Intel Forms Internal Security Group to Tackle CPU Issues

Instead of processing data in one component before sending it to another for storage, the chip performs both functions in the same spot.

Previous Intel statements had added that the performance impact for the average computer user "should not be significant", and the company also released partner statements from Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google describing the impact with words like "not.meaningful", "not.noticeable", "no measurable reduction" and "negligible impact". The chipmaker is counting on that future to provide renewed growth as Intel's established markets, PCs and laptops, settle into long-term decline.

As he thanked industry partners for their speed and effort to release patches, Krzanich showed a slide with statements from those companies about how systems had already been patched.

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Durante la jornada, el dólar alcanzó un máximo de 19.3485 unidades, mientras que el mínimo fue de 19.2330 unidades. La firma mencionó que en el mercado de futuros de Chicago, entre el 27 de diciembre y el 2 de enero, se redujo.

It was flown inside the venue without a pilot and was tethered down after a short while.

Intel veteran and HR chief Leslie Culbertson will run the new group. Security researchers have uncovered vulnerabilities, dubbed "Meltdown" and "Spectre", that could compromise nearly every modern computer, smartphone and table.

Reports emerged last week that Intel and its hardware, operating system and other industry partners were working on patches for a major vulnerability in processors that could allow an attacker to collect sensitive data from computing devices that were working as designed. The company will showcase the 'Volocopter' at the main event of CES 2018 that's starting today.

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No es la primera vez que Prayuth, un general que tomó el poder en un golpe sin sangre en 2014, ha dejado perplejos a los medios. Incluso en ocasiones ha señalado que " ejecutará a los (periodistas) que no digan la verdad ".

"For our processors and products introduced in the past five years, Intel expects to issue updates for more than 90 percent of them within a week, and the remaining by the end of January", Krzanich said. "This is one thing I really like about Intel entering the space", he says.

At the end of the evening, Krzanich brought a "Volocopter" on stage, an autonomous helicopter little bigger than a car, which uses Intel technology to navigate through the air.

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