Microsoft blames Sony for lack of Fortnite cross-play on consoles

Fortnite is the latest title to offer cross-play between multiple platforms, although much like its cross-play compatriots Minecraft and Rocket League, it won't be linking players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. "For any other questions regarding Fortnite cross-network play between Xbox and PlayStation, please reach out to Epic or Sony directly".

As Kotaku points out, CD Projekt Red is only waiting on Microsoft and Sony to do the deal and it can setup cross-platform play between Gwent players on Xbox and PS4 too. Likewise, the mobile clones of Cuphead left out what fans an critics loved about Studio MDHR's PC and Xbox One game.

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Unfortunately for console Fortnite fans, the connection between PS4 and Xbox has been denied and it'll be impossible to join a game on a different console, despite having nearly identical inputs via handheld pads, and as a result having the least skill gap between the top players. Sony also tried to dodge the cross-platform play before citing security concerns. Sony gets grumpy about letting ecosystems mix, so they're now blocking Xbox One users from joining the fun, but they can still play on their own with fellow Xbox gamers. But, looking at Nintendo, which is usually seen as more fussy when it comes to security, Sony's argument looks weak.

"Microsoft has always been a leading voice in encouraging the adoption of cross-platform play and the potential of connecting players across PC, mobile and all consoles".

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A cross-play between both consoles is very feasible from a technical perspective, something that developers have been discussing for a long time.

As the game is pretty established, or you could even say widely popular, it looks like Epic is trying hard to reassure mobile users that they can enjoy the same experience while on their most portable devices. Console quality graphics and action. "Same gameplay, same map, same content, same weekly updates", screams the YouTube video description copy.

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Starting Monday, users can sign-up for the Invite Event on iOS.

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