• Virgin Mobile busca emprendedores en México

    Virgin Mobile busca emprendedores en México

    El director general de Virgin Mobile México, Farid Aourag , señaló que la firma ha impactado el mercado mexicano de manera positiva a través de su filosofía " Change Business for Good ", para hacer negocios y beneficiar a los consumidores.

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  • Trump suggests Clinton could be deported over 'evading justice'

    Trump suggests Clinton could be deported over 'evading justice'

    Facing an uphill climb with men and women in uniform, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday made an impassioned pitch to veterans and service members, touting "American exceptionalism" and arguing that she is the only presidential candidate in the race capable and qualified to be commander in chief.

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  • Singer Mariah Carey's sister arrested on prostitution charges

    Alison Carey faces a reporter and camera crew from Inside Edition while her older escort tells the press to be polite. During the proceedings before Judge Daniel Lamb Jr., Carey's attorney Thomas Melanson answered for his client saying he waived the reading of the charge and agreeing to an October 26 date for the trial to begin.

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  • Drake Gets Friend-Zoned by Rihanna During MTV VMAs

    Drake Gets Friend-Zoned by Rihanna During MTV VMAs

    West could have another memorable moment Sunday if he wins video of the year later in the show. The next performance featured a psychedelic rendition of "Needed Me" and positively bad a** versions of "Pour It Up" and "B***h Better Have My Money".

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  • Orlando Bloom avisó a Miranda Kerr sobre sus fotos desnudo

    Durante el programa de radio Kylie & Jackie O, la guapa modelo y futura esposa del CEO de Snapchatconfesó cómo fue lidiar con todo esta ola mediatica que vivió el papá de su hijo Flynn y la respuesta fue realmente encantadora. Con información de Daily Mail. "Y yo le dije, hmmm ... bien, ¿qué estabas pensando?" A pesar de su sorpresa, la modelo se tomó el episodio con humor y prometió mandarle a Bloom "un par de trajes de baño, porque creo que podrían gustarle".

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  • Netflix Sets Talk Show with Bill Nye

    Netflix Sets Talk Show with Bill Nye

    But gone will be the childish whims of this famous 90's show, BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY , and in its place a talk show that will focus on fighting anti-scientific rhetoric with cold hard facts, experimentation and guest interviews. Today, I'm excited to be working with Netflix on a new show, where we'll discuss the complex scientific issues facing us today, with episodes on vaccinations, genetically modified foods and climate change.

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  • Clinton aide separates from scandal-plagued Weiner

    Clinton aide separates from scandal-plagued Weiner

    Abedin said she and her husband, former congressman Anthony Weiner, "remain devoted to doing what is best for our son" and asked for privacy. Others have tried to make the case that if Abedin is struggling with her husband's infidelity, then it might make the Clinton campaign less effective.

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  • Rihanna Wears Her Heart On Her Ankle, Steps Out With Drake

    Rihanna Wears Her Heart On Her Ankle, Steps Out With Drake

    News, Rihanna recently got a shark tattoo on her ankle, as a sly reference to the stuffed shark Drake bought her after visiting an aquarium in Toronto. As the rapper presented her with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award , he said, "She's someone I've been in love with since I was 22 years old".

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  • Jeremy Corbyn pledges to boost role of women in Labour

    Jeremy Corbyn plans to make Labour's next general election campaign a digital affair, modelled in part on the social media techniques used by Bernie Sanders during his run for the Democratic nomination in the US. Smith, who backs having a rerun of the referendum on European Union membership, said there was a difference between the "lies" told by Leave campaigners earlier this year and pledges made by Labour ahead of 2014's vote that haven't been delivered, such as protecting Scotland's ...

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  • Forecast: Hermine will be a hurricane at landfall

    Forecast: Hermine will be a hurricane at landfall

    The severity of those effects will not be known until the storm moves past Florida and the Carolinas late Thursday night into Friday morning. Rainfall totals of six to eight inches will be common in north Florida as Hermine rolls through.

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  • 'Westworld': See the Creepy Robot Key Art

    'Westworld': See the Creepy Robot Key Art

    HBO has revealed the official Westworld key art for their new sci-fi series, which you can check out in the gallery below! We'll have to wait until it premieres, but could the robots/androids in Westworld actually have more humanity than the humans? The one-hour drama series kicks off its ten-episode season Sunday, October 2 at 9 PM, exclusively on HBO.

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  • Clinton: Trump in bed with anti-Semites, other racists

    Trump was accompanied by retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie when he received his briefing. Bannon's incorporation into the Trump campaign effectively represents the Republican candidate's agreement to represent the alt-right's interests.

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  • El G20 busca un

    El G20 busca un "Plan Hangzhou" para estimular la economía global

    Con el objetivo de defender la importancia y los retos de los jóvenes, dos victorenses y un reynosense, forman parte de la comisión que representarán a México en la cumbre G-20 en Beijing , China , del 8 al 10 de septiembre. El contexto económico mundial sigue siendo sombrío y tras el Brexit en el Reino Unido, el Fondo Monetario Internacional (FMI) rebajó sus previsiones de crecimiento para 2016 y 2017 hasta 3.1 % y 3.4 %.

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  • Photo shows sweet moment between FSU player, autistic student

    Photo shows sweet moment between FSU player, autistic student

    He said "FSU football player", then I had tears streaming down my face. She was extremely happy that her son got to eat with someone who was a hero in many eyes. "It was real easy. you'd never think anything was wrong with him". He was simply trying to make a difference to just one person. Rudolph told reporters he would have no problem scarfing down some carbs with Bo Paske in the future.

