• Explosión de pirotecnia en Puebla; 12 muertos

    El incidente sucedió en el marco de los preparativos de la fiesta parroquial de la comunidad, y al parecer una chispa alcanzó el cuarto donde se almacenaba el material pirotécnico ubicado detrás de la iglesia, provocando la explosión . Según las pesquisas, el accidente ocurrió en la casa del mayordomo de la comunidad, cuando un grupo de pobladores festejaban, que ya tenían todo listo para la fiesta patronal del próximo 15 de mayo .

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  • WannaCry ransomware not to impact Indian ATMs much: RS Prasad

    WannaCry ransomware not to impact Indian ATMs much: RS Prasad

    Back in 2013, Microsoft warned that the Indian banking industry's reliance on Windows XP could put more than 34,000 branches at risk when support for the operating system ended. Security solutions providers have also accelerated efforts to develop tools to tide over the crisis. The ransomware uses an exploit developed by the US National Security Agency and is a particular threat to older operating systems such as Windows XP, which are no longer supported by Microsoft.

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  • Deuda estatal, escollo estructural hasta el 2030: Gil Corona

    Deuda estatal, escollo estructural hasta el 2030: Gil Corona

    El acrecentamiento de la deuda pone en condiciones vulnerables el desarrollo económico y social, pues una deuda pública por arriba de la capacidad de pago en estados pobres como el nuestro es un factor que restringe el margen de maniobra del gobierno: "presiona la operatividad, reduce la liquidez, aumenta la deuda no bancaria con contratistas y proveedores, reduce la inversión productiva y profundiza el deterioro de la flexibilidad financiera".

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  • ¡Qué asco! Cómo es el parásito que puede vivir en el sushi

    Primero hay que entender que esta es una enfermedad provocada por comer peces o mariscos contaminados con parásitos, así lo reveló un informe publicado este jueves por el repositorio BMJ Case Reports . Si usted comenta utilizando una cuenta de Facebook, la información de su perfil (trabajo/empleador/localidad) puede ser visible en su comentario dependiendo de sus ajustes de privacidad.

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  • We have confidence in Buhari, Osinbajo - US, UK

    We have confidence in Buhari, Osinbajo - US, UK

    Before the president left the country, he handed over affairs to his vice Professor Yemi Osinbajo who now holds the position of the acting president. "In the letter drafted by the controversial official for Buhari to sign, the officer also suggested that Osinbajo be restrained from taking any action on the Economy, Foreign Currency operations and the Central Bank of Nigeria among other strategic agencies of the government pending the return of Buhari".

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  • Trump mulling over Jerusalem embassy move: Tillerson

    Trump supported Abbas for "being the Palestinian leader who signs his name to the final and most important peace agreement that brings safety, stability and prosperity to both peoples and to the region". Embassy to Jerusalem . "And so I think in large measure the president is being very careful to understand how such a decision would impact a peace process".

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  • 20 states with the most drug abuse and 5 more statistics

    20 states with the most drug abuse and 5 more statistics

    Measures include drug use, treatment and law enforcement information, and data such as the state's percentage of adults who used illicit drugs in the past month, for example, received stronger weight in the scoring. There are also many arrests on college campuses. The state took the fifth spot in the category of highest percentage of teenagers who were offered, sold or given an illegal drug on school property.

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  • Persona of cinema has changed now: Irrfan Khan

    Persona of cinema has changed now: Irrfan Khan

    Also, around the release of Madaari in 2016, the actor had faced the heat for his remarks around qurbani. Asked for his stance on whether Pakistani artistes should be allowed to work in India or not, the Life of Pi star responded, "I will take a stand when there will be responsible people around".

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  • Yemen Declares State of Emergency over Cholera Outbreak

    Yemen is in the grips of a war between the Saudi-supported government and Iranian-backed Houthi rebels, and fewer than half of the country's health facilities are functioning two years into the conflict. It called on global organisations to "scale up their assistance urgently to limit the spread of the outbreak and anticipate potential other ones". "We are putting four patients in each bed, and have placed extra beds in tents and under trees in the garden", Mr al Najjar said, adding that ...

