• Restos de Juan Gabriel llegan a México para recibir distintos homenajes

    El Consulado de México en esa ciudad estadounidense colaboró para agilizar los trámites necesarios para que " El Divo de Juárez " saliera de Estados Unidos donde falleció el domingo. "66 Juan Gabriel Is the ultimate showman at LA Concert", "Billboard". El cuerpo del ícono de la música popular mexicana , fallecido el domingo en Santa Mónica California, se quedará varios días en la funeraria Malinow & Silverman Mortuary, en el suroeste de Los Ángeles, dijo el portavoz de la policía local ...

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  • VMAs Plummet on MTV, Sister Networks

    Toward the end of his speech, Drake referred to Rihanna as "someone I've been in love with since I was 22 years old", before handing her the award and trying to kiss her. Washington D.C., August 29: Looks like Kanye West used his allotted four-minutes at MTV Video Music Awards this year, quite well.The 39-year-old rapper, who shared a very good relation with the MTV VMAs , was there this year to unveil the video for 'Fade , ' track from his controversial album ' Life of Pablo'.

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  • A timeline of Anthony Weiner's saga

    Others have tried to make the case that if Abedin is struggling with her husband's infidelity, then it might make the Clinton campaign less effective. Abedin has worked for Clinton for the last two decades. Her late father, Syed Zainul Abedin, was a graduate of Aligarh Muslim University and a university lecturer, and her mother - a Pakistani native - was a sociology professor.

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  • Gene Wilder, The Man Who Played Willy Wonka, Has Died Age 83

    Legendary actor Gene Wilder , 83, has tragically passed away from the complications of Alzheimers on Tuesday, after living with the disease for three years. Wilder's role was later played by Matthew Broderick in the Tony-winning Broadway adaptation in 2001. From his breakthrough part in " The Producers ", Wilder excelled at moments of explosive rage or sheer desperation.

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  • La camiseta del equipo de la Liga MX que presumió Juan Gabriel

    La camiseta del equipo de la Liga MX que presumió Juan Gabriel

    Después, el cuerpo del cantante dará un recorrido por la Plaza de los Cantantes en Garibaldi, según confirmó el sobrino del artista Antonio Aguilera, y el día jueves los restos serán trasladados a Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, donde el llamado Divo de Juárez comenzó su carrera musical a los 15 años de edad.

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  • Dozens Left Homeless by Apartment Fire in New Jersey

    Dozens Left Homeless by Apartment Fire in New Jersey

    Sunday and quickly spread through the building's common attic. It took firefighters from Paterson and Passaic about one hour to get the four-alarm fire under control. The New Jersey Red Cross is on hand to help at least 11 families displaced by the fire. An apartment fire leaves a mother and her three kids without a place to stay.

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  • Cantautor Juan Gabriel proyectaba esencia del pueblo, afirma presidente mexicano

    Cantautor Juan Gabriel proyectaba esencia del pueblo, afirma presidente mexicano

    El historiador Enrique Krauze, director de Letras Libres, indicó que con el título de su última gira, ' MeXXIco es Todo', Juan Gabriel se convirtió en un defensor de los mexicanos en estos tiempos de Donald Trump. El cadáver fue trasladado a la funeraria sin necesidad de una autopsia, de acuerdo con el forense del condado de Los Angeles . " El Divo de Juárez " falleció la mañana de este domingo a causa de un infarto , en su departamento de Santa Mónica, California, a la edad de 66 años.

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  • Man confesses to killing 2 nuns in rural MS, police say

    Thomas Church in Lexington . Sanders was convicted previous year on a felony charge of driving under the influence and was sent to prison, said Grace Simmons Fisher, a spokesman for the Mississippi Department of Corrections . He said Sister Merrill would want him to forgive whoever killed the women, but he hopes the perpetrator is arrested, convicted and executed. The clinic where two slain nuns worked says the man accused of killing them was not a patient there.

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  • New FAA Drone Rules Kick In, But Drone-based Deliveries Still Grounded

    Drones are also prohibited to be heavier than 55 pounds (25kg), and all unmanned aircraft must be registered. They don't need a special license but they do need to register their drone if it weighs over 0.55 lb. But, he said, the new waiver process will probably help regulators understand how companies want to use drones beyond these initial, limited regulations .

