expectativas de Samsung en México

    También incluyen tecnología de carga rápida de Samsung . Entre los items se destacan principalmente las cámaras , ambas de 16 MP, que resultan ideales para capturar las mejores selfies. Esto significa que ofrecen resistencia al agua y al polvo , la lluvia, sudor, arena, etc., convirtiéndolos en los compañeros ideales en toda ocasión.

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  • May y Moon acuerdan necesidad de responder rotundamente a Corea del Norte

    La conversación duró unos 40 minutos. China y Corea del Sur tienen un "objetivo común": Es la desnuclearización de la península coreana. Moon ha insistido en campaña en que buscaría un mayor acercamiento pero manteniendo a la vez la política de sanciones que pesan sobre Pyongyang como castigo por sus ensayos nucleares y con misiles balísticos.

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  • NASA releases video starring spacewalking astronauts

    NASA releases video starring spacewalking astronauts

    The first spacewalk in support of International Space Station assembly and maintenance was conducted on December 7, 1998, by NASA astronauts Jerry Ross and Jim Newman during space shuttle Endeavour's STS-88 mission. The video was filmed just ahead of the Pressurized Mating Adapter-3's (PMA-3) robotic move on March 26. The PMA-3 provides the pressurized interface between the station modules and the docking adapter.

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