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  • Ransomware attack should be wake-up call for govts

    As a ransomware program, WannaCry itself is not that special or sophisticated. In fact, an earlier version of the program was distributed in March and April and, judging by its implementation, its creators are not very skilled. Security firm BinaryEdge, which specializes in internet-wide scans, has detected more than 1 million Windows systems that have the SMB service exposed to the internet.

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  • Lewis Hamilton hails his 'rawest fight' ever after winning Spanish Grand Prix

    Lewis Hamilton hails his 'rawest fight' ever after winning Spanish Grand Prix

    Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany steers his auto during the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix at the Barcelona Catalunya racetrack in Montmelo, Spain, Sunday, May 14, 2017. The next round of the season, the Monaco Grand Prix, takes place on May 28 in Monte Carlo. The success of those improvements coupled with the Silver Arrows' clever decision-making has left Hamilton optimistic for the gruelling battle ahead.

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  • Banks to fight 'fast and loose' $6.2b tax

    The Treasurer believes better days are ahead, thanks to an uptick in the global economy. "It is now time for all our leaders to move on from populist bank bashing so we can work constructively with Parliament and policy makers on how we can best support the Australian economy", Mr Elliott said.

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  • Ebola Outbreak: FG Holds Emergency Meeting Monday

    UNHCR spokesperson Andrej Mahecic told a press briefing here on Friday that the recent arrivals included people with severe wounds and burn injuries, who have been transferred to a local hospital to receive urgent medical attention. The epicenter of the epidemic is the Nambwa Health Area, around 130km from Buta, capital of the Bas-Uele province, which shares the border with the Central African Republic.

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  • Companies prepare for more ransomware attacks on Monday

    Federal Bureau of Investigation and other global law enforcement agencies as they attempt to track down the persons or groups responsible for the attack. By one security firm's count, the malware struck at least 74 countries, including the USA, where its effects seemed muted. It is high time that the Zambian Government invested heavily in cyber-security because cyber criminals now know they can hit everyone across the globe and therefore, ransomware attacks are most likely to worsen.

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  • Rusia denuncia un ciberataque masivo contra banca y ferrocarriles del país

    Un virus informático que en un principio parecía afectar aisladamente a hospitales en Inglaterra, se ha esparcido por diferentes países, entre ellos EE.UU., Canadá, China, Italia, Taiwán y Rusia . Sin embargo, se trata de una medida temporal, ya que no puede resolver el problema de los computadores afectados. Un programa informativo secuestró archivos de computadoras de todo el mundo para exigir un rescate por acceder nuevamente al sistema.

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  • Can outdoor temperatures influence gestational diabetes?

    Can outdoor temperatures influence gestational diabetes?

    Michael's Hospital in Toronto, and colleagues. Dr. Booth said the finding might seem counterintuitive, but can be explained by emerging science about how humans make different kinds of fat. In comparison, women who were born in hot climates, including South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, had rates of gestational diabetes of 7.7% and 11.8%, respectively.

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  • Miles de compañías se ven afectadas por virus cibernético

    Miles de compañías se ven afectadas por virus cibernético

    Sistemas computacionales de al menos mil 600 grandes compañías y organizaciones en Estados Unidos han sido afectados por el ataque de un virus de tipo "Ransomware". Se trata de uno de los ataques de ransomware más graves de la historia y lo inusual y alarmante de la situación ha hecho que Microsoft lance un parche para proteger a los clientes de Windows XP a pesar de que el soporte para este sistema operativo terminase hace ya tres años .

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  • Hamilton tops Vettel for Spain GP victory

    Hamilton tops Vettel for Spain GP victory

    Daniil Kvyat and Romain Grosjean took the last points on offer in ninth and tenth. At nearly exactly the same moment, both Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen crashed out after the Iceman was clipped by Valtteri Bottas and pushed into The Flying Dutchman.

