Toyota Paints the Future of Mobility With e-Palette Concept

Among other things, it is exploring ways to use a vehicle like the e-Palette as an unmanned pizza delivery vehicle, or to deliver products for online services like Amazon. Just as important, we are developing mobility solutions to help everyone enjoy their lives, and we are doing our part to create an ever-better society for the next 100 years and beyond. "Because we believe flexibility and open standards are the key to providing the best services to consumers". Or, if they prefer, partner companies can use their own automotive driving system instead. The e-Palette Alliance includes Pizza Hut, Uber, Mazda, Amazon and Didi. The companies announced the partnership on Monday. "We didn't start making cars either", said Toyoda, noting that the largest of Japan's automakers started out in the textile industry.

The e-Palette self-driving concept vehicle. The e-Palette also is available in three different body lenght - from 4 meters up to 7 meters being the longest. When a partner company's automated driving system is installed, Toyota's Guardian technology will act as a safety net to help ensure appropriate operation.

Gill Pratt, Toyota Research Institute CEO, says plans call for e-Palette vehicles to run in Level 4 autonomous mode during the Olympic test demos.

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Going forward, e-Palette Alliance partners will be able to leverage the e-Palette Concept in coordination with the full range of MSPF services, or to incorporate the vehicle into their own technology development program.

Toyota plans to conduct feasibility testing of the e-Palette Concept in various regions, including the United States, in the early 2020s. Each vehicle would send information back to the Toyota Big Data Center, which allows client to monitor the state of vehicles, or schedule service at dealerships.

Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota, made the announcement during a press event ahead of the CES show.

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That has already caught the attention of a few automakers, not to mention ecosystem partners like Microsoft, BlackBerry, and NVIDIA.

With less than 1 percent all vehicles sold in the US battery electric, Toyoda said the auto company is also working with the government to create the charging stations and necessary infrastructure to support electric vehicles.

Next-Generation vehicle control interface: Vehicle control technology is being used as an interface for technology providers.

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