Trump Clears Up Syria Missile Threat: 'Soon Or Not So Soon'

Pence's deputy chief of staff, Jarrod Agen, said in a statement that Pence is "honored" to attend the summit, adding that last year he "traveled to the region to meet with the Presidents of Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Panama to increase the pressure against the Maduro regime and negotiate better trade deals that benefit American workers".

In the meantime members of the chemical weapons watchdog the OPCW are preparing to visit the site of the suspected attack to determine if chemicals were used but not to assign blame.

President Trump has sent mixed messages on the U.S. response, warning Russia in a tweet Wednesday to "get ready" for U.S. missile strikes in Syria in retaliation for the attack.

Before his White House trip, Mattis told reporters that the still assessing intelligence as to whether the Assad regime is responsible for the gas attack that killed anti-government rebels and their children.

Periodistas de Colombia y Ecuador continuarán investigación de colegas asesinados
Tras la divulgación de las fotos, Moreno había dado el jueves un plazo de doce horas para que los captores entregaran una prueba de vida.

If the international community decides to send a group of specialists to Douma to find out the truth about the alleged use of chemical arms there, Damascus is ready to provide all necessary conditions and support, the politician said.

"Part of the question that is sort of hanging out there is what would really be the underlying goal of a strike other than to simply be shown to be responding?" These would be the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center in Jamaraya, just north of the capital, and chemical warfare headquarters in Damascus.

He too called for a parliamentary vote on any UK involvement in military action, saying: "The Government must present the objectives of any proposed action to Parliament".

The Pentagon does not have an aircraft carrier in the area at the moment, which focuses attention on the U.S.S. Donald Cook or the U.S.S. Porter, two Navy destroyers already in the Mediterranean.

'Marcha por la paz' en Perú para defender a Venezuela y Cuba
Otro de los ausentes será el mandatario venezolano Nicolás Maduro , quien no fue invitado al encuentro en Lima . Bush "inventó inexistentes armas de destrucción masiva para justificar invasión de EEUU a Irak".

The Syrian conflict has increasingly widened the rifts between Moscow, Washington and European powers and inflamed the bitter rivalries that run across West Asia.

President Trump has promised a forceful U.S. response to Saturday's incident in the Damascus suburb of Douma.

"The immediate priority is to avert the danger of war", Moscow's UN ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said on Thursday. The Syrian government and Russia have called reports of the attack bogus. Speaking on KMA's "Morning Line" program Wednesday morning, Young says the U.S. needs a "swift, measured, strong response" to Syria.

President Donald Trump speaks during an event on tax policy in the Rose Garden of the White House, Thursday, April 12, 2018, in Washington. Later he attempted to clarify his threat, saying that he had never specified when the US would conduct an attack on Syria. Officials said Thursday the trio has yet to reach firm agreement on the scale or timing of a response.

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Con el resultado Bayern Munich alcanzó 75 puntos y sigue sumando pese a que ya se coronó campeón de la Bundesliga . El conjunto del 'Rey Arturo' lució su corona con un contundente 5-1, en un encuentro que comenzaron perdiendo.

Citing information previously released by local health organisations, WHO said that "an estimated 500 patients presented to health facilities exhibiting signs and symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic chemicals".

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