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  • Beyoncé dominates MTV video music awards

    Beyoncé dominates MTV video music awards

    The question was on everyone's lips - where was she? Since then she's become Kanye's protegee and worked alongside the rapper on a number of projects with his GOOD Music label. So, when the network asked her to grace the stage once again, we knew that it would be a lay-up for the pop princess. "I put Ray J in it bro", he said, referring to Kardashian's ex with whom she did a sex tape.

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  • Beyoncé se coronó en los premios MTV

    Beyoncé se coronó en los premios MTV

    Britney Spears presumió su cuerpo en forma con un vestido negro ajustado, de corte asimétrico a la altura de sus piernas. Ella ha sido exitosa siendo algo que nadie en esta industria hace que es ser ella misma. "Cuando pienso en el Vanguard Award y recibirlo esta noche, todo en lo que puedo pensar es en mi país". Al acabar su discurso, Rihanna bajó del escenario cogida de la mano de Drake .

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  • Speedo, Ralph Lauren drop U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte after Rio

    Speedo, Ralph Lauren drop U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte after Rio

    In a statement , Speedo said, "We can not condone behavior that is counter to the values this brand has long stood for". Later Monday, Ralph Lauren issued a statement saying it would not renew Lochte's contract. August 18: Brazilian authorities report surveillance footage shows one of the swimmers breaking down a restroom door and fighting with security guards.

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  • Kanye West Premieres "Fade" Video At MTV Video Music Awards

    The singer was the biggest victor, taking home eight awards including " Video of the Year " and " Best Pop Video " for "Formation". After an introduction by tennis superstar Serena Williams, Beyonce launched into a medley of songs from her "Lemonade" album: "Pray You Catch Me", "Hold Up", " Sorry ", "Don't Hurt Yourself" and "Formation".

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  • Inicia el traslado de Juan Gabriel a México

    Medios y televisiones locales retransmitieron en directo, pasadas las 17.30 horas local (00.30 del martes GMT), el momento en el que el cuerpo del " Divo de Juárez " abandonó la funeraria Malinow Silverman, en donde fue velado desde la noche del domingo.

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  • Niegan por novena vez la libertad al asesino de John Lennon

    Niegan por novena vez la libertad al asesino de John Lennon

    En un breve escrito de motivación, la Junta de Libertad Bajo Palabra del Estado de Nueva York apuntó que la evolución de Chapman dentro de prisión no puede ensombrecer la gravedad de lo sucedido. En diciembre de 2000 fue catalogado como liberable y desde entonces viene pidiendo si éxito su liberación en un intervalo de cada dos años. El asesino de Lennon cumple su condena en la cárcel de alta seguridad de Wende, Alden, en el estado de Nueva York .

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  • 'Ruthless' Stephen Bear WINS Celebrity Big Brother 2016!

    As the final of Celebrity Big Brother got underway viewers were on tender hooks as they waited for Emma Willis to announce the victor. "All I know from me being in there is me being as fun as possible", he said. Ricky and Renee have now thanked "Dr Gareth" for providing a friendly ear when things in the house became too much. She said: "I'll stay friends with Renee, Katie, Saira, James - a lot of them really".

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  • 'Don't Breathe' Opens in the Top Spot at the Box Office

    That's more than double the early predictions for how the scary picture would perform, and far beyond the less than $10 million production budget . The film follows a gang of thieves who find out that the blind man whose house they've targeted isn't as helpless as he appears.

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  • Kanye West wants to make the world 'cooler' for children

    That doesn't mean the end of the music videos, if anything, the form is experiencing a creative revival, but the end of the last generation of stars who owe MTV any measure of their success. This year it is being awarded to Rihanna , who split up her performances throughout the night, singing hits such as "Work", " We Found Love " and "Love on the Brain".