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  • Watch Amy Schumer eject sexist heckler at Swedish gig

    Watch Amy Schumer eject sexist heckler at Swedish gig

    Schumer even attempted to move on with the show, and did not immediately throw him out but let him off with a warning. When it became clear the activists in the store simply wanted to create a disturbance, they were asked to leave by security staff and then escorted off the premises.

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  • Venezuela y Ecuador retiran representantes diplomáticos en Brasil

    El presidente de Ecuador, Rafael Correa , afirmó que la destitución de Rousseff como presidenta de Brasil es una " apología " al abuso y la traición que recuerda las "horas más oscuras de nuestra América ". " Las oligarquías políticas y empresariales, que en alianza con factores imperiales consumaron el Golpe de Estado contra la Presidenta Dilma Rousseff, recurrieron a artimañas antijurídicas bajo el formato de crimen sin responsabilidad para acceder al poder por la única vía que les es ...

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  • Weiner and wife to separate after latest sexting scandal

    Abedin, who as vice chair of Clinton's campaign is destined for big things if the Democrat is elected president, stayed with Weiner after a sexting scandal led him to resign from Congress in 2011 and after a new outbreak of online misbehavior wrecked his bid for NY mayor in 2013.

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  • Cenizas de Juan Gabriel podría ser esparcidas en Ciudad Juárez

    Tras confirmarse que los restos de Juan Gabriel fueron cremados en Anaheim, ciudad de California, la periodista mexicana Mara Patricia Castañeda informó a los medios que las cenizas del cantante están en una casa campestre del condado de Broward, Miami, hasta donde llegaron 11 integrantes de la familia en las últimas horas.

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  • México va a pagar el muro, insiste Trump en Arizona

    En el mensaje conjunto a la prensa tras la controvertida cita que ha sido blanco de críticas, Trump defendió el muro fronterizo en vista de la problemática en la frontera común. La especialista del Centro de Estudios Internacionales del Colegio de México (Colmex), Soledad Loaeza, aseguró que Trump no es precisamente un " amigo de la verdad" y lo que está haciendo es movilizar a los votantes para la elección presidencial y para su beneficio.

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  • Mo Farah lands double-double, winning gold in 5000m

    A DAY after writing another chapter in his incredible life story with a victory in the 5,000 metres that brought him a fourth Olympic medal, Mo Farah confirmed yesterday he would end his track career at the world championships in London next year before turning his attentions to the road.

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  • Days Before Trump's Big Immigration Speech, Top Aide Offers Few Specifics

    Days Before Trump's Big Immigration Speech, Top Aide Offers Few Specifics

    Trailing Democrat Hillary Clinton in many key states 10 weeks before the election, Trump is trying to win over moderate Republicans, some of whom have been turned off by his rhetoric on immigration and other issues. That stance drew fire from conservatives who wanted him to stand fast after he won the Republican presidential nomination in large part by a hardline stance that would include building a wall along the U.S.

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  • Mel Gibson revela detalles de la secuela de

    Mel Gibson revela detalles de la secuela de "La Pasión de Cristo"

    Y no es la Pasión 2, se llama The Resurrection . Hay un problema muy grande que necesita ser mirado con cuidado, ya que no nos limitamos a hacer una presentación simple, o sólo una lectura de lo sucedido. Mientras tanto, se sabe que Randall Wallace , quien estuvo detrás del guión de " Corazón Valiente ", será el encargado de escribir nuevamente para esta producción.

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  • Así serán los homenajes a Juan Gabriel

    Adelantó que lo estarán recibiendo con música, como él lo merece y las puertas del Palacio de Bellas Artes estarán abiertas para todo aquel que quiera llegar y rendirle un homenaje a este grande de la música mexicana. "Creo que como Juan Gabriel no hay otra persona, no va a haber otro". Un video que muestra al cantautor Juan Gabriel sufrir un supuesto preinfarto en su último concierto en Los Ángeles, California, se ha vuelto viral este jueves .

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  • Watch Jenna Dewan-Tatum Parody Magic Mike with Ellen DeGeneres

    The video stars DeGeneres, along with some famous friends including Olivia Munn, who starred in Magic Mike , Tatum's wife Jenna Dewan Tatum, Chrissy Teigen, and Winfrey (at least part of her). "My knees are black and blue", she complains to her audience. I have a new respect for stripers. "They did " Ghostbusters " and " Ocean's Eleven " and thanks to Channing I get to show you the exclusive sneak-peek and here it is..." "We expect it to be a big, big hit", Ellen also says about the "movie".

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  • The Flash EP Greg Berlanti Is Making a Black Lightning DCTV Show

    The Flash EP Greg Berlanti Is Making a Black Lightning DCTV Show

    The husband and wife team of Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil are writing the project, centered around one of DC comics' first African-American superheroes, who was first introduced in 1977. Isabella convinced DC to let him take a shot with another character he had been working on instead, which was Black Lightning . I really would love to see that plot on television.

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  • Jeremy Corbyn admits there were empty seats on 'ram-packed' train

    Jeremy Corbyn admits there were empty seats on 'ram-packed' train

    His critics have questioned the lack of policy in his first 12 months as leader and the sudden flurry of activity during the leadership election. A spokesperson said: "Mr Corbyn was elected previous year with a huge mandate from Labour Party members - the largest mandate of any leader in the history of British politics".

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  • Nicolás Alvarado renuncia a la dirección de TV UNAM

    Nicolás Alvarado renuncia a la dirección de TV UNAM

    En su carta de resignación, de la que la UNAM difundió algunos fragmentos, Alvarado agradeció la oportunidad de poner sus "conocimientos y capacidades, adquiridos en todos y cada uno de los lugares en los que he trabajado a lo largo de mi trayectoria profesional , al servicio de una concepción de medios públicos".

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