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Bannon out as chairperson of Breitbart News, loses radio show

Wolff reported that Bannon, formerly President Donald Trump's campaign CEO and White House chief strategist, called Donald Trump Jr's meeting with a Russian lawyer in June 2016 "treasonous" and "unpatriotic". He adds that Trump's criticism of Michael Wolff's book "Fire and Fury" still stands, saying, "it was obvious that the book was false and fake". Neither did he seem to understand which West Bank he was talking about, or if he just meant the truncated shreds left in-between the hundreds of illegally built Jewish settlements spreading all over the land he wants Jordan to take; and most certainly without East Jerusalem which after annexation by Israel was enlarged to cover more than 12 per cent of the entire area of the West Bank. Bannon rose to prominence by helping to create a persona - the version of Trump who ran for the presidency and won - and a populist, anti-establishmentarian movement.

"In this case he's aiming at inside the White House and inside the president's inner circle. and by castigating the president for a lack of intelligence, lack of focus and lack of seriousness of purpose". With impeachment you only need the majority of the House. It suggests that, relative to past inhabitants of the Oval Office, we have a part-time president.

So, it's undeniable that "Fire and Fury" has caused an uproar - but is there any meaning behind all this noise?

John D. Feerick, former dean of Fordham Law School and is one of the amendment's chief architects, told the Los Angeles Times last year it was devised with medical incapacity in mind, but not matters such as unpopularity or "poor judgement, laziness, or impeachable conduct - none of that". Bannon's presumption that he can so arrogantly decide for Egypt and Jordan on such a major policy matter, is a blatant display of the disdain he must hold towards two major US allies and key players in the region.

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This is both ridiculous and hypocritical. The novel element was having the usual critiques come from people like Bannon deep inside the executive branch, close to the seat of power. The facts have now been fully divulged and exposed.

Gidley spoke to reporters Monday aboard Air Force One as Trump traveled to Nashville, Tennessee. Axios notes that the president had been logging much longer days in the Oval Office following his inauguration, but apparently was not a fan of early meetings and pushed for a later start. "Full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don't exist".

Section 4 of the 25th Amendment is the only provision that has never been invoked. This is not the first conspiracy that is destined to fail. Conspirators may isolate themselves in the dark and hatch plans but the Palestinians who have managed to maintain their struggle for so long despite severe hardships, mounting obstacles and massive sacrifice, remain ready to fight for their legitimate rights and defeat relentless intrigue.

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