Syrian groups report Israeli airstrikes near Damascus

Syria's air defense system reportedly managed to intercept three of the missiles.

SANA reported that regime air defenses "confronted an Israeli attack with ground-to-ground missiles" and that the air defenses intercepted and destroyed three Israeli missiles.

The scientific research center in Jamraya was established during the 1980s and is believed to be one of the most important research centers in the country.

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The Israeli leadership, including Netanyahu, as well as authorities in Damascus, haven't yet commented on the information regarding the reported attack, however, Syrian state media reported that the Arab Republic's Air Force had repelled an Israeli attack on a "military position" near Damascus.

Jamraya contains a military research facility which was hit by what was believed to have been an Israeli attack in 2013.

A few days later, ImageSat International took photographs, also with the EROS-B satellite of the site, which further supported the BBC claim.

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"I think it is higher than people think because of Iran's continued push through the region".

Israel rarely comments on foreign reports of military activity in Syria but has publicly admitted to having struck over 100 Hezbollah convoys and other targets in Syria. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been consistent in his opposition to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, saying it does not go far enough to prevent Tehran from getting a nuclear weapon and does not prevent the country from developing ballistic missiles.

The statement came as officials from the US National Security Council flew into Israel for talks with security heads, primarily over the US-Russia agreement.

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But according to an unnamed Israeli official, under the deal, militias associated with Iran would be allowed to maintain positions as close as five to seven kilometers (3.1-4.3 miles) to the border in some areas, Reuters reported. While the BBC stated that it could not independently verify the purpose of the base and presence of Iranian troops, Israel has warned of the growing entrenchment of Iran in Syria.

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