FBI Says Information On Trump Aide Sent To WH Last Year

When you interview a Trump White House official, there's invariably so much garbage coming out that's it's tough to properly dispose of it all.

Yet White House officials have asserted that they found out only through the reporting last Tuesday and that Porter's background check had been ongoing. The President, moreover, has a history of seeking someone to blame when he slumps into political trouble. "But how can we do it in a way that doesn't leave us with hundreds of thousands waiting to be looked at and certified, with key slots open in various agencies?"

Now many pundits have expressed their fears that Hicks could also suffer at Porter's hands.

The White House says Americans issued their verdict on all of that when they elected Trump.

But winning over women has long been an uphill battle for the GOP, and there are signs in recent polling that Trump is making it more difficult. "I mean, it's truly the lowest of the low, and you have to take it very seriously, and he does take it very seriously", he added referring to his father. The African National Congress, once led by Nelson Mandela, recalled Zuma because of corruption scandals swirling around the 75-year-old leader. He has, however, denied the allegations against him.

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"I think that was a personal decision that Rob made, and one that he was not pressured to do, but one that he made on his own", she told reporters.

Porter, who has denied the accusations, had been rising in President Donald Trump's inner circle and according to a source familiar with the situation, had been talking to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly about a promotion.

The fallout continued Tuesday over Porter's resignation last week after The Daily Mail reported abuse allegations by his two former wives. Given what popped up in Porter's background, he was likely never going to get a top security clearance.

FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday contradicted the White House account of when it was first informed about possible problems dredged up in a background check of former top Trump aide Rob Porter. "After the FBI has completed a background investigation, it provides the information to the client agency adjudicator authority, who determines whether to grant or deny the security clearance".

"Soon thereafter, we received requests for follow-up inquiry, and we did the follow-up and provided that information in November and we administratively closed the file in January and then earlier this month we received some additional information and we passed that on as well". Or that he has his products made in the very countries he demonizes as having taken our jobs.

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For months, Kelly - with help from Porter - had established a semblance of stability in a White House often rattled by an unpredictable president.

A retired four-star Marine general, Kelly took the post last July and immediately tried to rein in a West Wing that was riven by rivalries and plagued by inexperience He fired attention-seeking aides such as Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, curtailed access to Trump for outside advisers and insisted that even powerful West Wing staffers, like Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, receive his blessing to reach the president.

The FBI director, Christopher Wray, said Tuesday that the bureau's background investigation into Rob Porter, the White House staff secretary who resigned after spousal-abuse allegations, was formally closed in January.

In Trump's first comments after Porter resigned, he praised his former aide.

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"Her statement implies that those who have been in abusive relationships are not strong", Holderness wrote in the Washington Post. While Wray said he was unable to reveal the content of those investigations, he confirmed that the FBI submitted a partial report to the White House in March and then a completed report in July.

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