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  • Cultura informará sobre homenaje a Juan Gabriel: Segob

    Cultura informará sobre homenaje a Juan Gabriel: Segob

    Poco antes de las 19:00 horas, en su cuenta de twiter, la Secretaría de Cultura informó que "los familiares aún no han fijado fecha para su homenaje en el Palacio de Bellas Artes ". Juan Gabriel, el rey de ventas hasta en sus últimas producciones. Miles de personas llegaron hasta la avenida Juárez para decir adiós a Alberto Aguilera , más conocido como Juan Gabriel .

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  • Trump campaign makes biggest TV ad buy yet

    Trump has so far refused to release tax returns while he is under audit, though the IRS has said nothing prevents him from doing so . "Change that makes America great again". "The real issue is look at the two plans", Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told NBC's " Meet the Press ". It was part of Trump's hard-line stance on his signature issue of immigration.

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  • Teyana Taylor's Body Is The Reason For All New Gym Memberships

    Teyana Taylor's Body Is The Reason For All New Gym Memberships

    After the workout, Taylor hops into a shower and makes out with her longtime boo and baby daddy, National Basketball Association player, Iman Shumpert. Her appearance became an instant network classic with its outlandish 80s old-school skateboard theme and Taylor's iconic NYC Barbie entrance. She even entered the extravaganza dressed as a living Barbie doll.

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  • Kanye West compares himself to Jobs, Disney, Hughes, Ford

    Kanye West compares himself to Jobs, Disney, Hughes, Ford

    Kanye West debuted his new video for Fade at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night and his big moment was totally stolen by it's star Teyana Taylor . Her dancing was unbelievable. Back in the day, however, she was just Teyana on MTV's " My Super Sweet 16 ". Blaze also clarified the most confusing part of the video, in which Teyana becomes a lioness.

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  • PERÚ: México: Hijo de El Chapo habría sido liberado por captores

    PERÚ: México: Hijo de El Chapo habría sido liberado por captores

    En las fotografías extraídas de los vídeos se pueden ver a seis hombres que fueron " levantados " de un grupo de 15 personas en el restaurante de Puerto Vallarta . El mismo lunes, la procuraduría Estatal confirmó la identidad de las seis personas, y atribuyó el "levantón" a un grupo delictivo que opera en la región, refiriéndose al Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación .

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  • Ga. Immigration Activists Await Clarity from Trump, Clinton

    Trump, who has long tried to portray Clinton as lacking the stamina to perform as president, tweeted his challenge to Clinton on Sunday night . On Saturday (27 August), Trump appeared at Iowa Senator Joni Ernst's Roast and Ride even in Des Moines and said he would focus on deporting criminals, not the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US, ABC News reported .

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  • Two United Airlines pilots held on alcohol charge in Scotland

    United Airlines officials have confirmed Saturday's arrest of the pilots, aged 45 and 35, at Glasgow Airport. The two men were detained at Glasgow Airport on Saturday before they were due to fly to Newark in New Jersey. A second court date is still to be set. The arrest comes a month after two drunk Canadian pilots were arrested at Glasgow airport before a passenger flight to Toronto.

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  • Britney Spears performs sexy rendition of 'Make Me' at VMAs

    Britney Spears performs sexy rendition of 'Make Me' at VMAs

    Even worse is the fact that Britney had to perform after Bey's earth-shattering set. But as we know - if Brit can get through 2007, she can get through anything ... She's been showing off her washboard abs on Instagram and on stage. If some dance steps were uninsured or downright clumsy, the star has been busy and has given substance to the end, after the second tube interpreted with G-Eazy, Me Myself & I.

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  • Britney Spears and James Corden channel "Baby One More Time"

    Thursday night, Britney Spears became the latest superstar to catch a ride with late night host James Corden for his viral Carpool Karaoke series, and the two pulled out all the stops. Definitely done with marriage, doesn't believe in that anymore. Spears didn't do much singing on the segment, as expected (perhaps thinking she was on "Lip Sync Battle" instead), but she did get candid with Corden (even talking bondage).

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  • As EpiPen Prices Soar, so do the Company's Executive Salaries

    As EpiPen Prices Soar, so do the Company's Executive Salaries

    The company, Mylan, has a virtual monopoly on epinephrine injectors, potentially life-saving devices used to stop a runaway allergic reaction. Underlying reasons for the price increase - and for high drug prices in the USA generally - may be found in a study published Tuesday by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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