• Amy Schumer cancels 'Inside Amy Schumer' on Twitter?

    Amy Schumer cancels 'Inside Amy Schumer' on Twitter?

    We get in fights because he infuriates us", she says, describing Metzer as "the most male, you know, like the most out-there perspective possible". "There are no writers for it", Schumer tweeted on Wednesday. Amy Schumer has spoken out against her former writer Kurt Metzger, who has received criticism for defending an accused serial rapist. Her next tweet reads, "Doing Standup and focusing on writing more for the next year at least.

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  • Drake and Rihanna are reportedly 'fully dating'

    Drake and Rihanna are reportedly 'fully dating'

    Musicians are celebrated for their hard work and dedication and fans are treated to seeing what they'll wear on the red carpet and what songs they will perform. The ceremony kicked off with a surprising opening performance from this year's MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award recipient Rihanna , an award that was given to artist in the previous year's such as Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Brittney Spears, and Beyoncé .

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  • Kanye West HUGS Amber Rose at the VMAs

    Kanye West HUGS Amber Rose at the VMAs

    Some are even saying the music video is the sexiest video of all time. Here are eight things you should know about her. People come up to me, like, 'That's right, tell Taylor!' I'm like, 'Bro, I love all y'all! The global rental company has put the West family up in a $ 30 million pad for the next couple of months while Kanye prepares for Fashion Week and travels for his Saint Pablo Tour.

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  • Cowboys to sit QB Dak Prescott, all starters

    Cowboys to sit QB Dak Prescott, all starters

    As much as any team in the league, Dallas' success is closely tied to its starting quarterback. Tony Romo suffered another serious injury to his back in the first quarter of the third preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks when he was making his debut.

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  • Police search Chris Brown's house, Aug. 30, 2016

    The arrest followed an hours-long standoff and lengthy search of Brown's home after police produced a search warrant. "We are now conducting an investigation at the residence of Mr. This is a developing story . According to reports he was holed up in the property worth almost €4.5 million after he shouted "come and get me" and threw a bag containing guns, drugs and other weapons out the window.

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  • Hamilton says Alonso retirement a real possibility

    Hamilton says Alonso retirement a real possibility

    When asked if he thought Alonso could follow through on his promise, Hamilton said: "For sure". "He's 35 and he's already earned enough money". Alonso's weekend up until race day had been a hard affair, with engine changes forcing him to start the race from the back of the grid, but he stayed out of trouble to run as high as fourth, but Button's race was over on the opening lap after taking damage from Pascal Wehrlein running into the back of his vehicle.

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  • A Major Doctor Strange Spoiler May Have Been Leaked by Dan Harmon

    A Major Doctor Strange Spoiler May Have Been Leaked by Dan Harmon

    Marvel's Doctor Strange follows the story of the talented neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a tragic auto accident, must put ego aside and learn the secrets of a hidden world of mysticism and alternate dimensions. He also explains that Mikkelsens' Kaecilius is interested in spilling the barriers between dimensions. "If the majority is looking for the truth here, he's looking over there for the truth", he adds.

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  • Restos de Juan Gabriel habrían sido cremados en California — EEUU

    Restos de Juan Gabriel habrían sido cremados en California — EEUU

    En el aeropuerto de Toluca , una ciudad próxima a la capital mexicana, representantes de medios de comunicación y un pequeño grupo de admiradores esperaban su llegada . "Seguiremos informando", publicó la coordinadora de Televisa Espectáculos al rededor de las 11:30 am. De acuerdo con su versión, Juan Gabriel habría dejado por escrito su decisión de ser enterrado en su tierra natal, junto a su madre, según ha señalado también el alcalde de Parácuaro , Noé Zamora, quien aseguró que en ...

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  • Drake Goes Above (Literally) And Beyond With His Latest Rihanna PDA

    During Sunday night's MTV VMAs, Drake not only revealed that he's loved Rihanna since he was 22, but he also attempted to kiss the singer on the lips while presenting her with the Video Vanguard Award . Drake and Brown were famously involved in a bloody bottle-throwing dust-up at Soho's WIP nightclub in 2012 that reportedly started when Drake passed a note to Brown rubbing his face in the fact that Rihanna was with him now.

