Computer Chip Security Flaw Puts PCs, Phones At Risk

In cases where performance hits are higher, the company expects that future "improvement of the software updates should mitigate that impact". The Meltdown name comes from the bug essentially "melting" the security barriers that were supposed to be enforced by hardware. According to the latest reports, there are some exciting details regarding the weakness and what is actually broken.

And you may need to do that more than once because Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Intel will continue to release new fixes as new information about these flaws emerges. Intel has also gone on record to say that the issue was caused due to a 'bug' or 'flaw' in the design is wrong.

The firm said that it was working with "many technology companies, including AMD, ARM Holdings and several operating system vendors, to develop an industry-wide approach to resolve this issue promptly and constructively". Both target the way privileged information is handled in the kernel, with the former focusing on breaking the isolation between applications and the operating system. However, this patch will slow down your processor quite a bit.

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"Spectre" affects chips in smartphones and tablets, as well as computer chips from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

A fix for a security flaw in all modern Intel processors and some models of CPUs from other companies is currently being pushed out for Windows 10.

Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich said in an interview with CNBC on Wednesday (Jan 3) that "phones, PCs, everything are going to have some impact, but it'll vary from product to product".

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The issue is software agnostic which means all Linux, macOS, Windows-based PCs are likely to be affected.

The flaw itself is not exactly a bug, as stated by Intel. Meltdown flaw can be fixed by a patch which builds a stronger wall of protection around the kernel. If the processor can't enforce the privileges, this flaw will let other standard programs access the restricted locations such as natively coded programs and content on the web using JavaScript.

On the consumer and enterprise side, Intel says that it has "already issued updates for the majority of processor products introduced within the past five years".

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