• Trump Slams Debate Schedule with Hillary as 'Unacceptable'

    Trump Slams Debate Schedule with Hillary as 'Unacceptable'

    The Clinton campaign has stated that the Democratic nominee will be present at the debates, and expects Trump to show up, too. Priebus confirmed that the RNC would back Republican nominee Donald Trump if he were to protest or demand changes to the presidential debate schedule as set by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) past year.

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  • Revamping economic plan, Donald Trump vows tax cuts to 'jumpstart' US

    Clinton will return to MI on Wednesday for an evening fundraiser in Birmingham and is planning her own address on jobs and the economy Thursday in Metro Detroit. An organization called the Michigan People's Campaign is claiming responsibility. Bob Schieffer, CBS News Contributor, says, "They are more anxious now about losing the Senate, I think, than they are about whether or not they win The White House".

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  • Tormenta Javier se debilita a depresión tropical

    Los estados mexicanos de Puebla, Veracruz e Hidalgo fueron los principales afectados por el paso de la tormenta tropical Earl , que dejó un total de 45 muertos, miles de damnificados y un número indeterminado de desaparecidos, además de millonarias pérdidas materiales.

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  • Five-day Southern rail strike enters second day

    Trains have been disrupted for weeks because of industrial action and a shortage of staff, which the company blamed on high levels of sickness. "We are prepared to meet them directly or through ACAS any time, any place, anywhere to let common sense prevail and give our customers back their trains and give them the service they expect".

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  • Rajoy, más cerca de cerrar acuerdo para formar gobierno

    Rajoy, más cerca de cerrar acuerdo para formar gobierno

    El vicesecretario de Sectorial del PP, Javier Maroto, ha asegurado hoy que el presidente del Gobierno, Mariano Rajoy, está dispuesto a ofrecer mañana "todo" al líder de Ciudadanos , Albert Rivera , para tratar de conseguir que haya un gobierno operativo lo antes posible.

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  • Dictan arresto domiciliario contra venezolano implicado en caso Banco Peravia

    Dictan arresto domiciliario contra venezolano implicado en caso Banco Peravia

    Según se indicó el avión matricula Norteamericana N855BC, se mantiene retenido bajo vigilancia militar en el área de estacionamiento de aeronaves privadas del aeropuerto Internacional de Punta Cana , de la provincia La Altagracia. Por ese mismo caso se encuentran guardando prisión en el Centro de Corrección y Rehabilitación San Pedro de Macorís: Nelson Serret Segranez, Jorge Serret Sugranez, Carlos Serret Sugranez, Pausides Morales, Nelson Cabral y el coronel Florentino de Jesús Acosta.

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  • Oil prices rise as OPEC plans informal talks

    Oil prices rise as OPEC plans informal talks

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - Global stock markets rose Tuesday as slack Chinese consumer price figures stoked expectations of more stimulus policies. Oil prices were subjected to further choppy trading on Tuesday with markets continuing to focus on the possibility of Opec action to curb production at September's informal meeting.

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  • Registra turismo internacional crecimiento de 9.1% en lo que va del año

    Registra turismo internacional crecimiento de 9.1% en lo que va del año

    La captación de divisas por actividad turística internacional se ubicó en ocho mil 379 millones de dólares, cifra que representa un alza de 7.3 por ciento respecto a los primeros cinco meses del año pasado. Dentro del programa de turismo con responsabilidad social, Viajemos todos por México, "es muy importante porque hay muchos niños y muchos adultos, que viviendo en estados costeros, no conocen el mar; o como lo mencionó Rosalinda - la secretaria de Turismo del Estado de México- y fue una ...

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  • Toronto Star publisher cuts newsroom jobs

    Toronto Star publisher cuts newsroom jobs

    Torstar cut 52 jobs in total, spokesman Bob Hepburn said, with seven layoffs affecting a community newspaper operation, digital jobs outside the newsroom and a fashion publication. Torstar Corp TSb.TO has been trying to cut costs as it struggles with falling advertising revenue. It slashed its dividend payout twice this year, outsourced printing of the Star and killed the print edition of a regional paper.

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  • Mylan second-quarter profit edges higher; EPS forecast unchanged

    Mylan second-quarter profit edges higher; EPS forecast unchanged

    The company has market capitalization of $3.81B. On Aug 10, 2015 the shares registered one year high at $57.81 and the one year low of $37.59 was seen on Oct 22, 2015. Supercharged with true asynchronous compute, support for high dynamic range monitors and designed from the ground up for low-overhead APIs, the Radeon™ RX 470 delivers on the promise of uncompromised HD gaming with exceptional graphics performance and low power consumption.

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  • Rafecas envió a Bonadio la denuncia de Nisman contra CFK

    Rafecas envió a Bonadio la denuncia de Nisman contra CFK

    Una vez que la tenga en su juzgado, Bonadio podría dar cursoa al fiscal Eduardo Taiano para que amplíe el objeto de la investigación e incluir en esa instancia las 55 medidas de prueba que habían sido pedidas por Gerardo Pollicita y que nunca se llevaron a cabo.

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  • Paul Ryan/Paul Nehlen matchup among several statewide primary election races Tuesday

    Ryan won with more than 80 percent of the vote ― a resounding rejection of the Trump-type politics that Nehlen had embraced in an effort to draw the media spotlight. Two of Wisconsin's biggest political names, Paul Ryan and Russ Feingold, had an early and easy primary night. There were about 100 blue-collar workers at this plant, where Ryan fielded a handful of questions from employees, including one on the Green Bay Packers' chances this year.

