Nvidia updates software, says graphic chips not hit by flaws

It turns out the patches had bugs of their own. Until Microsoft resolves the issue, they have put a temporary halt to the security patch on affected AMD systems.

Two US lawmakers are calling for an investigation into whether Intel's CEO, Brian Krzanich, improperly sold company stock after learning of a serious security flaw in the tech giant's ' microchips but before it was publicly disclosed.

Why do Spectre (and Meltdown) vulnerabilities concern security professionals? In order to facilitate the production of volumetric video for film production Intel has built the largest studio space yet, aptly cubed Intel Studios, in Los Angeles, which is designed for the production of and content. Krzanich deems this as "a new beginning to a new type of content production".

A screen displays JP Morgan Chase & the post that the stock is traded at on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, October 21, 2013. Meltdown is limited to just Intel processors. The end result looks pretty cool as you're able to change perspectives as desired and freeze a scene so you can rotate the view for a better angle.

Oficial: Omar Pérez no continuará con Independiente Santa Fe
Pérez, de 36 años, contribuyó a la conquista de cuatro torneos de liga, tres de súper liga, una Copa Colombia y la Copa Sudamericana de 2015.

But investors believed AMD's chips were at less risk than that of key rival Intel.

Apple users need to update their computers, mobile devices and even Apple TVs with MacOS 10.13.2, iOS 11.2 and tvOS 11.2, respectively.

Meanwhile, AMD has finally admitted that the Meltdown and Spectre security flaws found by Google Project Zero affect its chips. Because the flaw is in the processor architecture, a permanent solution will require a fix in future chip designs.

Browsing the web and using applications will see some performance reduction, and usage of heavy applications will see that increase again, as Intel explained: "In certain cases, some users may see a more noticeable impact".

La gran noticia que involucra a Luisana Lopilato y Michael Bublé
Querían esperar que se cumplieran los tres meses para anunciarlo "oficialmente", pero ahora que el dato se filtró, no lo niegan. Por ahora no anunció ningún otro proyecto laboral, por lo cual es probable que se dedique dedicada exclusivamente a sus hijos.

How can we patch vulnerabilities on AMD?

The bottom line is that continued collaboration will create the fastest and most effective approaches to restoring customer confidence in the security of their data. In the meantime, users should ensure that reputable endpoint anti-malware (anti-virus) software is installed and active with the most recent malware signatures.

Intel has also said that performance impact on its server processors will be released in the next few days. Both chipmakers will provide their firmware updates to PC makers and it will be the responsibility of suppliers to make sure that their customers receive them. In the autonomous vehicle space, Intel and Mobileye will begin gathering a mapping data as early as this year, with the help of the latter's Road Experiment Management (REM) system.

Ex Ministro de Hacienda Rodrigo Valdés tuvo larga reunión con Sebastián Piñera
Rodrigo Valdés, ex ministro de Hacienda, llegó hasta Apoquindo 3000 para reunirse con Sebastián Piñera en su oficina . Como conclusión de la jornada, el ex secretario de Estado manifestó que "fue una conversación constructiva".

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