RNC Reverses Decision to Cut Financial Ties With Roy Moore

And that's the hardest thing to countenance, from Flake's standpoint.

Trump critic and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney weighed in on the controversial election for Alabama's U.S. Senate seat, and GOP candidate Roy Moore hit him right back. Supporters of the judge - who has been accused of pursuing sexual relationships with several underage girls - have also used the debate to frame Moore as a champion of protecting children.

Earlier in the day, roughly 250 miles (more than 400 kilometers) to the north, Moore's Democratic opponent called Moore an embarrassment who would be a "disaster" for Alabama in Washington.

Trump to FBI: Losers
Trump told the New York Times this past summer he would consider it a 'violation' if Mueller were to expand the probe beyond Russia.

Porter was referring to Moore's Democrat rival Doug Jones, who is pro-choice in the abortion debate.

"Just got off the phone with President Trump who offered his full support and said he needs a fighter to help him in the US Senate". When the window is reduced, however, the story bears the more accurate headline, "Trump Endorses Moore Despite Sex Assault Claims".

Moore has repeatedly denied the allegations. By burying and downplaying what makes this story news, they are protecting people's feelings rather than plainly stating what's at stake, and in doing so providing cover for an accused child abuser and his growing list of enablers.

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El "Mago" criticó duramente al ex técnico de la Roja y calificó como una traición que haya asumido en Arabia Saudita . Desde lo pasional veo lo que hizo como una traición , pero es un profesional y asumió un nuevo desafío.

Frank Blakeman, a former history teacher from nearby Foley, Ala., described Moore as a continuation of Trump's conservative movement.

Trump turned Flake into a prop on Tuesday. The Republican president formally endorsed Moore on Monday and directed the Republican National Committee to send some financial assistance after withdrawing roughly a dozen staffers last month. But recent polls show people are either ignorant or confused, with 89 percent of likely Alabama voters pinning the allegations on "newspapers and the media" and 10 percent having never heard of them at all.

"I don't think he had any choice but to do that", Hatch told the White House press pool on Tuesday.

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El exzar petrolero, de 54 años, señaló en el artículo que se busca desprestigiar a PDVSA para que caiga y quede en "alto riesgo" el proceso de revolución que emprendió Chávez.

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