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  • Oil Prices Rebound as US Stockpiles of Gasoline Fall Sharply (NYSEARCA:USO)

    Futures on Thursday rose $1.10 to settle at $41.93. "Maybe the surprise drawdown in gasoline inventories helped future prices remain stable but that does not change the fact: the U.S. Oil rallied from a 12-year low near $27 in January to a 2016 high of nearly $53 in June, supported by an initiative from OPEC and outside producers including Russian Federation to freeze output and by hopes that the supply glut would ease.

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  • Geico says it will add 600 jobs in western New York

    Geico says it will add 600 jobs in western New York

    GEICO promised to bring 600 new jobs to the area. "We really didn't consider other locations, because we didn't have the space or we weren't outfitted to grow", Nicely said. "We are adept at understanding the needs of Fortune 500 companies, guiding them through the real estate process and investing in those long-term relationships".

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  • 'Second Amendment people' might stop Clinton from picking judges

    Tim Kaine, Clinton's running mate, said Trump's remarks show "just no understanding for the role of leader". His spokeswoman did not immediately reply to a request for a clarification of his remarks. The emails released by the State Department provide information similar to what USA officials had already discussed publicly at the time . "This is simple-what Trump is saying is unsafe".

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  • U.S. gymnastics: How the

    U.S. gymnastics: How the "Final Five" got its nickname

    Well before Tuesday's team final at Rio Olympic Arena, the five members of the U.S. Olympic women's gymnastics squad huddled via cellphone for an all-important, athletes-only meeting. They finished with Hernandez, Raisman and Biles delivering high-flying, engaging floor routines. They started with a nearly-stuck Amanar vault , the one made famous by McKayla Maroney in 2012, from Raisman.

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  • Valeant sticks with guidance, up 7.7% premarket

    Valeant has specifically identified its Bausch + Lomb eye care division as one that it would like to keep, as well as its dermatology, gastrointestinal, and over-the- counter businesses as core. Second-quarter results didn't show much progress for the first two objectives. Unlike traditional relationships, Walgreens doesn't purchase Valeant's drugs and resell them to consumers and payers.

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  • US wins gold in women's gymnastics at Rio

    The United States won gold in the event. Douglas and Raisman each claimed their third Olympic gold medals following double success at London 2012. This outcome was expected. The other teams in the final gave their best efforts to make a run at the long-reigning queens of the sport, but almost every team suffered a fall over the course of four events.

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  • Trump goes gunning for Hillary in North Carolina

    It said in a statement: "This is simple-what Trump is saying is risky. A person seeking to the president of the U.S. should not be suggesting violence in any way", said a spokesperson. Some rolled their eyes at another lost opportunity. "We can't take our focus off the places that will actually get us to 270 electoral votes", a Clinton adviser said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss strategy.

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  • Meg Whitman backs Hillary over 'demagogue' Trump

    But he made clear that he is deeply uncomfortable with Trump's performance since becoming the nominee. On "CBS This Morning", Manafort said that while Trump didn't take a position in the primary, "he's going to support Paul Ryan". In an interview later Wednesday with Florida's WPEC-TV, Trump was asked if he was being "baited into battles". "He's had a pretty unusual run since the convention", Ryan said on WTAQ radio in Green Bay.

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  • A Young Harley Quinn Could Be Vexing 'Gotham' In The Near Future

    Honestly, I agree and would go the step further to say they should have cut even more and put it all in a separate movie. The story line is what critics have been hammering with negative reviews ... "The antagonist (s) are not well defined and, to my mind, you need a good antagonist to help define the protagonist (s). Leto's answer is that he always "wished" it was rated R and that the villain movie felt like the one that should take that chance.

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  • Did Trump suggest gun owners threaten Clinton or the Supreme Court?

    Trump has repeatedly bashed his opponent for seeking to abolish gun rights, while Clinton has said she favors tougher gun controls. "Although the Second Amendment people . "Second amendment remedies" is a phrase used by some gun-rights advocates to describe violent action against a tyrannical government. It is the Trump campaign being dishonest, not the media.

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  • Donald Trump hints that gun owners should ASSASSINATE Hillary Clinton

    Eddie Vale, the vice president of the liberal super PAC American Bridge, tweeted at the same time: "ummmmm Trump just alluded to people shooting Clinton". Fifty former Republican national security officials and foreign policy thinkers published a missive against Donald Trump on Monday saying they would not vote for their party's nominee because he "would put at risk our country's national security and well-being".

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  • Detroit police dogs to sport bullet-resistant vests

    Detroit police dogs to sport bullet-resistant vests

    Michael Woody says the department is thankful for the support from Strategic Staffing Solutions for the vests, which were displayed at an event Tuesday. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article. Be Civil - It's OK to have a difference in opinion but there's no need to be a jerk.

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  • Tesla posts almost $300 million loss in second quarter

    The company delivered 14, 402 new vehicles during this period. "We were in production hell for the first six months of the year; we managed to climb out of that", said CEO Elon Musk. The company says it is consistently producing 2,000 vehicles per week, and it believes that both production and demand will support around 50,000 deliveries in the second half of 2016.

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  • Alfredo Castillo lleva novia a Río 2016

    Alfredo Castillo lleva novia a Río 2016

    Para Alfredo Castillo fueron desafortunadas las declaraciones de Aída Román, quien siendo subcampeona olímpica fue descartada en la primera ronda de eliminación directa del torneo de tiro con arco, donde cayó ante Alexandra Mirca, de Moldavia, por 4-6.

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