Fed Pays $80.2 Billion to Treasury

The central bank could use the profits of its bond holdings to cover its own operating expenses and sends the rest to the U.S. Treasury.

Argentina significantly overshot its inflation target in 2017 as prices rose almost 25% from the previous year, raising questions about the country's ability to tame a problem that has plagued it off and on for decades. Prices are expected to continue to pick up in the months ahead.

La nueva actualización de WhatsApp vendrá con stickers
Próximamente WhatsApp tendrá una actualización en donde podrás ahora mandar stickers al estilo Telegram a tus contactos. Como siempre, eventualmente deberían llegar a todos los usuarios del servicio de mensajería.

The figure is an $11.7 billion, or nearly 13%, drop from the Fed's 2016 payment to the Treasury, which was $91.5 billion.

"We are approaching a time when a comprehensive reconsideration of the monetary policy framework is likely warranted", Rosengren said. "After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch". Critics of the tax plan say its estimated $1.5 trillion cost will cause the deficit to skyrocket, though the Trump administration and congressional Republicans insist that economic growth will offset the costs.

Windows 10 build 17074 bugs: Install fails, sound issues, and more
Microsoft's bookstore will now make suggestions for new books if the e-book library is found empty, thanks to the latest update. It's not clear whether this is significant, but this build includes some new terminology for Windows 10 S.

Career Treasury Department staffers were "fully engaged" in the process of analyzing a Republican tax bill, and denied that political appointees had taken over the process, according to a government watchdog inquiry.

He noted that corporations and higher-income Americans are less inclined to spend, suggesting "a significant portion of the tax cuts will be saved not spent". "I, for one, need to see more data", Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari said on Twitter, pushing back on the idea that inflation gains will convince Fed policymakers that inflation is on the upswing. The Fed adopted this framework six years ago and has reaffirmed it each year since. "The legislation will increase the nation's longer-term fiscal burden, which is already facing other pressures, such as higher debt service costs and entitlement spending as the baby-boom generation retires".

Reconoce SHCP que Zacatecas recibió menos recursos el año pasado
Una vez más, mediante un video en sus redes sociales, el mandatario estatal dio a conocer su postura de agradecimiento a los 400 empresarios que mostraron un respaldo al gobernador y pagaron a medios locales y nacionales para publicar el desplegado.

Despite his longer-term pessimism, Dudley raised his outlook for 2018 GDP growth from 2.5 percent to 2.75 percent.

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