Sony is blocking PlayStation/Xbox crossplay for Fortnite, says Microsoft

We already know that cross-platform play between Xbox and PS4 for Fortnite is possible since the ability was accidentally enabled (and then quickly disabled) in September 2017.

It sounds like Android players may not be in luck if they want to play the game earlier than their iOS counterparts, but Epic will likely announce more release date news soon. Microsoft has even reached out to Microsoft not only on Fortnite, but other cross-platform titles to no avail. Microsoft said as much in a statement to Kotaku, claiming to be more than happy to work towards the same for PS4 players.

"Microsoft has long been a leading voice in encouraging the adoption of cross-platform play and the potential of connecting players across PC, mobile and all consoles".

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So it looks like Sony is the one holding back cross-play between the platforms. Whether you're talking Xbox and PC, PC and Switch, PS4 and PC. there are a number of games where people on all sorts of platforms can shoot, stab and strategize against one another, though notably not between Xbox and PS4.

Still, PS4 players will get to play with PC, iOS, and Android devices, while Xbox One players will also be able to play with the same platforms, minus the PS4 players.

Battle Royale fans are getting a massive new update in 2018 that's surely going to prove very popular. Still, the core Fortnite experience appears to be intact, as we see players gliding onto the island, building structures, and shooting guns. Players on Xbox One will be able to compete against other gamers on PC, Mac as well as mobile, but not with PS4 users, and vice versa.

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Visit the official site and click the Invite Event on iOS on the top left of the main page. PlayStation 4 Battlefield 1 players can only play with other PlayStation 4 players, PC Team Fortress 2 owners can only team up with other PC owners, and so on.

While announcing the mobile version, Epic talked of its vision for the game, saying, "We believe this is the future of games". "Same gameplay, same map, same content, same weekly updates", screams the YouTube video description copy.

Unless you've been living in a box for the last 6 months there's a strong chance you might have heard about a game called Fortnite Battle Royale.

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