Nintendo France: EA to 'double down' on Switch this year

During an interview with Nintendo France's managing director Philippe Lavoué, Lavoué explained that third-party releases play a major role in the Switch's sales in France, accounting for 26 percent of all games sold. The first set will be released on January 31st. Wave two (March 23) will add fighter Blastoise and support Pokémon Mew and Celebi.

The battle pack can be bought as one set and costs $14.99. Both waves can be purchased right now. The game will feature your favorite Mario characters sporting tennis outfits, and include a full story mode. The company has not revealed the specific release date, but the game will be available sometime this year. For example, mixing a water and ice ability will allow you to shoot icicle spears. The demo will take you through the first chapter of the game. One particular video game, however, stands out - a sports video game of iconic video game character Super Mario.

The Mario Tennis franchise is coming to the Switch with a story mode.

All the Nintendo Switch games from Nintendo Direct Mini — ICYMI
This is in addition to the Nintendo Switch version of Dark Souls Remastered revealed during the surprise Direct event. Despite the usual content, "MTA" will feature a story mode starring Mario alongside its more competitive modes.

Nintendo announced release dates and details for a litany of previously announced games, including the EA Originals title Fe, which launches on February 16, and Payday 2, which launches February 27.

Mai, Yuri, Kula, and more are all back in SNK Heroes: Tag Team Frenzy, a fighting game featuring all the main gals of King of Fighters. Fe comes to Nintendo Switch February 16.

This one year of exclusives - a shortened launch year, no less - was arguably better than every year of the Wii U's life span combined. The latter game will add Donkey Kong as a playable character in a DLC pack this spring. But Nintendo also announced that Donkey Kong will make his debut on Switch this year, with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze releasing on May 4th.

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Kirby Star Allies was first teased at E3 last year and received its final title in a Direct in September.

He also believes that this feature will be launched on Xbox One X, touting that it could arrive by late 2018.

EA has mostly abandoned the Switch with the exception of this game, and it appears to be an exceptional game from them. Numerous fans have required a remake of this game.

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