IPhone X vs. iPhone 8 durability; Tim Cook keeps talking in China

We've heard rumors that Apple's 2018 iPhone lineup will primarily consist of handsets featuring an edge-to-edge iPhone X design, but not all might feature that handset's glass back or OLED display. The new LCD model of the iPhone X is expected to be considerably cheaper than the current handset and could cost around $600 to $700, the current iPhone X starts at $999. And, unlike LCD screens, OLED panes can be molded to fit a casing. Comparatively, OLED panels deliver more saturated colors and truer black tones.

Alongside this metal-backed iPhone, the source claims Apple is tentatively planning two new OLED handsets, one of which would be around 5.8 inches (like the iPhone X, which is now Apple's only OLED phone) and one of roughly 6.3 inches. In October Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple may Gain BOE as a new Supply Chain Participant for future Flexible OLED Displays".

A report out of Nikkei and spotted by 9to5Mac claims Apple may revert back to a metal back for one of its iPhones next year instead of opting for glass. People were quick to judge Apple's decision as displays on iPhones are easily prone to damage, and now there's glass on both sides only to increase that risk.

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Pegatron is a smaller rival to key iPhone assembler Hon Hai Precision Industry, better known as Foxconn Technology Group.

The magazine said, 'The iPhone X is an innovative device with a fantastic camera and lovely display, but other phones are tougher and can operate longer on a charge'.

Other than Foxconn, current iPhone metal casing and frame suppliers include Catcher Technology and US -based Jabil.

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Apple was not immediately available for comment.

Opting to not use OLED displays for all of its iPhones next year makes sense for Apple and will ensure the company is not completely dependant on rival Samsung Electronics Co.

"That could be very risky for Apple if the USA company had to rely on Samsung for the displays for more than half of its smartphone shipments".

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As 9to5Mac points out, next year's LCD iPhone is likely to be the more affordable option.

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