Gayle King: Oprah Winfrey 'not actively considering' running for president but 'intrigued'

But will she run for president? It was very nice.

When he was contemplating his run for the presidency in 2015, Trump told reporters that he'd welcome Winfrey as his vice presidential running mate. ― not whether she would run. Former Obama adviser Van Jones followed that up by challenging Winfrey to take up the mantle of leadership. Wire service provided by Associated Press.

So I want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon!

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Twitter user Eileen Billinson referred to President Trump's claim that he is both mentally stable and a genius, tweeting: "Presidential candidate?" "About half and half", she judged, noting, "Now I know who the Republicans are in my audience". In 2006, "The Boondocks" ran an episode that features a future where Oprah is president - in exactly 2020. Strictly speaking, there aren't many formal qualifications for the position. Katy Tur on her afternoon MSNBC show announced, "Oprah for president in 2020: Yes, it's a thing".

Of course, that's not what people intend when discussing "qualifications".

You could attribute Winfrey's history on this to ruthless cynicism-getting rich and famous by telling the suckers what they want to hear.

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Given the rage Hollywood types feel for the abrasive Trump, that sort of political marriage seems unlikely.

Two decades later, the circumstances are more promising for a candidate from outside the Washington establishment.

King, however, said Graham may have "misinterpreted" the question as "would she be a good president?". Because Oprah is the antithesis of Trump: A well-spoken, incredibly smart & confident black woman, who energizes people not with hatred & anger, but with hope & vision. He also beat Clinton, largely on the basis of his personality and organizing skills. And that was, quite clearly, on purpose. Voters in 2008 and in 2016 were determined to find people outside "the establishment" with whom they found an emotional connection rather than approach elections as a hiring decision based on the strength of résumés. She spent decades building emotional connections with Americans through her daytime talk show. "I know her very well", he said. In fact, many of Trump's perceived shortcomings as a president have been ascribed to a lack of experience. But McCarthy got the last word.

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If all this weren't enough, Oprah is the one who anointed Mehmet Oz as "America's Doctor". If he succeeds, then he'll win re-election. Her long-time partner Stedman Graham told the Los Angeles Times on Sunday that Winfrey "would absolutely do it". Or you could attribute it to her own gullibility, scientific illiteracy, and tendency toward subjective emotionalism and outright mysticism.

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