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  • Microsoft reactivó una actualización para enfrentar los ciberataques

    Microsoft reactivó una actualización para enfrentar los ciberataques

    El Ransomware es un tipo de programa informático malintencionado que bloquea el acceso a una computadora y a sus datos. Ayer os hablamos acerca del importante ataque de ransomware que ha afectado a ordenadores de todo el planeta, llegando incluso a obligar a empresas como Telefónica a pedir a sus trabajadores que apagasen los ordenadores para no infectarse .

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  • Al menos 14 muertos por una explosión de pirotecnia en Puebla — México

    Al menos 14 personas murieron y unas 30 resultaron heridas en una explosión registrada en un almacén de pirotecnia en el estado de Puebla , en el centro de México, reeditando el horror que provocó en diciembre pasado una fuerte detonación que dejó 32 muertos y más de 60 heridos en Tultepec , informaron hoy fuentes oficiales.

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  • The Honest Company recalls baby wipes due to mold

    The Honest Company recalls baby wipes due to mold

    Consumers are asked to enter a lot number in the search field on the website to see whether the product is affected. You can find the lot number on the back of the package. Because of this issue, the company is issuing a voluntary recall of the products. If you have an affected package of wipes, Honest says to return them to your point of purchase for a full refund.

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  • Delhi will get rid of mosquito-borne diseases: Kejriwal

    The directions were issued at a high-level meeting of officers from the three municipal corporations and the Delhi government, chaired by the chief minister. "The call centre will help fever patients get beds in government hospitals. Like a year ago, the government will also fix the maximum fee for dengue and chikungunya tests in the city", Mr Sisodia said.

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  • Israel urges US to transfer embassy to Jerusalem

    Israel urges US to transfer embassy to Jerusalem

    He said that those visits have conveyed the Arab and Palestinian view on the future of the peace process. In particular, Trump wants to consider the impact such a move could have on a potential peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.

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  • Aust firms back to work after cyber attack

    Aust firms back to work after cyber attack

    His agency is advising companies around the world to install their computer updates to help prevent a second wave of disruption when employees come back to work on Monday. military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen". In light of recent events, Microsoft states that this ransomware attack should be taken as a wake-up call, all the while criticizing the world governments for failing to provide information on these vulnerabilities.

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  • Jeremy Corbyn Gatecrashes Theresa May's ITV Facebook Live Broadcast

    Jeremy Corbyn Gatecrashes Theresa May's ITV Facebook Live Broadcast

    Peston . Peston told May nearly 40,000 questions had been submitted during the 45-minute interview on ITV News' Facebook page - and the outlet says similar online discussions will be held with the other party leaders in the coming weeks. May also said she didn't mind comments on her fashion sense, stating: "What I would hope for women out there, be it getting into politics or in business or the workplace generally, is be yourself".

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  • Recall ordered for frozen breakfast foods

    Recall ordered for frozen breakfast foods

    Specifically, the company plans to exit 16 s.k.u.s, including frozen waffles, frozen french toast slices and frozen pancakes. No cases of listeria infections linked to Aunt Jemima have been reported, Pinnacle Foods said in the recall announcement.

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  • Macri llegó a Beijing para una visita de Estado de cinco días

    Xi Jinping retomó el espíritu humanitario, ancestral y multilateral de la antigua ruta de la seda para explicar la nueva iniciativa que ya incluye a cien países, y que busca renovar la traza de conectividad y abrir grandes arterias de "interacción del capital, la tecnología y el movimiento libre de personas".

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  • Trump's likely pick for top USDA scientist isn't a scientist

    Trump's likely pick for top USDA scientist isn't a scientist

    As the division's undersecretary, Clovis would oversee the USDA's extensive scientific mission and its economic bureaus, including the Natural Agricultural Statistics Service and the Economic Research Service. Trump is a skeptic on climate change, and we need more science", he said . With the amount of biotechnology and precision machinery used by today's farmers, it's no wonder that we take so much pride in the science behind the ag industry.

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