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  • Y-films to now go digital with Darr 2.0 other

    Y-films to now go digital with Darr 2.0 other

    Kiran , the object of Shah Rukh Khan's obsession in the film, and Sunil, the man she actually loves, will both appear on Darr 2 .0 but the teaser features only Rahul, face not shown, who lurks in a darkened room snipping and editing photos of women from their Facebook pages.

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  • Gisele Bündchen named world's highest paid model for 10th time

    Gisele Bündchen named world's highest paid model for 10th time

    Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss tied for third place, grossing $10 million, while Jenner's pal Gigi Hadid rounded out the top five list, earning $9 million, tying with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Gisele has been earning more money than any other model since 2002, thanks to her lucrative deals with Chanel , Carolina Herrera, Pantene, and Arezzo shoes.

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  • Com will cease operations next week

    NEWS BRIEF Gawker .com, the news-gossip website that its best showcased the potential of independent online media and at its worst outed public and semi-public figures and purveyed the kind of snark seen in online comments sections, announced Thursday it will cease operations next week .

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  • Jaden and Willow Smith Cover 'Interview' Magazine

    Willow and Jaden Smith are incredibly accomplished and at ages 15 and 18 respectively. During the interview with the famous producer and The Voice coach, the Smiths open up about their parents (Will and Jada ) and how adults often don't understand their "thought process".

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  • Maine governor wants to meet with lawmaker to make amends

    He's also come under fire for claiming to keep a "three-ringed binder" of all the drug dealers arrested in ME, of which he says more than 90 percent are black and Hispanic. When asked about that, LePage said GOP House members are trying to salvage what they can, while Senate leadership is demanding some things he just can't do.

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  • Ryan Lochte loses all four endorsements after Rio controversy

    Ryan Lochte loses all four endorsements after Rio controversy

    Olympic and Paralympic Team and the values that its athletes embody". Motokuni Takaoka declined to comment specifically on Lochte's predicament, saying via e-mail, "I respect the athletic performance of Ryan, and as long as he is a respectable athlete, he will remain the US ambassador for Airweave as long as our partnership agreement remains effective".

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  • Chinese audiences protest 'Jason Bourne' (3D)

    Chinese audiences protest 'Jason Bourne' (3D)

    Another Chinese cinephile was reported by Quartz to have said: 'There were a line of people throwing up in the restroom of the cinema I went to yesterday... And they are now scrambling to get more 2D versions of the film to China, according to Deadline . But film director Paul Greengrass' style, which includes hand-held camera shooting and many dark night scenes, is not easy to render into a 3D format.

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  • Creman los restos de Juan Gabriel

    Creman los restos de Juan Gabriel

    Roberto Perea , Director de Comunicación Social del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (INBA), confirmó a EL UNIVERSAL que los restos del cantante Juan Gabriel fueron cremados . "La familia quiere estar a solas con él ". "Le doy el pésame a los seguidores de Juan Gabriel .Seguramente está tranquilo y está en paz", finalizó.

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  • Police at Chris Brown's home after woman sought assistance

    Police at Chris Brown's home after woman sought assistance

    In the interim, Brown has been posting Instagram videos from his home claiming his innocence. Brown turned himself in to the Los Angeles Police Department's Wilshire station at 6:30 p.m. "You've all got to stop playing with me like I'm the villain here, like I'm going insane". Meanwhile, Brown posted a least three online videos dismissing TV reports that he was barricaded inside.

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  • Cuerpo de Juan Gabriel fue cremado en California, asegura Mara Patricia Castañeda

    Entrevistado luego de la reunión privada que sostuvo con integrantes del Grupo Parlamentario del Partido Encuentro Social (PES) en la Cámara de Diputados, dentro de la Segunda Reunión Plenaria, que se celebra en un hotel ubicado en el Centro Histórico, el titular de Gobernación reiteró su sentir como funcionario y mexicanos, sobre la muerte de Juan Gabriel.

