Is Transsexual Whistleblower Chelsea Manning The Face of the Democratic Party?

Since leaving prison, Manning has become known for controversial tweets, often accompanied with a series of emojis and the hashtag #WeGotThis.

Manning's filing was received Jan. 11, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Manning said she shared the documents to spark public debate about US foreign policy, but US officials said the release of material put lives at risk. Cardin, a senator for the last decade who spent twenty years in the House of Representatives before that, is considered a fairly liberal Democrat, but a race against Manning would highlight the stylistic differences between a youthful progressive movement and the aging generation of party leaders.

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But the offer to Manning sparked sharp criticism - including from CIA director Mike Pompeo, who pulled out of a Harvard forum, and former acting director Mike Morrell, who quit the university in protest - and it was later rescinded.

According to the filing, Manning is registered as a Democrat, suggesting she plans to challenge Sen. Following President Obama's sentence commutation last January, Manning was released in May. Ben Cardin (D-MD) in the primary.

Manning was convicted by a court-martial in 2013 for violating the Espionage Act for sharing almost 750,000 classified or sensitive military and diplomatic documents with WikiLeaks.

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"I've had people telling me, 'Maybe you shouldn't be so vocal.' And that's the reason why I'm out here", she said, explaining that she "can't imagine doing anything else right now".

The polemic figure was originally sentenced to 35 years in prison. I know what that feels like.

The Oklahoma native had planned to move to Maryland, where she has an aunt. Her lawyers at the American Civil Liberties Union said that Manning served more time behind bars than any other whistleblower in U.S. history and under difficult conditions. During his career in the senate, Cardin has frequently advocated restoring voting rights to felons.

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Cardin is also yet to file.

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