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  • Sorry, That Drake and Rihanna Website Isn't Real

    The pair flew to Miami, Florida, on Monday night, the source adds, where Drake has scheduled shows at the AmericanAirlines Arena on Tuesday and Wednesday night as part of his Summer Sixteen Tour. Check out these tweets that basically sum up what Rihanna , Drake , and even you were thinking. "They were necking a lot". Drake loves Rihanna .

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  • Brown posts videos as police wait outside his home

    Brown posts videos as police wait outside his home

    Curran told TMZ Brown pulled his gun out on her because she was admiring a piece of his friend's jewelry. Baylee Curran, Miss California Regional 2016, was confirmed as the woman who called 911. He was released, but police kept his vehicle for evidence. She reportedly had an argument with the singer before, as she claimed to the police, Brown pulled a gun on her.

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  • WWE Confirms The Headbangers For SmackDown

    WWE Confirms The Headbangers For SmackDown

    The Miz took another shot at general manager Daniel Bryan in this week's SmackDown in Dallas but Dolph Ziggler interrupted him. But it has become increasingly obvious that this is all a part of a SmackDown storyline, even if the wording of The Miz's rant itself may have been improvised.

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  • You're Going to Love to Hate Teyana Taylor's Workout

    You're Going to Love to Hate Teyana Taylor's Workout

    According to Blaze-who has previously worked with artists like Rihanna and Will Smith-Kanye was very involved in the choreography and was eager to push Taylor to the next level. Back in the day, however, she was just Teyana on MTV's "My Super Sweet 16". Funnily enough, West even mentioned in his speech beforehand that he couldn't be mad if he lost to Bey after all the times he's rooted for her.

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  • Clinton campaign, AP battle over story on foundation ties

    Clinton campaign, AP battle over story on foundation ties

    Campus Reform hit the streets to ask young people what they thought, and the results were overwhelming. "No matter how this group tries to mischaracterize these documents, the fact remains that Hillary Clinton never took action as secretary of state because of donations to the Clinton Foundation", he told the Journal .

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  • Top moments from a Beyonce-dominated MTV VMA awards

    Despite her lack of experience, the youngster appeared to be in her element as she flashed her cheeky smile to the happy snappers, while her mother dropped jaws with her baby blue figure-hugging feathered-diamante frock. Not only did she lip sync, in typical fashion, but she did so badly. He then presented a racy new video for his song "Fade" featuring actress and singer Teyana Taylor, who moves her body sensually in a gym before a steamy shower scene.

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  • Winged Beyonce and her golden Blue Ivy take the VMA carpet

    Blue Ivy is all of 4-years-old but is already stuntin'. But was the tot the reason the singer didn't continue her big appearance? And, it's definitely worth mentioning that Blue was on her best behavior, she even stopped and posed for the cameras on queue like a little diva in the making.

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  • Donald Trump: Mika must apologize for 'gang attack' on Pastor Mark Burns

    Donald Trump: Mika must apologize for 'gang attack' on Pastor Mark Burns

    You have no idea what your words mean and what you're doing to this country'. She continued: "I can't pretend and sort of try and cover this fairly and put it in the veil of objectivity". "Do you want me and my family to be deported", the man screamed in Burns' face. It's deeply disturbing that he is taking hate groups that lived in the dark reaches of the Internet, making them mainstream, helping a radical fringe take over the Republican party, ' she said.

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  • Britney Spears Refuses G-Eazy's Kiss at VMAs, Things Get Awkward

    The pop princess did in fact kick off her VMA introduction with a performance alongside 'NSync but the 34-year-old struggled to remember the specifics of the night. "#VMAs2016", one CAPS LOCK loving fan wrote. While I am no Las Vegas expert, I spend the majority of my nights at different shows, venues, festivals and everything music related.

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